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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Answers scoring >= 20 on questions scoring <= -1 when the answer was posted and now scoring >= 1

Answers scoring >= 20 on questions scoring <= -1 when the answer was posted and now scoring >= 1

Question ScoreAnswer ScoreQ Score when answeredAnswer LinkAnsweredCurrent Reversal Badge
2136-1Replacing angular with standard web technologiesNov 7 2014 8:31AM
6849-1Loop with a zero execution timeNov 6 2014 4:25AM
75101-1Haskell’s type checker is allowing a very wrong type replacement, and the program still compilesNov 6 2014 1:33AM
3162-1Why do Vim experts prefer buffers over tabs?Nov 3 2014 8:12AM
1225-3TextBoxFor displaying initial value, not the value updated from codeOct 30 2014 10:03PM
1723-1Is there any difference between structure and union if we have only one member?Oct 26 2014 11:28AM
3273-1Error in launching AVDOct 15 2014 11:01AM
423-2Get all possible distinct triples using LINQOct 11 2014 4:14PM
625-1Gem install error (sass compass)Oct 1 2014 12:46PM
1220-2DrRacket crash on OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)?Sep 17 2014 3:08AM
1422-1After update - Error:Failed to find: 8 2014 11:16AM
423-2StringBuilder output does not include character supplied in the constructorAug 6 2014 5:59PM
822-1Controller not a function, got undefined, while defining controllers globallyAug 4 2014 4:51AM
2956-1Unabled to find specific subclass of NSManagedObjectAug 1 2014 9:22AM
542-1Double-Compilation of C Code to Decrease Execution TimesJul 25 2014 11:14PM
2434-1Is there a defined value in the standard namespaces for the golden ratio?Jul 15 2014 5:37PM
173475-1Xcode 6: Keyboard does not show up in simulatorJun 30 2014 7:43PM
839-1structure vs class in swift languageJun 14 2014 7:26AM
2853-2Google map rd is not definedJun 12 2014 6:58AM
821-2Using SceneKit in Swift PlaygroundJun 9 2014 7:13PM
2257-4Apache Spark vs. Apache StormJun 9 2014 5:50PM
1725-1iOS 8 Beta Today extension widget not showing in a Swift app?Jun 6 2014 8:54PM
2532-1Mathematical functions in SwiftJun 3 2014 10:25AM
7661-3dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/libswift_stdlib_core.dylibJun 3 2014 4:10AM
326323-3Do Swift-based applications work on OS X 10.9/iOS 7 and lower?Jun 2 2014 8:11PM
2372-4What is the difference between `let` and `var` in swift?Jun 2 2014 7:55PM
1346-2google+ for android ( getting null pointer)May 28 2014 10:20AM
1222-1How to achieve multitasking in a microcontroller?May 22 2014 9:28AM
1521-2Processing Large Files in Python [ 1000 GB or More]May 20 2014 5:16PM
90124-1Difference between MEAN.js and MEAN.ioApr 21 2014 10:16PM
2460-1TZInfo::DataSourceNotFound error starting Rails v4.1.0 server on WindowsApr 11 2014 9:59PM
2335-1How to upgrade OpenSSL in CentOS 6.5 / Linux / Unix from source?Apr 9 2014 6:16AM
1222-1clang: error: unknown argument: ‘-mno-fused-madd’ [-Wunused-command-line-argument-hard-error-in-future]Mar 28 2014 4:33AM
8642-1bower init - difference between amd, es6, globals and nodeMar 27 2014 9:42AM
2032-1Auto indent code in atom editorMar 26 2014 12:39PM
1627-1Visual Studio 2013 hangs when opening a solutionMar 20 2014 8:43PM
1239-1Can’t install python mysql library on Mac MavericksMar 14 2014 6:51PM
725-1What is correct by common sense: (int) blabla * 255.99999999999997 or round(blabla*255)?Mar 11 2014 7:20PM
329-2Using regular expressions to validate a numeric rangeMar 2 2014 5:47PM
425-1iOS, How to find selected row Of UITableView?Feb 27 2014 8:49AM
922-1How to reveal part of blurred image where mouse is hovered?Feb 26 2014 6:35PM
324-2Why didn’t microsoft overload the += operator for stringbuilder?Feb 21 2014 2:12AM
423-1Run postgresql queries from the command lineFeb 18 2014 4:26PM
1725-1Bower install packages EPERM rename errorFeb 12 2014 9:22AM
326-1NSUUID to NSStringFeb 12 2014 8:54AM
222-1Xcode iOS 7 simulator- no home button?Feb 2 2014 2:23PM
3249-1Bower : ENOGIT git is not installed or not in the PATHJan 29 2014 10:29PM
2025-2C++ 11 Curly BracesJan 25 2014 3:53PM
320-2UIWebView with Progress BarJan 21 2014 4:22PM
1640-1no database connection in rails consoleJan 11 2014 1:15PM
826-1Developing android applications using Xamarin Vs Native androidJan 9 2014 3:05PM
3639-1Why does this work: returning C string literal from std::string function and calling c_str()Jan 2 2014 12:40PM
2336-1Is it possible to run JavaFX applications on iPhone/Android/Win8 mobile?Jan 1 2014 2:04PM
1549-1How can I pass parameters to a partial view in mvc 4Dec 27 2013 9:55PM
1820-1NoSuchMethodError in javax.persistence.Table.indexes()[Ljavax/persistence/IndexDec 22 2013 10:19PM
2054-3No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource. Origin ‘’ is therefore not allowed accessDec 6 2013 10:35PM
2672-2Understanding ibeacon distancingDec 6 2013 9:37PM
2142-4How it is possible in Java for false to equal trueDec 4 2013 7:09PM
927-1Open links in new window using AngularJSDec 3 2013 4:40AM
2252-1SQL JOIN and different types of JOINsNov 30 2013 9:34AM
720-2Linux - How to list all usersNov 28 2013 2:30PM
320-1If table exists drop table then create it, if it does not exist just create itNov 22 2013 10:55PM
3227-1Visual List of iOS Fonts?Nov 21 2013 3:35PM
1621-3Why does Bootstrap set the line-height property to 1.428571429?Nov 21 2013 2:38PM
323-1No resource found that matches the given name ‘android:Theme.Holo.Light’Nov 20 2013 6:12PM
1331-1AnkhSvn not available in visual studio 2013Nov 19 2013 12:29PM
820-1How to jump to previous and last cursor in Sublime Text 3?Nov 15 2013 9:14AM
1537-2Npm module “grunt-contrib-imagemin” not found, Is it installed?Nov 11 2013 2:25PM
2932-2Warning “Do not Access Superglobal $_POST Array Directly” on Netbeans 7.4 for PHPNov 9 2013 10:15AM
4456-4What is the difference among col-lg-*, col-md-* and col-sm-* in twitter bootstrap3?Nov 8 2013 6:02PM
1727-1window.close and self.close do not close the window in ChromeNov 4 2013 12:50PM
1526-2How to create a sticky footer that plays well with Bootstrap 3Nov 3 2013 9:17PM
1734-2difference between BeautifulSoup and Scrapy crawler?Nov 1 2013 7:41PM
422-1Viewport argument value “device-width;” for key “width” is invalid, and has been ignored. Note thatNov 1 2013 2:37AM
1434-3What are the differences between glu, glew, glut, qt, sdl, openGL and webGL?Nov 1 2013 1:12AM
330-4Regex that accepts only numbers (0-9) and NO charactersOct 31 2013 7:48PM
1121-1What is the use for Task.FromResult<TResult> in C#Oct 31 2013 12:40AM
638-1image in circle frame iOSOct 28 2013 5:13PM
624-1LESS mixin a variable class nameOct 26 2013 5:54AM
821-1Python iterating through directoriesOct 25 2013 10:39AM
528-4How to resolve BackgroundContainer.dll error on startup?Oct 23 2013 9:14PM
3272-1Sublime Text 3 and Terminal prompt for OS X Mavericks?Oct 23 2013 3:48PM
620-3Difference in implementation of x = x + 1 and x++Oct 22 2013 8:32PM
1029-1npm ERR: peerinvalid The package generator-karma does not satisfy its siblings peerDependencies requirementsOct 18 2013 7:51PM
1242-2Save byte array to fileOct 18 2013 5:13PM
73124-1With ng-bind-html-unsafe removed, how do I inject HTML?Oct 17 2013 2:51AM
522-1UILineBreakModeTailTruncation is deprecatedOct 14 2013 7:12AM
1438-3How to embed small icon in UILabelOct 11 2013 2:25PM
1129-1Difference between arrow and double arrow macros in ClojureOct 11 2013 1:23PM
1832-1GPU Programming, CUDA or OpenCL?Oct 11 2013 11:47AM
1327-1Get current users username in bash?Oct 10 2013 9:49PM
520-1“No provider error” on Karma serve running angularjs phonecat tutorialOct 9 2013 9:38PM
1224-1Does Entity Framework 6 support .NET 4.0?Oct 9 2013 9:27PM
1324-1CakePHP Database connection “Mysql” is missing, or could not be createdOct 9 2013 9:07PM
2136-1Are there cases where while/do-while must be used instead of for?Oct 9 2013 5:24PM
320-2Apache 500 Internal Server Error on my virtual hostOct 9 2013 6:25AM
1739-1What is the difference between lmctfy and lxcOct 5 2013 4:28PM
1736-2The type MultipartEntity is deprecatedOct 5 2013 10:18AM
1026-1ios7 issues with webview focus when using keyboard htmlOct 4 2013 1:37PM
824-1data access object (DAO) in javaOct 3 2013 8:36AM
1341-1HTML / CSS Popup div on text clickSep 28 2013 8:35AM
1121-1How to update and include Twitter Bootstrap 3 on webapp or yo angular?Sep 26 2013 5:15PM
9175-1Angular.js vs Knockout.js vs Backbone.jsSep 26 2013 3:33PM
9129-2Angular.js vs Knockout.js vs Backbone.jsSep 26 2013 3:26PM
730-1Sizes and names on icons and launch images in Xcode 5, ios 7Sep 25 2013 8:41AM
2036-2No Round Rect Button in Xcode 5?Sep 24 2013 9:08AM
1523-1java.lang.RuntimeException: Can’t create handler inside thread that has not called Looper.prepare();Sep 22 2013 9:15PM
3189-1Implicit conversion from enumeration type ‘enum CGImageAlphaInfo’ to different enumeration type ‘CGBitmapinfo’ (aka) ‘enum CGBitmapInfo’)Sep 20 2013 4:45PM
524-2How to remove icon glare in XCode 5 / iOS 7?Sep 20 2013 6:19AM
2221-1can I change the font color of the datePicker in iOS7?Sep 20 2013 5:09AM
629-2JDBC connection failed, error: TCP/IP connection to host failedSep 17 2013 12:37PM
1639-1What does the fail keyword do in ruby?Sep 15 2013 11:20AM
1326-1indexPathForCell returns nil since ios7Sep 11 2013 2:20PM
3765-1iOS 7 - Auto Layout on iOS Versions prior to 6.0Sep 11 2013 9:45AM
634-1How do I use the UISearchBar and UISearchDisplayControllerSep 10 2013 1:06PM
626-1Left align and right align within div in BootstrapSep 7 2013 10:44AM
8586-1Why is this not throwing a NullPointerException?Sep 5 2013 12:40PM
76144-1Cannot change version of project facet Dynamic Web Module to 3.0?Sep 5 2013 9:01AM
424-3How to use bitmask?Sep 3 2013 12:12PM
720-3How to create a generic array?Sep 2 2013 9:59PM
21940-1Cannot hide status bar in iOS7Aug 30 2013 1:00AM
2371-1Running tomcat with eclipse keplerAug 29 2013 7:10AM
1321-1Excel how to find values in 1 column exist in the range of values in anotherAug 28 2013 1:44PM
3250-1Select2 doesn’t work when embedded in a bootstrap modalAug 28 2013 12:07PM
1638-1How to get the current date and time in the terminal and set a custom command in terminal for it?Aug 27 2013 7:05AM
521-1int vs Integer comparison JavaAug 26 2013 1:21PM
5938-3How to use bootstrap-theme.css with bootstrap 3?Aug 25 2013 6:48PM
1726-2How to uncompress a tar.gz in another folderAug 23 2013 12:19PM
822-2CORS not working phpAug 23 2013 9:44AM
107127-1Bootstrap 3 Glyphicons not workingAug 21 2013 11:10PM
76104-1Cannot change version of project facet Dynamic Web Module to 3.0?Aug 21 2013 3:34PM
1524-1How to remove the variable “clear” in MATLABAug 21 2013 2:51PM
734-1connect failed: ECONNREFUSEDAug 21 2013 12:38PM
2233-2How do you get AngularJS to bind to the title attribute of an A tag?Aug 21 2013 12:15AM
1527-3Implementing IDisposable correctlyAug 20 2013 1:59PM
2844-1ImportError: matplotlib requires dateutilAug 16 2013 7:31PM
1327-1Is there a C# alternative to Java’s vararg parameters?Aug 12 2013 7:14PM
65156-1Setting UIButton image results in blue button in iOS 7Aug 12 2013 12:30PM
921-1What is the purpose of data URIs?Aug 10 2013 4:43PM
5791-1Why would you use the keyword const if you already know variable should be constant?Aug 10 2013 12:41AM
5721-1Why would you use the keyword const if you already know variable should be constant?Aug 10 2013 12:39AM
424-1How to change elasticsearch max sizeAug 9 2013 6:07PM
88164-1Navigation bar appear over the views with new iOS7 SDKAug 7 2013 12:44PM
521-1Bootstrap table without stripe / bordersAug 6 2013 9:18AM
378548-1Provisioning Profiles menu item missing from Xcode 5Aug 6 2013 8:32AM
626-1Why does this output 8?Aug 5 2013 5:43PM
1346-3Cannot Connect to Server - A network-related or instance-specific errorAug 5 2013 2:33PM
820-1How to get first and last day of previous month (with timestamp) in SQL ServerJul 31 2013 10:53AM
2036-3Possible to convert C# get,set code to C++Jul 30 2013 7:11PM
922-1append integer to beginning of list in pythonJul 28 2013 6:07PM
1622-3why can’t byte array be stored in integer array in javaJul 28 2013 1:31PM
1226-1How to apply font anti-alias effects in CSS?Jul 26 2013 4:13PM
1624-1Vagrant ” VM not created.” when trying to create box from existing VMJul 26 2013 3:13PM
3120-1Is multiplication faster than float division?Jul 26 2013 1:57PM
4027-1Which Android IDE is better - Android Studio or Eclipse?Jul 25 2013 4:49AM
522-1printf gives unexpected resultJul 23 2013 4:48PM
930-2Terminating with uncaught exception of type NSException?Jul 21 2013 8:40AM
1129-1Git - recursively add the entire folderJul 19 2013 1:30PM
432-5Delete a single record from Entity Framework?Jul 18 2013 12:37PM
821-1what is the difference between uint16_t and unsigned short int incase of 64 bit processor?Jul 17 2013 7:15AM
1721-1What the heck is the keyguard in Android?Jul 17 2013 2:13AM
1924-2Run a service automatically in a docker containerJul 16 2013 9:43AM
3140-5Is there an opposite to display:none?Jul 13 2013 2:22PM
1239-1How to force LINQ Sum() to return 0 while source collection is emptyJul 11 2013 12:36PM
1630-1How to create Google + cards UI in a list view?Jul 10 2013 12:58PM
925-1What does the third parameter (false) indicate in document.addEventListener(“deviceready”,OnDeviceReady,false);Jul 10 2013 7:13AM
1820-2Is this code instantiating or extending an abstract class without creating a new class?Jul 9 2013 5:11AM
49100-1Set cookie and get cookie with JavaScriptJul 8 2013 8:18AM
928-1How to get the current location latitude and longitude in androidJul 8 2013 4:33AM
1144-1IE10 stop scroll bar from appearing over content and disappearingJul 6 2013 3:51PM
2221-1Difference between AsyncTask and Thread/RunnableJul 4 2013 4:28PM
2444-2How can I target only Internet Explorer 11 with JavaScriptJul 3 2013 12:16PM
527-7can’t convert Symbol into StringJul 2 2013 12:00PM
224-2Apostrophe not preceded by \ android in string.xml fileJul 2 2013 7:57AM
3426-1How does the compiler know that the comma in a function call is not a comma operator?Jun 29 2013 6:37PM
58119-2Code assist (ctrl+space) doesn’t work on Eclipse KeplerJun 28 2013 8:02AM
1128-1How to generate javadoc comments in Android StudioJun 28 2013 1:33AM
521-1Overview of all JSF-related web.xml context parameter names and valuesJun 27 2013 11:29AM
738-2angularjs to output plain text instead of htmlJun 26 2013 8:47AM
740-11D or 2D array, what’s faster?Jun 23 2013 11:59AM
623-1How do I run python 2 and 3 in windows 7?Jun 21 2013 11:06PM
1985-2Creating UIActionSheetJun 20 2013 8:34PM
109253-2How to disable back swipe gesture in UINavigationController on iOS 7Jun 20 2013 12:27PM
928-1CountDown Timer ios tutorial?Jun 17 2013 12:33PM
3368-1Type of “this” in c++?Jun 17 2013 11:35AM
323-1How can I use ranges in a switch case statement using JavaScript?Jun 17 2013 11:01AM
2831-3New iOS 7 statusBar leaves a range 20px in apps compiled in Xcode 5Jun 15 2013 9:05AM
331-1javax.servlet.ServletException: HV000030: No validator could be found for type: java.lang.IntegerJun 13 2013 11:56AM
737-3//! [0] C++ - what is it?Jun 7 2013 9:17PM
3151-2Pull to refresh like gmail new (4.5) applicationJun 7 2013 7:51AM
226-3Implementing a language interpreter in haskellJun 6 2013 8:28PM
624-1What’s the difference between underscore clone() and simple ‘=’?Jun 6 2013 12:21PM
1023-2How to go to a URL using jQuery?Jun 6 2013 10:23AM
528-1How to connect Cassandra using Java classJun 1 2013 11:04AM
70115-1Abort a git cherry-pick?May 30 2013 1:54AM
47165-1how to use og meta tag for facebook shareMay 29 2013 8:03PM
1824-1What does `:>` (colon, greater than, aka. smile face) mean in C Programming Language?May 26 2013 1:12PM
2039-1Is it necessary to Use # for creating temp table in sql server?May 25 2013 1:39PM
5253-1Is there any use for unique_ptr with array?May 23 2013 10:42AM
86238-2How to find and turn on USB debugging mode on Nexus 4May 23 2013 6:42AM
3935-1Swing vs JavaFx for desktop applicationsMay 22 2013 3:00PM
521-1Java -What is an instance variable?May 22 2013 8:14AM
4020-2What’s the difference between require and require-dev?May 21 2013 9:18PM
2025-1How can I delete the current file in vim?May 21 2013 8:44PM
2024-1How can I delete the current file in vim?May 21 2013 8:14PM
112251-1What’s the difference between ‘git merge’ and ‘git rebase’?May 21 2013 9:22AM
1127-2What is the point of accept() method in Visitor pattern?May 18 2013 10:33PM
924-1Differences between the commands “mvn clean package” and “mvn clean install”?May 17 2013 5:34AM
1936-3Difference between class and typeMay 17 2013 3:08AM
2135-1Android studio not opening [windows]May 16 2013 5:22AM
532-1How can I make a button redirect my page to another page?May 15 2013 10:30AM
1521-2How to reset or change the MySQL root password?May 15 2013 3:52AM
1220-1How to “EXPIRE” the “HSET” child key in redis?May 14 2013 2:14PM
920-1Testing STDOUT output in RspecMay 12 2013 1:06PM
3585-2example of how to use getopts in bashMay 11 2013 11:16AM
523-1What is ‘this’ used for in C# language?May 10 2013 12:32PM
7528-1Is it expensive to use try-catch blocks even if an exception is never thrown?May 8 2013 11:19PM
1273-2Notification Not showingMay 8 2013 7:04PM
4832-1Common CSS Media Queries Break PointsMay 8 2013 2:54PM
1542-2duplicate symbols for architecture armv7May 8 2013 3:13AM
1021-1Measuring code execution timeMay 4 2013 4:08PM
720-2Auto property synthesis will not synthesize property declared in protocol – which one?May 3 2013 9:28AM
221-2My attempt at Project Euler #92 is too slowMay 1 2013 6:53PM
1447-1Mysql adding user for remote accessApr 29 2013 8:58PM
2128-4How to increase maximum execution time in phpApr 23 2013 2:00PM
2169-3How to increase maximum execution time in phpApr 23 2013 1:55PM
1336-1Object Library Not Registered When Adding Windows Common Controls 6.0Apr 23 2013 10:56AM
1929-1What is the default access modifier in java?Apr 23 2013 8:52AM
1548-2bootstrap: show one popover and hide other popoversApr 22 2013 8:41PM
423-1Is there a function to copy an array in C/C++?Apr 22 2013 1:12AM
833-1How to call a View Controller programmatically?Apr 21 2013 6:29PM
75234-1User recognition without cookies or local storageApr 20 2013 1:38PM
120-3Django CMS - Articles show as NoneApr 19 2013 7:21AM
1625-1Using Jquery Datatable with AngularJsApr 19 2013 2:06AM
342-2How to install R version 3Apr 18 2013 9:24PM
8020-2Why does an NSInteger variable have to typecasted to type long?Apr 18 2013 7:29AM
80130-2Why does an NSInteger variable have to typecasted to type long?Apr 18 2013 6:43AM
1322-1Is it possible to build a production web application using MagLev for ruby?Apr 17 2013 2:18AM
2048-1Is this a good hashing password function in PHP? If not, why not?Apr 16 2013 6:04PM
3534-2Imitating a blink tag with CSS3 animationsApr 15 2013 10:30AM
620-1Flask request fields to get url pathApr 12 2013 3:16PM
4257-2Where can I find ios versions statistics?Apr 12 2013 9:07AM
1533-3What does this thread join code mean?Apr 11 2013 6:35PM
3330-1Can I Install Laravel 4 without using Composer?Apr 11 2013 3:42AM
520-1UTC Time in PythonApr 11 2013 3:35AM
3145-1Netbeans: how to change @authorApr 10 2013 9:55AM
1228-1What is difference between dataframe and list in R?Apr 9 2013 1:14PM
523-1jQuery add class to href if link contains specific textApr 8 2013 12:36PM
2835-1How to debug Rust programs?Apr 8 2013 11:20AM
120-3can you create / write / append a string to a file in a single line in RubyApr 7 2013 6:04PM
2077-1ViewDidAppear is not called when Opening app from backgroundApr 7 2013 4:32PM
2024-1ViewDidAppear is not called when Opening app from backgroundApr 7 2013 4:28PM
3028-1Does ADT support Java 7 APIApr 6 2013 7:46AM
1227-1Firefox exception ‘JavaScript component does not have a method named: “available”’Apr 5 2013 10:05PM
332-1how to clear localstorage,sessionStorage and cookies in javascript? and then retrieve?Apr 4 2013 7:19AM
112262-1Service vs intent serviceApr 2 2013 6:57PM
2481-1src/lxml/etree_defs.h:9:31: fatal error: libxml/xmlversion.h: No such file or directoryApr 2 2013 9:48AM
1126-1How to Write text file JavaApr 2 2013 1:29AM
223-1Run Jquery function on window events: load, resize, and scroll?Mar 27 2013 5:20PM
926-1Xcode 4.6.1 crashes whenever i try to add my device to the provisioning portal.Mar 27 2013 1:19PM
4254-1How to install plugins to Sublime Text 2 editor?Mar 27 2013 6:03AM
7475-1Responsive Font SizeMar 26 2013 11:26PM
1322-1Changing Selected Option with JqueryMar 26 2013 6:54PM
1250-1Is there a simple Cocoa application tutorial with explanation?Mar 26 2013 4:57AM
1470-1How to grep a string in a directory and all its subdirectories’ files in LINUX?Mar 25 2013 6:42PM
923-1How can I share multiple files via an Intent?Mar 22 2013 6:38PM
1960-1How to download and save an image in AndroidMar 21 2013 2:00PM
1420-4“aaaa”.StartsWith(“aaa”) returns falseMar 21 2013 12:36PM
11232-1Service vs intent serviceMar 20 2013 1:19PM
1738-1HTML iframe - disable scrollMar 19 2013 8:52AM
1220-1regular expression to allow spaces between wordsMar 18 2013 9:46AM
71128-2Removing link creditsMar 17 2013 11:19AM
7163-2Removing link creditsMar 17 2013 9:41AM
4051-2What does iterator->second mean?Mar 16 2013 4:04PM
1025-1The best placeholder polyfil script for ie7, ie8 and ie9Mar 15 2013 5:03PM
526-1standard deviation of listMar 13 2013 3:42PM
1220-3Does Sublime Text 2 win over Eclipse for Java DevelopmentMar 12 2013 5:35PM
1961-2How to display Toast at center of screenMar 10 2013 10:25AM
2256-2Assertion failure in UITableView configureCellForDisplay:forIndexPath:Mar 9 2013 1:57PM
929-1Breaking out of a for loop in JavaMar 7 2013 3:34PM
923-1how to find item with max value using linq?Mar 7 2013 7:40AM
1129-2How to Add a Dotted Underline Beneath HTML TextMar 6 2013 4:24PM
2363-1Is there a way to “limit” the result with ELOQUENT ORM of Laravel?Mar 5 2013 4:45PM
825-1try catch finally return, clarification in JAVAMar 5 2013 2:11PM
165219-4What is the difference between canonical name, simple name and class name in Java Class?Mar 4 2013 2:07PM
423-7I get the error: ‘cout’ was not declared in this scope when I try to use coutMar 3 2013 2:08PM
1924-1TypeScript or CoffeeScriptMar 2 2013 7:54AM
423-1What is the longest method name you have seen in iOS / Cocoa Touch?Mar 1 2013 6:55AM
122-1java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal character in scheme at index 0:Mar 1 2013 6:34AM
620-1PHP fwrite new lineFeb 28 2013 8:03AM
526-1How to programatically through code to exit or quit from Windows Phone 8 app?Feb 24 2013 2:33PM
422-1“Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token { ” in Bootstrap 2.1.0 bundled with Joomla! 3.0Feb 20 2013 2:00PM
1454-3Confirm message before delete?Feb 20 2013 1:20PM
1420-2concantenating elements in an array to a stringFeb 19 2013 12:54PM
224-1Convert IList<T> to BindingList<T>Feb 19 2013 9:01AM
1124-1Paypal sandbox test credit card numbersFeb 19 2013 7:15AM
1666-2How do I copy folder with files to another folder in Unix/Linux ?Feb 17 2013 3:26PM
1631-2How do I copy folder with files to another folder in Unix/Linux ?Feb 17 2013 3:20PM
1121-4What is the difference between List and ArrayList?Feb 15 2013 8:58PM
822-2Get Substring between two characters using javascriptFeb 14 2013 4:39AM
624-2How to get longitude and latitude of any address?Feb 12 2013 7:37AM
1336-2Installing Apache Solr 4.1 on windows 7Feb 12 2013 3:33AM
4059-3Change Bootstrap input focus blue glowFeb 11 2013 11:30PM
920-1indexpath row not getting in prepare for segue for detail disclosureFeb 11 2013 2:33PM
8958-4How to install JDK on Ubuntu (Linux)?Feb 9 2013 1:55PM
89168-5How to install JDK on Ubuntu (Linux)?Feb 9 2013 1:06PM
1952-1How to allow remote connection to mysqlFeb 8 2013 6:43PM
1325-1Create Map in JavaFeb 7 2013 4:26AM
925-1Python HexadecimalFeb 3 2013 10:34PM
1331-3What is autoreleasepool? - Objective-CFeb 3 2013 8:58PM
423-4Why doesn’t C++ have a power operator?Jan 31 2013 1:58PM
220-1Padding-top not workingJan 30 2013 12:59PM
1634-1Responsive web design is working on desktop but not on mobile deviceJan 29 2013 7:28AM
521-1Mysql list tables and sizes - order by sizeJan 28 2013 7:51PM
2340-2Change JavaScript alert dialog title in iOSJan 28 2013 3:13PM
1034-1Every time i run Vmware i get this error; Error While powering on: The VMware Authorization Service is not runningJan 28 2013 10:06AM
102265-1capturing self strongly in this block is likely to lead to a retain cycleJan 28 2013 6:39AM
120-1How to randomly sort list items?Jan 28 2013 4:29AM
12865-1What is Bootstrap?Jan 27 2013 11:08AM
4435-1what are the differences between Vundle and NeoBundle?Jan 24 2013 2:39AM
1335-1What is the difference between `*a` and `a[0]`?Jan 23 2013 7:32PM
2331-1Javascript - read local text fileJan 21 2013 8:20PM
1139-1Restricting file types in JQuery File upload demoJan 21 2013 8:55AM
2345-1HTML5 Shim vs. ShivJan 20 2013 8:54PM
942-1Intellij launcher doesn’t work on unity?Jan 20 2013 7:22PM
1724-6Why 0 ** 0 equals 1 in pythonJan 19 2013 12:43PM
1425-1Why did Google choose RenderScript instead of OpenCLJan 17 2013 10:44PM
5591-1What’s the purpose of tinyhippos-injected script?Jan 17 2013 1:12PM
1141-1duplicate symbols for architectures in XcodeJan 17 2013 11:13AM
43218-1OnItemCLickListener not working in listview ANDROIDJan 17 2013 5:32AM
230-1DTO and DAO concepts and MVCJan 16 2013 7:40PM
70173-1jQuery 1.9 .live() is not a functionJan 16 2013 8:30AM
1953-1Is C/C++ one language or two languages?Jan 15 2013 2:51AM
926-1What is the meaning of the number sign (#) in a Perl regex match?Jan 15 2013 12:54AM
1537-1Java: Getting a substring from a string starting after a particular characterJan 14 2013 10:17AM
1521-1Intellij IDEA. Hide .iml filesJan 10 2013 7:13AM
1226-1Imagebutton change programmatically?Jan 9 2013 10:41AM
1620-2Socket vs SocketChannelJan 9 2013 12:31AM
223-1Mac OS X terminal delete word by wordJan 7 2013 3:18PM
232-2Does Scala have static imports like Java?Jan 7 2013 11:47AM*
1038-2read complete file without using loop in javaJan 5 2013 7:40AM
1035-1read complete file without using loop in javaJan 5 2013 7:36AM
736-1Use a web mobile framework?Jan 4 2013 11:15PM
925-1Random float number between 0 and 1.0 phpJan 4 2013 10:51AM
958-1Php: when to use pthreadJan 3 2013 7:41PM
832-4Error QApplication: no such file or directoryJan 3 2013 5:38PM
520-1Convert UIImage to NSData and save with core dataJan 3 2013 5:15AM
4180-1Replace words in string - rubyJan 2 2013 6:05PM
7241-1How to remove a web site from google analyticsJan 2 2013 4:35PM
529-1vs 2012: Shims compileDec 28 2012 6:16PM
76136-2Is there a command to list all Unix group names?Dec 27 2012 7:29PM
3591-2Incorrect line ending: found carriage return (\r) without corresponding newline (\n)Dec 27 2012 4:57AM
820-1Why is there an infinite loop in my program?Dec 24 2012 10:57AM
425-1Please explain this algorithm to get all permutations of a StringDec 23 2012 4:11AM
629-1How to properly use Thread.sleep()Dec 22 2012 6:49PM
1228-2SCRIPT438: Object doesn’t support property or method IEDec 22 2012 1:07PM
1428-2reading and parsing a TSV file, then manipulating it for saving as CSV (*efficiently*)Dec 21 2012 4:07PM
3522-1Imitating a blink tag with CSS3 animationsDec 19 2012 3:14PM
90251-3How to make an Android device vibrate?Dec 19 2012 10:33AM
322-2What is      operation in CDec 19 2012 7:18AM
327-5What is      operation in CDec 19 2012 7:12AM
4355-1How can I replace text through CSS?Dec 18 2012 9:03PM
124299-2TINYTEXT, TEXT, MEDIUMTEXT, and LONGTEXT in mysql maximum storage sizes ..?Dec 18 2012 12:18PM
1533-1Sorting HashMap by valuesDec 17 2012 11:24AM
2638-1Is Mongodb Aggregation framework faster than map/reduce?Dec 17 2012 10:15AM
1432-1why is it good save session in databaseDec 17 2012 9:16AM
1641-1Am I being hacked?Dec 16 2012 2:16AM
5491-1Can you have a triple minus signs in C programming? What does it mean?Dec 14 2012 7:12AM
1138-1How to pop the alert using phpDec 13 2012 1:33AM
334-3Reading a json file in AndroidDec 11 2012 6:04AM
1035-1convert NSData Length from bytes to megsDec 10 2012 10:21PM
1023-1What is the advantage of using portable class libraries instead of using “Add as Link”?Dec 10 2012 8:27PM
425-1Host is not allowed to connect to this mysql server when making a local connectionDec 5 2012 8:43PM
620-1How to add a splash screen/placeholder image for a YouTube videoDec 5 2012 2:46PM
1628-1Deserialize XML To Object using DynamicDec 4 2012 3:08PM
5420-1Is a Python list guaranteed to have its elements stay in the order they are inserted in?Dec 4 2012 12:17AM
5463-1Is a Python list guaranteed to have its elements stay in the order they are inserted in?Dec 4 2012 12:11AM
327-6function array_key_exists in TwigNov 28 2012 2:29PM
1149-1How to integrate Ajax with Symfony2Nov 27 2012 1:53PM
2145-3AngularJS and Handlebars - both required or notNov 26 2012 12:26PM
1724-1Editing multiple lines of code in NetbeansNov 25 2012 9:36AM
21035-1For i = 0, why is (i += i++) equal to 0?Nov 22 2012 4:26PM
210382-1For i = 0, why is (i += i++) equal to 0?Nov 22 2012 4:25PM
1027-1unique_ptr VS auto_ptrNov 20 2012 8:33PM
2038-1C++ Boost: undefined reference to boost::system::generic_category()Nov 20 2012 7:17AM
4166-1SQL ON DELETE CASCADE, Which Way Does the Deletion Occur?Nov 18 2012 9:38PM
822-2The transaction log for database ‘databasename’ is full.Nov 16 2012 9:12PM
1421-1Union Vs Concat in LinqNov 16 2012 1:29PM
821-1Unable to Activate Windows Store AppNov 15 2012 8:24PM
721-1How to add Facebook Share button in Android ApplicationNov 15 2012 11:50AM
54117-3How to initialize List<String> object in Java?Nov 15 2012 10:07AM
521-1glsl refraction getting mapped upside downNov 14 2012 8:02PM
1936-2How to correct virtualbox installationNov 14 2012 4:54PM
425-1What does “ ” at the end of a linux command mean?Nov 12 2012 5:41AM
2243-4How can I make a HTML a href hyperlink open a new window using window.location?Nov 11 2012 10:12PM
623-1What is runnable in Java, in layman’s terms?Nov 11 2012 12:50AM
4075-1What does ellipsize mean in android?Nov 9 2012 6:45PM
426-1Coding Implode In TWIGNov 9 2012 10:39AM
925-1Hexadecimal To Decimal in Shell ScriptNov 7 2012 11:36PM
725-2TypeError: unhashable type: ‘dict’Nov 7 2012 7:03AM
60117-1How to read a file line by line in phpNov 6 2012 7:51AM
521-1HANDLE_ERROR not found error in CudaNov 6 2012 6:05AM
1520-1Is there a timeout for idle PostgreSQL connections?Nov 6 2012 5:37AM
1360-2Copy data into another tableNov 5 2012 5:56PM
1745-1Android: Background Image Size (in Pixel) which Support All DevicesNov 5 2012 9:00AM
925-1Resize an Array while keeping current elements in Java?Nov 2 2012 3:00PM
1437-1bash append file contents to the bottom of existing fileNov 1 2012 4:52PM
922-2why Dijkstra’s algo does not work for negative weight edgesOct 31 2012 1:45PM
136-2Caused by: android.os.NetworkOnMainThreadExceptionOct 30 2012 10:06AM
630-1Setting onClickListner for the Drawable right of an EditTextOct 30 2012 8:57AM
445-1How do I develop app for the iPad miniOct 29 2012 6:22AM
1025-1Convert time span value to format “hh:mm Am/Pm” using C#Oct 24 2012 7:32AM
128-2Get the decimal part from a doubleOct 23 2012 8:16PM
4854-1Dealing with iPad Mini screen sizeOct 23 2012 6:23PM
725-1Thinking in RubyOct 23 2012 4:49PM
1025-1sending a javascript object through websockets withOct 23 2012 3:39PM
1659-1Use custom fonts in iPhone AppOct 23 2012 11:52AM
751-3Java regex emailOct 22 2012 1:59PM
2479-2Find substring in the string in TWIGOct 22 2012 9:23AM
133-1How to create an NSIndexPath from an int?Oct 21 2012 11:46AM
829-1Can a function be created in Matlab that returns nothing?Oct 20 2012 9:24PM
620-1Possible to show a “in App Store modal” in iOS 6?Oct 18 2012 8:31PM
1839-1CSS media queries for Galaxy S3Oct 18 2012 7:45AM
1023-1DatePicker does not work when trying to use itOct 17 2012 8:29PM
421-2Create a new RGB OpenCV image using Python?Oct 15 2012 6:48AM
24110-1Sublime Text - show open files on the leftOct 13 2012 1:37AM
322-2Logcat says - The application may be doing too much work on its main thread and error message says - StringtoReal.invalidReal(string.boolean)line:63Oct 12 2012 12:31PM
520-1Removing numbers from stringOct 12 2012 3:34AM
2242-2Converting string to number in javascript/jQueryOct 11 2012 12:35PM
1325-1Javamail api in android using XOauthOct 10 2012 2:19PM
1128-1Python initializing a list of listsOct 9 2012 1:03AM
1224-1Pythonic way for `return (value == ‘ok’) ? ‘ok’ : ‘nok’ `Oct 8 2012 8:23PM
1231-1Hide Text with CSS, Best Practice?Oct 8 2012 2:12PM
221-1How to get the pixel color on touch?Oct 7 2012 4:36PM
527-1segmentation fault : 11Oct 6 2012 7:14PM
1947-1Using string.replace() in JavaOct 4 2012 7:47PM
1541-2dismissmodalviewcontrolleranimated is deprecated first deprecated in ios 6Oct 4 2012 8:59AM
622-1how to use an arrow marker on an svg <line> element?Oct 2 2012 8:24AM
1425-1SCRIPT1028: Expected identifier, string or numberOct 1 2012 2:51PM
826-3Assignment help: Union between setsSep 29 2012 2:43PM
1527-1cartesian product of multiple arrays in javascriptSep 27 2012 7:33PM
1924-1How to detect chrome and safari browser (webkit)Sep 27 2012 4:28PM
7972-1What is Express.js?Sep 27 2012 7:27AM
69145-5What’s the difference between MyISAM and InnoDB?Sep 27 2012 5:33AM
924-2How to get a string between two characters?Sep 26 2012 5:27AM
2660-1Calendar date to yyyy-MM-dd format in javaSep 25 2012 4:27AM
2532-1Create a group box around certain controls on a web form using CSSSep 24 2012 7:59PM
31138-1A Lot of Functions are deprecated - iOs 6Sep 20 2012 2:11PM
921-1ListFragment does not accept my layoutSep 19 2012 11:06PM
1220-1Encrypt in Javascript, decrypt in PHP, using public-key cryptographySep 17 2012 10:48AM
962-3I don’t remember my android debug.keystore passwordSep 17 2012 9:34AM
529-2How to create a password field in xcodeSep 16 2012 9:53PM
4382-1MySQL Server has gone away when importing large sql fileSep 14 2012 1:25PM
1024-1how do I make this preg_match case insensitive?Sep 13 2012 4:48PM
335-5Difference between method overloading and overriding in java?Sep 11 2012 4:54PM
321-4Difference between method overloading and overriding in java?Sep 11 2012 4:53PM
5759-1Staging Deleted filesSep 11 2012 4:36PM
3738-2What is the difference between python and ipythonSep 11 2012 1:09PM
7738-1How to call shell script from another shell script?Sep 11 2012 5:40AM
225-4List all files and directories in a directory + subdirectoriesSep 8 2012 4:31PM
935-1How to convert a byte to its binary string representationSep 7 2012 12:03AM
824-3libjpeg-turbo for androidSep 6 2012 8:51AM
2420-1Ubuntu + Eclipse 4.2 - Dark theme - How to darken sidebar backgrounds?Sep 2 2012 7:05PM
740-1I’m getting “clang: error: no input files”Aug 31 2012 3:30PM
1231-1Can’t shrink flurry with proguardAug 31 2012 10:22AM
107185-1Where is my httpd.conf file located apacheAug 30 2012 5:10PM
1123-1Read CSV file column by columnAug 28 2012 11:49PM
1130-3How does compress PNG files?Aug 27 2012 5:48PM
2434-1Does GPS require Internet?Aug 26 2012 4:18PM
420-1How to convert milliseconds into hours and days?Aug 25 2012 8:25PM
4974-1How to create a Jquery functionAug 23 2012 1:59PM
4552-1How to use ssh agent forwarding with “vagrant ssh”?Aug 23 2012 6:10AM
1144-1How Can I Start And Stop NSTimer?Aug 21 2012 10:34AM
920-1How can I remove empty xmlns attribute from node created by XElementAug 20 2012 2:18PM
42144-1How to validate an email address in PHPAug 19 2012 1:32PM
1224-1Textbox binding update in WPFAug 18 2012 3:28PM
126-1ListView.addFooterView(v) not displayingAug 17 2012 7:30PM
925-1how to clear text content in RichTextBoxAug 16 2012 8:57PM
821-3Parse time of format hh:mm:ssAug 16 2012 8:23PM
5848-1Repository Pattern Step by Step ExplanationAug 16 2012 11:15AM
8224-1Python math is wrongAug 14 2012 11:04AM
1121-1Difference between jQuery wrap and wrapAllAug 14 2012 5:47AM
1434-1Why does this Python code destroy my computer?Aug 13 2012 2:14AM
1629-1What is the point of unit testing?Aug 11 2012 8:19PM
1741-1List vs ArrayList vs Dictionary vs Hashtable vs Stack vs Queue?Aug 10 2012 1:03PM
66135-1python inline if statementAug 9 2012 9:47AM
1035-1T-SQL loop over query resultsAug 7 2012 7:38PM
3542-1flask - how do you get a query string from flaskAug 2 2012 4:29PM
1626-2How to stop mongo DB in one commandAug 2 2012 12:10PM
1627-1How to stop mongo DB in one commandAug 2 2012 11:45AM
2448-1MVC Html.Partial or Html.ActionAug 1 2012 8:47PM
748-8Upload Android app to google play step by step…?Aug 1 2012 12:57PM
830-1How to get first and last day of previous month (with timestamp) in SQL ServerJul 31 2012 5:46PM
1422-1getting error that a template that extends can not have bodyJul 31 2012 12:11PM
2145-1What is default list styling (CSS)?Jul 31 2012 9:47AM
1433-1Load an image from assets folderJul 31 2012 7:05AM
3942-1Android: set view style programaticallyJul 30 2012 2:54PM
1838-1How to get MAC ADDRESS device in androidJul 29 2012 1:32AM
923-1Installing Java On Ubuntu ServerJul 27 2012 5:47PM
228-1Error message in CJul 26 2012 5:45PM*
1326-1object has no attribute ‘get’Jul 26 2012 12:23PM
723-1PHP - count specific array valuesJul 25 2012 8:59AM
1329-2adding the arrow to dropdown pills for twitter bootstrap?Jul 24 2012 2:56PM
41109-1ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension (mysql2 on rails 3.2.3)Jul 24 2012 12:00AM
1443-1Get the value of checked checkbox?Jul 22 2012 11:06AM
1231-1I miss Visual Basic’s “On Error Resume Next” in C#. How should I be handing errors now?Jul 21 2012 9:42PM
6020-2How do I convert an object to an array?Jul 20 2012 10:26AM
1438-1Hello world code for Mountain Lion OSX 10.8 showing notification like iChatJul 18 2012 8:29PM
174-7Using urldecode() results in MySql errorJul 18 2012 6:10PM
1320-1Python condense if/else to one line?Jul 17 2012 7:15PM
5423-1Does Twitter Bootstrap include jQuery?Jul 17 2012 4:19PM
4293-1JavaScript set object key by variableJul 16 2012 4:26PM
1247-3#1045 - Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)Jul 14 2012 10:37AM
1647-3Parse error: Syntax error, unexpected end of file in my PHP codeJul 14 2012 9:33AM
122-1Fast find multiple of 4Jul 11 2012 3:45PM
2092-1Force a browser to save file as after clicking linkJul 5 2012 10:34PM
2171-2Strip php variable, replace white spaces with dashesJul 4 2012 1:56PM
9833-1Does a C# app track how long its been running?Jul 3 2012 7:55PM
2432-1Android shape backgroundJul 3 2012 12:09PM
2621-1How to disable “detect_unicode” setting from php.ini? (trying to install Composer)Jul 3 2012 7:54AM
933-1Flatten list of listsJun 29 2012 3:39PM
934-1Flatten list of listsJun 29 2012 3:36PM
2756-1Difference between viewDidLoad and viewDidAppearJun 29 2012 12:37AM
1124-1Sorting Backbone collection alphabeticallyJun 28 2012 8:35PM
723-3How to sort files numerically from linux command lineJun 28 2012 12:41AM
637-2convert xml to java object using jaxb (unmarshal)Jun 27 2012 9:55AM
1959-1trim() function doesn’t work in IE8?Jun 27 2012 5:14AM
1135-3In Haskell, + is a function, (+ 2) is a function, (+ 2 3) is 5. What exactly is going on there?Jun 27 2012 1:20AM
421-1how to manage memory with texture in opengl?Jun 26 2012 11:10PM
4280-1setting proxy in wgetJun 26 2012 4:27PM
2552-1JavaScript equivalent of jQuery’s extend methodJun 25 2012 9:03PM
1278-3How get the total sum of NSNumber’s from a NSArray?Jun 25 2012 3:46PM
2953-1How to override !important?Jun 24 2012 3:36PM
1872-1Error Finding Last Used cell In VBAJun 23 2012 1:33PM
1221-1TFS 2012 and VS 2010Jun 23 2012 11:17AM
2529-3How does one reorder columns in R?Jun 22 2012 2:28PM
1225-1How to subtract a day from a DateTime?Jun 22 2012 7:48AM
1221-1How to subtract a day from a DateTime?Jun 22 2012 7:46AM
1830-2d3js Tree squareJun 21 2012 3:01PM
4684-1‘0000-00-00 00:00:00’ can not be represented as java.sql.Timestamp errorJun 21 2012 8:00AM
649-3Select text in javascriptJun 20 2012 9:05PM
1320-1How to check an IP address is within a range of two IPs in PHP?Jun 20 2012 2:31PM
3448-1file to inputstreamJun 19 2012 12:21PM
3783-1Command Prompt Won’t Change DirectoryJun 16 2012 5:40PM
3726-1Command Prompt Won’t Change DirectoryJun 16 2012 5:11PM
1423-6How to get TimeZone from android mobile?Jun 16 2012 6:25AM
726-2How to format date string in java?Jun 15 2012 7:15AM
1427-1How do I fetch multiple columns for use in a cursor loop?Jun 14 2012 7:35PM
9253-1Eclipse reported “Failed to load JNI shared library”Jun 13 2012 8:08AM
722-1Python Timezone conversionJun 12 2012 1:28PM
5280-1Lua string to intJun 9 2012 3:14PM
533-2Migrating pure PHP project to Yii frameworkJun 9 2012 11:40AM
1022-3Conversion of bitmap into jpeg in androidJun 9 2012 11:01AM
1325-1Error installing rubyMine, no SDK specified, but it is listedJun 8 2012 3:00AM
4340-1Where is my .vimrc file?Jun 7 2012 2:25PM
1220-1How can I find out if an .EXE has Command-Line Options?Jun 7 2012 2:18AM
2238-1Deadly CORS when http://localhost is the originJun 5 2012 6:06AM
923-1How to create a directory in wix?Jun 2 2012 1:13PM
733-1Python 3: UnboundLocalError: local variable referenced before assignmentJun 1 2012 2:19PM
2133-3Why integer division in c# returns an integer but not a float?Jun 1 2012 1:34PM
526-1Iterate through datasetMay 30 2012 6:45PM
122-1Apply Calibri (Body) font to textMay 30 2012 5:18AM
1020-3SVM classifier based on HOG features for “object detection” in OpenCVMay 29 2012 8:23PM
227-4Remove whitespaces inside a string in javascriptMay 29 2012 1:43PM
224-1Does the ternary “?: operator” have a bug in C#?May 28 2012 12:09PM
1338-1EclipseLinkJpaVendorAdapter instead of HibernateJpaVendorAdapter issueMay 26 2012 8:57PM
1639-1How to subtract 30 days from the current datetime in mysql?May 26 2012 1:50AM
923-1My application works in IE only in debug mode (works in other browsers)May 24 2012 12:16PM
2359-1knockout.js and listen to check event on checkboxMay 24 2012 1:13AM
2031-4Eclipse IDE- Add jar? Add External jar? Add Library?May 21 2012 3:56AM
2242-1What is the difference between JDK dynamic proxy and CGLib?May 19 2012 10:07AM
935-1Load ajax when scroll reaches 80%May 19 2012 5:27AM
421-2remove ColorFilter / undo setColorFilterMay 18 2012 1:19AM
426-1How to add css for specific input type textMay 14 2012 6:54PM
830-1How can Bash execute a command in a different directory context?May 12 2012 7:04PM
926-1Get referrer URL - visitors coming from Paypal (HTTPS)May 11 2012 10:46AM
1562-1How can I get the last 7 characters of a PHP string?May 10 2012 9:21PM*
320-4Why “extends” precedes “implements” in class declarationMay 10 2012 4:13PM
820-2Javascript: Round up and down to the nearest 5, then find a common denominatorMay 10 2012 2:18PM
1154-2Why use Abstract factory pattern in C# May 9 2012 9:47AM
921-1Line break inside HTML tag attribute valueMay 8 2012 4:13PM
722-1ways to add programs to startup in ubuntu by commandlineMay 8 2012 9:41AM
2024-2Best way to iterate through a Perl arrayMay 7 2012 8:00PM
1327-2what is the difference between H.264 video and MPEG-4 video?May 7 2012 6:17AM
423-5Regex JavaScript image file extensionMay 6 2012 6:49PM
2546-1How to enable PHP support in Netbeans?May 6 2012 6:47PM
721-4How to solve java.lang.NullPointerException error?May 5 2012 6:09PM
2220-3why is not (123 == 0123) in java?May 5 2012 11:42AM
921-1The constructor Intent(new View.OnClickListener(){}, Class<DrinksTwitter>) is undefinedMay 4 2012 4:41PM
2732-1Change multiple filesMay 4 2012 9:32AM
834-3Please explain Getter and Setters in Objective CMay 3 2012 7:05AM
829-1How to select value of input onClick?May 2 2012 12:31PM
1221-2Pass table valued parameter using ADO.NetMay 2 2012 7:49AM
2332-1Uploading image in ASP.NET MVCMay 1 2012 6:29PM
4750-2MySQL error 1449: The user specified as a definer does not existMay 1 2012 5:08PM
1425-2Using Javascript parseInt() and a Radix ParameterMay 1 2012 2:06PM
56107-2Compiling C++11 with g++Apr 28 2012 1:22PM
520-3barplot using ggplot2Apr 27 2012 3:12PM
3263-1Word wrapping in phpstormApr 27 2012 2:05PM
4775-2What does it mean when MySQL is in the state “Sending data”?Apr 27 2012 9:17AM
525-5Forecasting time series dataApr 27 2012 8:20AM
1332-1Run RSpec tasks in a specific orderApr 26 2012 7:30AM
122147-2What is the _references.js used for?Apr 25 2012 4:21PM
1422-1What is the limit on google-drive api usage?Apr 25 2012 10:02AM
723-1Equivalent of MSSQL IDENTITY Column in MySQLApr 23 2012 3:46PM
720-1Nor any of its super class is known to this contextApr 23 2012 3:39PM
1021-1Why would one use #include_next in a project?Apr 21 2012 7:30PM
738-3PHP simple foreach loop with HTMLApr 21 2012 11:06AM
221-3Remove “www”, “http://” from stringApr 20 2012 6:30PM
2859-2Go to beginning of line without opening new line in VIApr 20 2012 9:33AM
3376-1Launch Bootstrap Modal on page loadApr 19 2012 6:52PM
3470-1Mark current Line, and navigate through marked linesApr 19 2012 5:58PM
1628-1PHP cURL HTTP CODE return 0Apr 19 2012 12:50PM
7120-1How does the Meteor.js Javascript framework work?Apr 18 2012 5:21PM No buffer space available (maximum connections reached?): JVM_BindApr 18 2012 10:49AM
38104-1Symbol not found: kUTTypeImageApr 13 2012 4:51PM
1223-1Recovering saved password in FilezillaApr 13 2012 8:00AM
620-1Invalid redirect_uri with ‘omniauth-facebook’ gemApr 13 2012 12:39AM
834-1Math “pow” in Java and C# return slightly different results?Apr 12 2012 8:16PM
1528-2How to get the name of current function?Apr 12 2012 7:37PM
731-1Adding Reachability class fails when I am trying to buildApr 12 2012 8:02AM
1621-1What is the effect on SEO with a Meteor application?Apr 12 2012 1:04AM
2945-1Own a subdomain on meteor.comApr 11 2012 8:10PM
1022-1Using sessions   session variables in a PHP Login ScriptApr 10 2012 11:40PM
3426-2When is a C++ destructor called?Apr 10 2012 12:15AM
823-1__unsafe_unretained for a delegate won’t buildApr 9 2012 9:55PM
3325-1Ruby on Rails plural (controller) and singular (model) convention - explanationApr 9 2012 6:57PM
720-2Nokogiri recursively get all childrenApr 9 2012 6:19PM
1346-1How to make radius only in top border in css?Apr 9 2012 1:41PM
820-1Python convert Tuple to IntegerApr 8 2012 12:15PM
227-3What is boost good for?Apr 8 2012 7:02AM
3380-1How to sort a list in Scala by two fields?Apr 5 2012 11:25AM
4263-1Remove Object from Array using JavaScriptApr 5 2012 8:14AM
3432-1How do I make bootstrap table rows clickable?Apr 4 2012 12:19AM
129281-2library not found for -lPodsApr 3 2012 7:25AM
5882-1Disabling Strict Standards in PHP 5.4Apr 2 2012 9:46PM
320-1How to access object property when property name contains - (hyphen)Apr 2 2012 11:37AM
920-1How to install multiple python packages at once using pip Mar 31 2012 2:36PM
822-1How to parse XML with jsoupMar 30 2012 5:24PM
2736-1What is the difference between exit(0) and exit(1) in C?Mar 30 2012 2:25PM
1633-1Linq Order by a specific number first then show all rest in orderMar 29 2012 9:38PM
320-1why a constructor doesn’t affect the properties in this exampleMar 29 2012 1:59PM
524-1NSSortDescriptor not sorting integers correctlyMar 28 2012 3:40AM
921-1How to insert an item at the beginning of an ObservableCollection?Mar 27 2012 6:32PM
132272-1Convert from byte array to hex string in javaMar 24 2012 8:32PM
56107-1which day of week given a date pythonMar 23 2012 10:26PM
1643-1How do you use colspan and rowspan in HTML tables?Mar 22 2012 9:29PM
1627-1How do you use colspan and rowspan in HTML tables?Mar 22 2012 9:09PM
1744-1python: How do I know what type of exception occured?Mar 22 2012 2:14PM
445-2What function and where is $this->getPriceHtml() located?Mar 21 2012 9:33PM
1537-1Git tab autocompletion is useless, can I turn it off or optimize it?Mar 21 2012 6:17PM
360966-1Why do people use Heroku when AWS is present? What’s distinguishing about HerokuMar 21 2012 10:57AM
821-1How Can I get Mime Type in IOS which is not based on extensionMar 21 2012 10:15AM
225-1How to format DateTime to 24 hours time?Mar 20 2012 10:41AM
2244-1Where can I find a list of timez?nes?Mar 18 2012 8:48PM
1020-1Valid query to check if row exists in SQLite3Mar 18 2012 5:35AM
1121-5How to Remove BOM from an XML file in JavaMar 16 2012 12:48PM
1835-1The best way to get the first and last day of last month?Mar 16 2012 10:41AM
51138-1The calling thread cannot access this object because a different thread owns itMar 16 2012 6:22AM
620-3Memoized, recursive factorial function?Mar 15 2012 11:55PM
252-1Retrieving HTML data-attributes using jqueryMar 15 2012 1:34PM
642-1Extract url from textMar 15 2012 9:02AM
820-1C# elapsed time on a timer?Mar 14 2012 5:20PM
2452-2Replace special characters in a string with _Mar 14 2012 3:46PM
1749-1Is there some literal dictionary or array syntax in Objective-C?Mar 13 2012 11:19PM
1236-2Get current user’s email address in .NETMar 13 2012 4:32PM
1627-1What is the point of finally in a try catch/except finally statementMar 13 2012 4:30PM
724-1android - call_phone permission is required?Mar 13 2012 2:06PM
620-1Error #1064 in MySQLMar 13 2012 8:14AM
3066-5Run an exe from C# codeMar 13 2012 7:00AM
920-1Remove index.php in codeigniter 2.1.0Mar 12 2012 12:49PM
132110-1Convert from byte array to hex string in javaMar 11 2012 1:18PM
925-2how to handle object result in entity framework 4Mar 11 2012 11:43AM
1621-1Convert HH:MM:SS string to seconds only in javascriptMar 9 2012 8:18PM
1625-1Convert HH:MM:SS string to seconds only in javascriptMar 9 2012 8:15PM
2781-4Difference between CSS3 transitions’ ease-in and ease-outMar 9 2012 3:03PM
725-1How to calculate an angle from points?Mar 8 2012 7:19AM
2621-1iOS 5.1 with Xcode 4.2 and retina in iPad 3Mar 8 2012 1:19AM
51111-1How to parse JSON in AndroidMar 7 2012 5:53PM
528-1How to rename array keys in PHP?Mar 7 2012 4:18PM
820-1PHP - If variable is not empty, echo some html codeMar 6 2012 10:23PM
1933-1How do I change file creation time in C#?Mar 6 2012 6:29PM
2435-1why IE8 password field display nothing when we type through keyboard?Mar 6 2012 4:00PM
3676-1How to get current epoch/unix time in JS?Mar 5 2012 11:46PM
1056-2iOS Random Number Generator to a new viewMar 5 2012 8:28PM
16740-1Most elegant way to check if the string is empty in Python?Mar 5 2012 8:11PM
3066-3Eclipse text cursor has changed and editor behaves differentlyMar 5 2012 12:07PM
3985-1What’s the point of Guava’s Optional classMar 5 2012 3:38AM
8421-1Adding directory to PATH Environment Variable in WindowsMar 3 2012 1:23PM
1621-1What is the maximum number of bytes for a UTF-8 encoded character?Mar 2 2012 12:30PM
121-1“Mixing a dll boost library with a static runtime is a really bad idea…”Mar 2 2012 4:59AM
320-3OnApplyTemplate not called in Custom ControlMar 2 2012 4:34AM
2648-1Bypass popup blocker on when JQuery event.preventDefault() is setMar 1 2012 10:53AM
722-1switch audio source with jquery and HTML5 audio tagMar 1 2012 8:37AM
1626-4What’s the difference between the implements   extends keywords in JavaFeb 29 2012 6:19AM
1641-1the import android could not be resolvedFeb 28 2012 6:24PM
2755-1Describe the SVN symbolsFeb 28 2012 4:56PM
320-1How to get a subdirectory in the path of a URL?Feb 28 2012 3:51PM
1326-1Why constructors cannot be finalFeb 28 2012 6:49AM
1321-1Why constructors cannot be finalFeb 28 2012 6:40AM
1224-1How do I know whether the compiler has ARC support enabled?Feb 27 2012 9:05AM
2532-1How to have multiple favicon sizes, yet serve only a 16x16 by default?Feb 27 2012 4:19AM
226-1Very simple program not working in c++?Feb 25 2012 7:47PM
227-2Codility Fibonacci SolutionFeb 25 2012 12:03AM
820-1how to include custom title view with in AlertDialog in android?Feb 24 2012 12:33PM
1220-1How do you make a gradient background in css?Feb 24 2012 10:16AM
424-1How to get column value from sqlite cursor?Feb 23 2012 11:29AM
1943-1How to remove css property in JQueryFeb 23 2012 1:09AM
425-1How to save the image to SD card on button Click androidFeb 22 2012 2:54PM
1626-2How to record screen and save as gif animation?Feb 17 2012 10:23PM
930-1How to print all POST results when a form is submitted?Feb 17 2012 5:30PM
622-1How do I convert an integer to the corresponding words in objective-c?Feb 14 2012 5:02AM
1830-1how do you get current active/default Environment profile programatically in spring 3.1?Feb 13 2012 9:08PM
4233-2How to print to the console in GWTFeb 12 2012 9:34AM
325-1Convert List<int> to string of comma separated valuesFeb 11 2012 10:08AM
109121-1Remove Duplicates from JavaScript ArrayFeb 10 2012 3:13PM
327-1Truncating Text in PHP?Feb 9 2012 10:31PM
62152-1break out of if and foreachFeb 9 2012 5:29PM
1451-1iOS - Merging two images of different sizeFeb 9 2012 10:22AM
4052-2Send e-mail via SMTP using C#Feb 8 2012 8:59PM
4060-1Send e-mail via SMTP using C#Feb 8 2012 8:57PM
2221-1Initializing const member within class declaration in C++Feb 8 2012 7:48PM
2251-1How to embed a Facebook page’s feed into my websiteFeb 8 2012 6:08PM
4151-1What exactly is an HTTP Entity?Feb 8 2012 4:53PM
1230-1Curly braces in Python?Feb 8 2012 4:32PM
2031-1Compile error: package javax.servlet does not existFeb 8 2012 12:26PM
729-2Django Static Files DevelopmentFeb 7 2012 6:26PM
625-1Convert binary string into integerFeb 5 2012 1:47PM
931-2Can’t get site root url in asp mvcFeb 2 2012 11:25PM
3477-1How to present a simple alert message in java?Feb 2 2012 8:31PM
2461-1How to convert Calendar to Date in java?Feb 2 2012 1:04PM
1820-3Django, Flask or Ruby on Rails for a very big projectFeb 2 2012 4:13AM
6271-1Can I use hashes for comments in PHP?Feb 1 2012 9:53AM
3472-1how to install PIL on mac os x 10.7.2 LionJan 30 2012 8:47PM
91136-1If a folder does not exist, create itJan 30 2012 2:49PM
2553-1What does API level mean?Jan 29 2012 10:49PM
525-1How to change PHP constants?Jan 29 2012 7:24PM
1624-1Debug Mode In VB 6?Jan 29 2012 9:36AM
1822-2Install Python Fabric on WindowsJan 26 2012 2:41PM
920-1What is the correct way to end a void function?Jan 25 2012 1:16PM
4743-1blur vs focusout – any real differences?Jan 23 2012 2:55PM
2253-1No matching bean of type … found for dependencyJan 22 2012 1:33PM
522-1Why Python for loop doesn’t work like C for loop?Jan 21 2012 4:04PM
1022-1Can Console.Clear be used to only clear a line instead of whole console?Jan 20 2012 7:30PM
5380-6How to make a whole ‘div’ clickable in html and css without javascript?Jan 19 2012 3:41PM
3527-1.SVG Browser SupportJan 19 2012 2:25PM
726-1No WebApplicationContext found: no ContextLoaderListener registered?Jan 19 2012 10:54AM
3241-1OpenGL VAO best practicesJan 19 2012 8:53AM
2581-1How to create Multiple Themes/Skins for iphone apps?Jan 19 2012 12:13AM
1534-7How to get the first element of the List or Set?Jan 16 2012 3:41PM
1540-4How to get the first element of the List or Set?Jan 16 2012 3:39PM
2240-1Return True or False RandomlyJan 16 2012 9:38AM
2227-1Return True or False RandomlyJan 16 2012 9:36AM
3770-1Why is the console window closing immediately without displaying my output?Jan 15 2012 8:10AM
10952-1Comments in .gitignore?Jan 14 2012 10:32PM
1125-2What expiry date should I see for in-app purchase in the application sandbox?Jan 11 2012 7:38PM
1248-2How to get every possibile pattern of an array of lettersJan 10 2012 10:30PM
622-1Inheriting from a template class in c++Jan 10 2012 9:16PM
2329-2How to write a `for` loop over bool values (false and true)Jan 10 2012 2:52PM
5391-1Checking whether a string starts with XXXXJan 10 2012 11:56AM
326-2Convert float to int in Objective-CJan 9 2012 10:25AM
1928-2How do I strip non-alphanumeric characters (including spaces) from a string?Jan 8 2012 4:45PM
1121-1FirePHP Suddenly stopped workingJan 8 2012 1:24AM
2222-1jQuery Phone number formatJan 6 2012 3:23PM
2271-1jQuery Phone number formatJan 6 2012 3:22PM
430-2Split string with JavaScriptJan 6 2012 12:26PM
252-4How to convert 12 hours time to 24 hours time in PHPJan 5 2012 12:08PM
3460-1How to build a 2 Column (Fixed - Fluid) Layout with Twitter Bootstrap?Jan 5 2012 10:38AM
1134-2PHP - Get key name of array valueJan 4 2012 3:37PM
1835-2Difference between _Bool and bool types in C?Jan 4 2012 9:11AM
627-1jquery clone div and append it after specific divJan 3 2012 4:06AM
4883-1Jquery date picker z-index issueJan 2 2012 7:53PM
1124-2Disable Messages Upon Loading Package in RDec 30 2011 4:48PM
1844-1Adding options to select with javascriptDec 29 2011 11:23PM
1120-1How to use jQuery with JSF 2.0Dec 29 2011 1:04PM
3132-1In C#, why is “int” an alias for System.Int32?Dec 24 2011 6:02PM
822-1Merge 3 arraylist to oneDec 24 2011 3:09PM
55102-1Save and load MemoryStream to/from a fileDec 24 2011 11:16AM
55107-1Save and load MemoryStream to/from a fileDec 24 2011 11:02AM
1026-5Array of PHP ObjectsDec 23 2011 4:35AM
3395-1How do i convert a JSON String to a dictionary in IOS5Dec 22 2011 4:28PM
2268-1How can I configure the Android emulator to simulate the Galaxy Nexus?Dec 20 2011 6:12PM
138135-1How to make an ajax call without jquery?Dec 19 2011 8:30PM
1535-1How do I create a new database in MongoDB using PyMongo?Dec 19 2011 8:13PM
1350-2One step affine transform for rotation around a point?Dec 16 2011 3:45PM
20424-3How do I ignore files in a directory in git?Dec 16 2011 4:21AM
1643-2Replace non ASCII character from stringDec 15 2011 12:05PM
2149-1How to identify whether a grammar is LL(1), LR(0) or SLR(1)?Dec 13 2011 10:03PM
1823-1SVN file locked by me, now cannot commit itDec 12 2011 6:45AM
7729-1Python scipy needs BLAS?Dec 12 2011 4:58AM
1627-1‘php.exe’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch fileDec 11 2011 1:36PM
1424-1Extracting .jar file with command lineDec 10 2011 1:13AM
527-2Execute a PHP script from another PHP scriptDec 9 2011 7:32PM
1124-2What’s the difference between GLKView and EAGLView?Dec 8 2011 9:45PM
5639-1What is the difference between a .xib file and a .storyboard?Dec 8 2011 7:33PM
2983-1Show Current Location and Nearby Places and Route between two places using Google Maps API in AndroidDec 8 2011 8:53AM
5553-1MOJO (maven) what is it? stands for what?Dec 7 2011 6:34PM
1539-1Awful background image quality in AndroidDec 7 2011 3:19PM
420-2How to create log file of my web site in php?Dec 6 2011 1:14PM
420-1OpenGL Game Template found in xcode 4.2 (What is going on in this code?!!)Dec 6 2011 3:08AM
1458-2Objective-C callback handlerDec 5 2011 11:17PM
2228-1Storing data into list with classDec 5 2011 9:11PM
2247-2Storing data into list with classDec 5 2011 9:09PM
2227-1Storing data into list with classDec 5 2011 9:09PM
620-1Default key for Python builtin max/min functionsDec 5 2011 2:10AM
2036-2How to use random forests in R with missing values?Dec 4 2011 2:10AM
1528-1Convert unsigned char array to NSData and backDec 2 2011 10:29AM
4751-2How good is Kivy for android?Dec 2 2011 8:18AM
720-1Python 2.7 argparseDec 2 2011 4:25AM
629-3Set content of iframeNov 30 2011 6:36AM
3163-1how to get maximum value from the List/ArrayListNov 29 2011 1:38AM
1220-4What does “return this” do within a javascript function?Nov 28 2011 7:02PM
422-2Python: Generate random number between x and y which is a multiple of 5Nov 27 2011 5:02PM
324-2Parse html table using file_get_contents to php arrayNov 27 2011 4:53PM
2421-1How to downgrade Android ADT?Nov 25 2011 6:16PM
106261-1Python remove all whitespace in a stringNov 25 2011 1:56PM
10675-1Python remove all whitespace in a stringNov 25 2011 1:54PM
1745-1How to determine if a String has non-alphanumeric characters?Nov 23 2011 8:00PM
223-1done button only for numberpad keyboardNov 23 2011 4:58PM
1422-1Format of the initialization string does not conform to specification starting at index 0Nov 23 2011 1:54PM
1041-1Why not provide an operator ? : in scalaNov 23 2011 6:48AM
1428-1Difference between Select and Where in Entity FrameworkNov 22 2011 4:37PM
329-4Regular Expression to get all characters before “-” Nov 22 2011 9:59AM
1331-1where to start for game development? UIKit vs Core Animation vs QuartzCore vs OpenGL vs cocos2DNov 21 2011 9:22PM
1322-1How to increment a pointer address and pointer’s value?Nov 21 2011 6:34AM
1951-1What is use of UIHint attribute in MVCNov 19 2011 8:45PM
934-5C++ warning C4018: ‘<’ : signed/unsigned mismatchNov 18 2011 8:07PM
1943-1Box shadow in IE7 and IE8Nov 18 2011 1:53PM
196183-1How to convert a char to a string in Java?Nov 17 2011 6:38PM
5342-3How to make a whole ‘div’ clickable in html and css without javascript?Nov 17 2011 12:34AM
1421-1difference between memory stream and filestreamNov 16 2011 6:45PM
1935-1How to programmatically empty browser cache?Nov 16 2011 4:29PM
2120-2Which data type for latitude and longitude?Nov 16 2011 11:29AM
2042-1How to read appSettings section in the web.config file?Nov 16 2011 6:01AM
5187-1How to revert Master branch to upstreamNov 15 2011 10:39AM
1020-1Getting memory information with QtNov 14 2011 2:32PM
2562-1Install multiple version of node.js using NVM (Ubuntu)Nov 13 2011 6:49PM
2135-1delete all record from table in mysqlNov 11 2011 7:59AM
1534-1how to remove the bold from a headline?Nov 10 2011 11:54AM
1248-1EditText request focusNov 10 2011 10:09AM
628-2iPhone custom camera overlay (plus image processing) : how-toNov 10 2011 12:29AM
820-1How replace HTML <br> with newline character “\n”Nov 9 2011 8:55AM
122-1GL_TRIANGLE FAN ExplanationNov 7 2011 11:41PM
1942-1Tar archiving that takes input from a list of filesNov 7 2011 7:48AM
4332-1What does the PHP error message “Notice: Use of undefined constant” mean?Nov 6 2011 5:59AM
828-2Plotting data from an svm fit - hyperplaneNov 5 2011 3:37PM
75218-1How to read large file, line by line in pythonNov 4 2011 1:46PM
102165-1CSS \9 in width propertyNov 4 2011 4:44AM
1737-1Dynamically create and submit formNov 3 2011 11:23PM
1729-1Dynamically create and submit formNov 3 2011 11:22PM
1725-1Is Jpeg lossless when quality is set to 100?Nov 2 2011 2:58PM
1433-1When to use HashMap over LinkedList or ArrayList and vice-versaNov 2 2011 5:03AM
925-1Removing a Marker in Google Maps API v3Nov 1 2011 7:25AM
1830-1Math.random() explainedNov 1 2011 2:29AM
936-1How can I change the font size of my UITableView cell title?Oct 31 2011 5:38PM
3529-1How to use VLC live streams with HTML5 video?Oct 31 2011 2:46PM
2729-1Why am I getting the following error when running Google App from eclipse?Oct 29 2011 8:00AM
3578-1How do you tweak “-webkit-” prefixed CSS properties in jQuery?Oct 28 2011 11:16PM
4577-1How to redirect stderr and stdout to different files in the same line of bash?Oct 26 2011 10:38AM
741-1Convert associative array into indexedOct 26 2011 2:33AM
303388-1What is Redis and what do I use it for?Oct 25 2011 11:55PM
2424-1Can you host multiple free apps on Heroku on a single account?Oct 25 2011 9:08PM
2931-3What is the difference between Objective-C automatic reference counting and garbage collection?Oct 25 2011 7:36PM
4623-4C# 4.0 Compiler CrashOct 25 2011 7:22PM
720-1Import a custom class in JavaOct 23 2011 8:40PM
103185-2Read file line by lineOct 23 2011 8:34PM
10343-2Read file line by lineOct 23 2011 8:32PM
7078-1Sleep/Pause/Wait in JavascriptOct 21 2011 8:22PM
2127-1how to change the style of alert boxOct 21 2011 5:39PM
1439-1How to convert from string to XElement objectOct 21 2011 9:27AM
1430-1milliseconds to daysOct 19 2011 11:57PM
29108-1In Java, what purpose do the keywords `final`, `finally` and `finalize` fulfil? Oct 18 2011 10:52PM
3484-1Get all child views inside LinearLayout at onceOct 16 2011 1:07PM
2530-1How to go back and forth in visual studio 2010Oct 16 2011 2:38AM
1235-1What needs to be configured for Heroku to handle templates based on CoffeeScript?Oct 14 2011 8:57AM
2742-2Ruby vs Scala - pros and contras of each oneOct 13 2011 11:22AM
1325-1What will a SQLiteCursor do if a column is null?Oct 13 2011 11:21AM
1542-1Enable/Disable a dropdownbox in jqueryOct 9 2011 11:52AM
1323-1How to clear debug tool cache data?Oct 8 2011 6:41AM
3856-1error LNK2038: mismatch detected for ‘_ITERATOR_DEBUG_LEVEL’: value ‘0’ doesn’t match value ‘2’ in main.objOct 5 2011 10:47PM
340-5Python: Use spaces in a function name?Oct 4 2011 5:33PM
536-2Convert String to int array in javaOct 4 2011 10:23AM*
423-1Dropshadow with cssOct 2 2011 4:17PM
1665-3Can a foreign key be NULL and/or duplicate?Sep 27 2011 6:36PM
49174-1Reverse a string in JavaSep 27 2011 12:47PM
4921-1Reverse a string in JavaSep 27 2011 12:47PM
2034-3Disable developer toolsSep 26 2011 11:36PM
1724-1How to center a button within a div?Sep 26 2011 8:23PM
323-2Random number c++ in some rangeSep 26 2011 7:54PM
1934-1What does “wrong number of arguments (1 for 0)” mean in Ruby?Sep 24 2011 5:55PM
629-1Asymetric cryptography example in c#Sep 24 2011 4:13PM
3945-1Rails 3.1 is very slow in development-mode because of assets, what to do?Sep 24 2011 1:03AM
4472-1use of “Instance of” in javaSep 23 2011 9:28AM
1534-1why math.Ceiling (double a) not return int directly?Sep 22 2011 8:12AM
2551-3How does one reorder columns in R?Sep 21 2011 7:42AM
3620-2Array to String PHP?Sep 20 2011 7:16PM
10981-1Static Classes In JavaSep 20 2011 1:39PM
10923-1Static Classes In JavaSep 20 2011 1:35PM
109110-1Static Classes In JavaSep 20 2011 1:35PM
18667-3html input - name vs. idSep 19 2011 11:45AM
186114-2html input - name vs. idSep 19 2011 11:38AM
3332-1Android Maps Point ClusteringSep 16 2011 4:52PM
727-1C# IPAddress from stringSep 13 2011 1:13AM
41144-1Why is the amount of visibility on methods and attributes important?Sep 12 2011 5:29PM
1128-1How do I add a class to the <html> element without jQuery?Sep 12 2011 1:28PM
225-1How to install and use httpbuilder plugin in grailsSep 11 2011 4:47PM
4589-1Undo git reset –hardSep 11 2011 7:44AM
1637-1UIButton TouchUpInside Touch LocationSep 11 2011 1:37AM
1325-1How WebGL works?Sep 10 2011 7:46PM
2053-1Java: How to read and write xml files?Sep 10 2011 6:04PM
2365-1How to Change The Selected Option of HTML Select Element?Sep 10 2011 4:43PM
1641-3Check whether number is even or oddSep 8 2011 1:40AM
1728-1How do I setInterval with CoffeeScript?Sep 7 2011 5:06PM
4379-1Warn user before leaving page with unsaved changesSep 6 2011 8:56AM
4352-1Warn user before leaving page with unsaved changesSep 6 2011 8:55AM
1023-3How to get only letters from a string in C#?Sep 6 2011 7:23AM
1025-2How to get contents of a folder and put into an ArrayListSep 4 2011 8:06PM
1423-1Why does “return list.sort()” return None, not the list?Sep 4 2011 6:00PM
2952-1How to develop a package in R?Sep 4 2011 6:29AM
149317-1Custom dealloc and ARC (Objective-C)Sep 3 2011 8:59AM
920-1Printing all possible subsets of a list Aug 26 2011 2:47PM
1223-1Must declare the scalar variableAug 24 2011 9:01PM
522-2Push notification using Urban AirShip and Rails 3 for iphoneAug 24 2011 8:05AM
1126-1Why is the padding not working on my label elements?Aug 23 2011 11:21PM
2147-1Call php function from javascriptAug 23 2011 6:13PM
43342-2How can I read a file with Ruby?Aug 23 2011 6:46AM*
1228-1Is Zepto.js only to be used for mobile web apps or can it be used for desktop just like jQuery?Aug 20 2011 8:37AM
1530-2Creating your own Header file in CAug 18 2011 3:31PM
823-1multiple firewalls with symfony2Aug 17 2011 8:17AM
3256-2File upload with Activeadmin Rails using paperclipAug 17 2011 7:42AM
1422-1Flask and MongoAug 16 2011 3:59PM
82158-1Window.location.href () and () methods in JavaScriptAug 16 2011 11:55AM
1026-5UIAlertView easy way to tell if cancel button is selectedAug 14 2011 6:42PM
1126-1Difference between Datareader, DataAdapter, Dataset, DataViewAug 14 2011 5:47AM
2751-2Git adding files to repoAug 13 2011 12:47AM
1025-1Usage of interface in GoAug 12 2011 4:12PM
119163-1How to choose the right bean scope?Aug 11 2011 7:50PM
1524-1Unable to instantiate FragmentAug 10 2011 9:14PM
1629-2The following sections have been defined but have not been rendered for the layout pageAug 10 2011 7:08PM
621-1Concatenating two QStrings with an integerAug 10 2011 5:03PM
1234-1Perl - If string contains text?Aug 10 2011 1:35PM
235-2Convert from days to millisecondsAug 8 2011 10:00AM
1229-3Max return value if empty queryAug 6 2011 1:47PM
935-3How to Create a Form Dynamically Via JavascriptAug 6 2011 5:16AM
3751-1What is the difference between MySQL Server and MySQL ClientAug 5 2011 9:42PM
822-1How to display div after click the button in Javascript?Aug 5 2011 1:59PM
727-1What are NP and NP-complete problems?Aug 2 2011 6:03PM
728-1Dynamic programming: Find longest subsequence that is zig zagAug 2 2011 5:00PM
204172-1How to get GET (query string) variables in Node.js?Aug 2 2011 1:30PM
4975-1Git push failed, “Non-fast forward updates were rejected”Aug 1 2011 11:22AM
826-1When is the “var” need in js?Jul 30 2011 6:06AM
621-1Define two methods with same parameter typeJul 28 2011 12:20PM
1123-1What is the purpose of PAD_INDEX in this SQL Server constraint?Jul 28 2011 10:02AM
1121-1Solution for: Store update, insert, or delete statement affected an unexpected number of rows (0)Jul 27 2011 5:37PM
944-1Hash string in c#Jul 27 2011 5:24AM
1524-1how to convert Image to Data URI for Html with C#?Jul 26 2011 7:19AM
1248-1Getting started with Twitter\OAuth2\PythonJul 24 2011 1:53PM
731-1is URL valid or notJul 24 2011 1:19PM
2544-1Rails 3: I want to list all paths defined in my rails applicationJul 23 2011 4:51PM
1338-1RewriteRule Last [L] flag not working?Jul 23 2011 11:50AM
1940-1The type ‘x’ in ‘x.cs’ conflicts with the imported type ‘x’Jul 22 2011 12:52PM
1229-2PHP - check if number is decimalJul 21 2011 7:28AM
1827-1What is the difference between github and gist?Jul 20 2011 7:44PM
1827-1Updating embedded document property in MongodbJul 20 2011 8:44AM
626-2uploaded file type check by PHPJul 19 2011 11:18PM
744-1How to open or launch PDF Files in C#.Net?Jul 19 2011 5:52AM
3867-1How do I make an “else” in an IE HTML conditional?Jul 19 2011 3:55AM
4281-1How to remove the default link color of the html ‘A’ tag?Jul 17 2011 8:21AM
2754-1What is a regular language?Jul 16 2011 3:18PM
1322-1Using ampersands and parens when calling a Perl subJul 15 2011 12:33PM
1420-2Flask and MongoJul 14 2011 10:39PM
1136-1Combine image and text to drawableJul 14 2011 11:54AM
926-4Why make a method volatile in java?Jul 13 2011 4:25AM
938-2Why does `type(myField)` return `<type ‘instance’>` and not `<type ‘Field’>`?Jul 12 2011 3:47PM
58140-1jQuery/Javascript function to clear all the fields of a formJul 11 2011 4:51PM
2443-2Hex-encoded String to Byte ArrayJul 11 2011 1:31PM
3243-1What is so bad about GL_QUADS?Jul 10 2011 10:23PM
3352-4Are the Core Image filters in iOS 5.0 fast enough for realtime video processing?Jul 8 2011 5:36PM
1120-2How to remove warning about storing unencrypted password after commiting file in svnJul 7 2011 2:46PM
1321-1Highchart specific width stack column bar graphJul 6 2011 6:03PM
2455-1How to solve GC_concurrent freed?Jul 6 2011 5:55AM
1434-1How to read numbers from file in Python?Jul 5 2011 1:44PM
737-3PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()Jul 4 2011 1:23PM
3123-2Is there anything like CoffeeScript for PHP?Jul 1 2011 6:49PM
6992-2Inversion of Control vs Dependency InjectionJul 1 2011 5:33PM
107260-2IE7 does not understand display: inline-blockJul 1 2011 7:42AM
829-1How to split csv whose columns may contain ,Jul 1 2011 3:51AM
1234-2How to generate Rijndael KEY and IV using a passphrase?Jun 30 2011 7:11AM
139305-3How to set java_home on Windows 7?Jun 29 2011 1:27PM
1428-2Clear all items from the queue Jun 29 2011 8:53AM
1229-1The way to check a HDFS directory’s size?Jun 28 2011 2:19PM
7745-1How does a HashMap work in Java?Jun 27 2011 1:34PM
834-1Compiler Warning… Implicit conversion from enumeration type ‘UIInterfaceOrientation’ to different enumeration type ‘UIDeviceOrientation’?Jun 27 2011 1:18AM
830-1Save image from url with curl PHPJun 25 2011 6:17AM
93155-1How to check Django versionJun 24 2011 1:30PM
2166-1Adding extra zeros in front of a number using jQuery?Jun 24 2011 9:59AM
1445-3Query string of URL in Django templateJun 23 2011 12:32PM
1420-2Can I use a div inside a list item?Jun 23 2011 5:47AM
56104-1HTTP handler vs HTTP moduleJun 23 2011 4:54AM
1137-1Efficient way to check if std::string has only spacesJun 22 2011 6:51PM
6592-5How to get last 4 character from a string in c#?Jun 20 2011 3:25PM
6561-1How to get last 4 character from a string in c#?Jun 20 2011 3:24PM
931-3Difference between Javascript and PHPJun 16 2011 9:07AM
621-1how to set imageview src?Jun 16 2011 8:39AM
721-4Can you link to a good example of using BackgroundWorker without placing it on a form as a component?Jun 16 2011 12:38AM
831-1get jquery `$(this)` idJun 14 2011 3:43PM
100141-4Why doesn’t C# support the return of references?Jun 14 2011 3:27PM
1853-5Checking whether the string contains only a number valueJun 14 2011 2:20PM
1220-1how can i use localhost while developing facebook graph website?Jun 14 2011 12:39PM
621-1NSString with some html tags, how can I search for <img> tag and get the content of urlJun 10 2011 7:00PM
2027-1List of Java processesJun 8 2011 6:04PM
7295-1Extract numbers from a stringJun 8 2011 11:56AM
1339-1how to use getListView() in Activity?Jun 8 2011 7:55AM
3391-1How to add an object into an arrayJun 6 2011 3:09PM
837-3Draw circle in androidJun 1 2011 11:18AM
920-1How to get System DateTime format?Jun 1 2011 7:56AM
2434-1Do you know any tutorial for mongoDB in nodeJS?May 29 2011 5:50PM
520-1How to Change List View Text colorMay 29 2011 12:07PM
28123-1Formatting a Date in JSPMay 28 2011 3:17PM
4283-1NSDictionary Key For Value/Object?May 25 2011 7:31AM
227-1no implicit conversion from nil to integer - when trying to add anything to arrayMay 25 2011 6:21AM
626-1How to automatically resize the size of text inside a div?May 24 2011 3:30PM
321-1DOs and DONTs for IndexesMay 23 2011 2:38PM
1241-1Display page From Bottom to TopMay 19 2011 8:51AM
1632-1generating histogram from fileMay 18 2011 12:26PM
620-1How to replace comma (,) with a dot (.) using javaMay 18 2011 11:38AM
948-1Fibonacci’s Closed-form expression in HaskellMay 17 2011 10:31PM
927-1Why ruby 1.9 is faster than python 2.7 and 3.2?May 13 2011 11:16AM
1220-1Android: how to get value of “listPreferredItemHeight” attribute in code?May 12 2011 6:16PM
1775-1UITableView cell background colorMay 7 2011 1:37PM
620-1Function to add dashes to US phone number in PHPMay 3 2011 3:53PM
1422-2LLVM, Parrot, JVM, PyPy + pythonMay 2 2011 10:11PM
626-1Levenshtein Distance: Inferring the edit operations from the matrixMay 2 2011 6:57PM
2147-1Find the division remainder of a numberMay 1 2011 11:49AM
1936-1C# Array.Contains () compilation errorApr 29 2011 11:22PM
4558-1Default login passwordApr 28 2011 12:11PM
1670-2Java Regex HelperApr 24 2011 3:11PM
524-1Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write contextApr 18 2011 1:19PM
1135-2python mysql insert dataApr 16 2011 4:21PM
2346-1CSS: min-height and vertical-align:middleApr 15 2011 11:03AM
1427-3Error installing gemsApr 15 2011 7:56AM
1047-1Insert space before capital lettersApr 7 2011 2:04PM
723-1Whats the CSS to make something go to the next line in the page?Apr 3 2011 7:41AM
1462-1How to split a string by a string in ScalaApr 2 2011 4:19PM
2629-1Difference between plugins and Ruby gems?Apr 2 2011 4:50AM
633-1Python error: TypeError: ‘module’ object is not callable for HeadFirst Python codeApr 1 2011 2:14PM
3589-2Go to first line in a file in vim?Mar 31 2011 11:00PM
926-2Warning: mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given inMar 29 2011 2:25PM
1028-1javascript shorten string without cutting wordsMar 28 2011 3:19AM
1669-1What are access specifiers? Should I inherit with private, protected or public?Mar 27 2011 8:18AM
2241-1Homebrew is generating two warningsMar 26 2011 2:49AM
2058-1SQL query for today’s date minus two monthsMar 24 2011 9:20PM
822-1MessageBox Buttons?Mar 24 2011 3:11AM
2031-1Python unittest.TestCase execution orderMar 22 2011 7:18AM
2350-1Difference between Label and TextBlock - WPFMar 22 2011 4:38AM
3753-1Android games development SDK?Mar 19 2011 8:29AM
120-1Can This Code Compile?Mar 18 2011 10:35PM
526-1Java reading a file into an arraylist?Mar 17 2011 6:45PM
1830-1Visual Studio isn’t tracking changes, or checking out files from source control as I edit themMar 14 2011 4:18AM
4924-1Is an anchor tag without the href attribute safe?Mar 13 2011 9:11PM
5966-1What is Facade Design Pattern?Mar 9 2011 7:09AM
1823-1Lisp and Prolog for Artificial Intelligence?Mar 8 2011 2:38PM
2136-4Max length of mediumtext?Mar 8 2011 2:46AM
6797-1How to see indexes for a database or table?Mar 6 2011 8:59PM
2540-1Changing element style attribute dynamically using JavaScriptMar 4 2011 8:55AM
15221-1How to get the current date/time in javaMar 3 2011 1:52AM
1537-2For Loop in Objective CFeb 28 2011 10:02AM
222-1Saving file using SaveFileDialogFeb 27 2011 10:06PM
1330-1How to write simple cout in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010?Feb 27 2011 12:59AM
1036-1How to split a C program into multiple files?Feb 26 2011 5:58PM
1953-1For loop example in MySQLFeb 26 2011 11:36AM
1225-1jQuery CamelCaseFeb 23 2011 2:47AM
1230-1jQuery CamelCaseFeb 23 2011 2:36AM
2748-2Warning: DOMDocument::loadHTML(): htmlParseEntityRef: expecting ‘;’ in Entity,Feb 23 2011 1:24AM
1228-1redirect to login page if user not logged inFeb 20 2011 10:50AM mvc dataannotation validating urlFeb 16 2011 11:05PM
520-1C# Change A Button’s Background ColorFeb 14 2011 10:32AM
930-2How to check if an entered value is currencyFeb 13 2011 10:27AM
620-1How to properly free a std::string from memoryFeb 12 2011 6:09PM
2641-1how to run all the tests with minitest?Feb 11 2011 7:39AM
11361-1Test iOS app on device without apple developer program or jailbreakFeb 10 2011 4:33AM
235-1Swapping rows and columnsFeb 9 2011 2:05AM
839-1Query to toggle boolean value in MySQLFeb 6 2011 11:22AM
2841-2How do I track down the cause of a StackOverflowException in .NET?Feb 3 2011 9:03PM
1738-1Is ++i really faster than i++ in for-loops in java?Jan 28 2011 6:31PM
4021-1How do I create and read a value from cookie?Jan 28 2011 6:59AM
1736-1How to create dropdown list dynamically using jQuery?Jan 27 2011 9:28AM
3653-1Convert NSString to NSInteger?Jan 25 2011 9:48AM
2061-1Code to measure EXACT execution time inside code on iPad or Phone?Jan 23 2011 12:11PM
121-1how to know if a $string ends with ‘,’?Jan 21 2011 11:25PM
125310-3How do I redirect with Javascript?Jan 20 2011 9:52AM
5867-2Which “if” construct is faster - statement or ternary operator?Jan 16 2011 5:02PM
71126-1How do I compare two files using Eclipse? Is there any option provided by Eclipse?Jan 7 2011 8:08AM
7125-1How do I compare two files using Eclipse? Is there any option provided by Eclipse?Jan 7 2011 8:00AM
8598-1GitHub - Download single filesJan 5 2011 2:20PM
421-1INSTALL_FAILED_MISSING_SHARED_LIBRARY an android emulator proplemJan 4 2011 9:29AM
1530-1Static Keyword in ANSI-CJan 2 2011 1:16AM
1472-1Objective C - calculating the number of days between two datesJan 2 2011 12:50AM
623-1How do I resolve a strpos() “empty delimiter” error?Dec 31 2010 4:16AM
4369-1What is the meaning of @_ in Perl?Dec 30 2010 2:47PM
222-1How to prevent user from downloading or saving an image?Dec 22 2010 4:23AM
929-1The constructor Intent(new View.OnClickListener(){}, Class<DrinksTwitter>) is undefinedDec 20 2010 8:36AM
1625-2Is Go subject to the same subtle memory-leaks that Java is?Dec 9 2010 5:33PM
5920-1Force SSL/https using .htaccess and mod_rewriteDec 9 2010 4:04PM
59117-1Force SSL/https using .htaccess and mod_rewriteDec 9 2010 2:16PM
724-1Unpublish iPhone app from storeDec 8 2010 11:01PM
2760-1How do I update the element at a certain position in an ArrayList?Dec 4 2010 9:41AM
2049-1how to open a url in pythonNov 29 2010 8:37AM
1022-1Android drawing a line to follow your fingerNov 29 2010 4:29AM
625-1Comparator with double typeNov 22 2010 8:58AM
328-1V8 engine compiles JavaScript to machine code. So, why node.js isn’t faster than C?Nov 18 2010 11:03PM
216519-1Java string to date conversionNov 18 2010 3:55PM
521-3JQGrid - MultiselectNov 15 2010 4:59PM
2447-1How to merge many PDF files into a single one?Nov 15 2010 12:20PM
2221-2API to access restaurant menu dataNov 14 2010 8:25PM
1244-1Please change the value of ‘Security.salt’ in app/config/core.php to a salt value specific to your application [CORE\cake\libs\debugger.php, line 684]Nov 12 2010 10:44AM
523-1Can you recommend some IDE experts?Nov 10 2010 4:36PM
1527-1URLConnection FileNotFoundException for non-standard HTTP port sourcesNov 9 2010 6:07PM
4687-2what is C# 5 and where does it come from?Nov 9 2010 3:19PM
532-1C programming sqrt functionNov 8 2010 1:11AM
2121-5How to generate an array with random values, without using a loop?Nov 4 2010 4:08AM
2126-4How to generate an array with random values, without using a loop?Nov 4 2010 1:34AM
2135-2How to generate an array with random values, without using a loop?Nov 3 2010 11:56PM
1733-1Group by   count function in sqlalchemyNov 3 2010 10:44AM
3871-2change event of html hidden fieldNov 1 2010 9:50AM
3649-1how to get DOS path instead of Windows pathOct 29 2010 11:02AM
35103-1Difference between read commit and repeatable readOct 27 2010 5:44PM
822-1How to create a dynamic array of integersOct 27 2010 4:06AM
1427-1best way to switch on a string in COct 25 2010 1:18PM
1731-2Python Colon(:) in list indexOct 25 2010 6:53AM
2020-1Is there a virt-manager alternative for Mac OS X?Oct 23 2010 9:14PM
183254-1not None test in PythonOct 19 2010 3:24AM
2725-1Warning: DOMDocument::loadHTML(): htmlParseEntityRef: expecting ‘;’ in Entity,Oct 16 2010 5:28AM
3983-1Does python urllib2 automatically uncompress gzip data fetched from webpage?Oct 16 2010 1:21AM
2349-4Java: get specific ArrayList itemOct 13 2010 2:28PM
4756-1Matrix and array multiplication in numpyOct 8 2010 4:49PM
1228-1How to compare two DateTime to seconds?Sep 28 2010 7:07PM
922-1Delete all the content from fileSep 28 2010 6:47PM
828-1How can I draw a vertical line in an Activity when a button is pressed?Sep 28 2010 10:48AM
726-2Difference between try-catch and throw in javaSep 25 2010 6:11PM
2931-1How do I remove leading whitespace chars from Ruby HEREDOC?Sep 22 2010 7:30PM
228-1How actually does this if statement workSep 19 2010 9:25PM
825-2looping phpmailerSep 16 2010 3:35PM
76143-1How to know that a string starts/ends with a specific string in jQuery?Sep 15 2010 6:57AM
7636-1How to know that a string starts/ends with a specific string in jQuery?Sep 15 2010 6:57AM
1320-1Invoke C# code from JavaScript in a Document in a WebBrowserSep 12 2010 7:23AM
2768-2JavaScript - run once without booleansSep 9 2010 4:43PM
2525-1Invalid URI: The format of the URI could not be determinedSep 9 2010 8:46AM
723-1What are RESTful web services?Sep 3 2010 1:58PM
2352-1Find the 2nd largest element in an array with minimum # of comparisomSep 2 2010 3:47PM
1539-1trim “px” off the end of Jquery varSep 2 2010 8:08AM
1726-2How do I install boto?Aug 30 2010 6:08PM
1632-1How can I declare dynamic String array in JavaAug 30 2010 3:00PM
5079-1C# equivalent to Java’s charAt()?Aug 27 2010 6:10AM
61105-1What is Ruby equivalent of Python’s `s= “hello, %s. Where is %s?” % (“John”,”Mary”)`Aug 24 2010 7:39AM
1126-3batch file loopAug 22 2010 12:10PM
33743-2What are the pros and cons of XML and JSON?Aug 21 2010 8:12AM
628-1Modal View with Navigation ControllerAug 13 2010 8:04PM
3542-1What is the purpose of Order By 1 in SQL select statement?Aug 10 2010 12:17AM
6732-1Getting new Twitter API consumer and secret keysAug 7 2010 3:00PM
332-1Why is it not possible to create a practical Perl to Python source code converter?Aug 3 2010 7:47PM
2726-2How can I implement prepend and append with regular JavaScript?Aug 2 2010 8:48PM
2754-2How can I implement prepend and append with regular JavaScript?Aug 2 2010 8:47PM
1220-1strlen() functionAug 2 2010 1:17PM
2822-1Java: Why does MaxPermSize exist?Jul 28 2010 6:20PM
1720-1Why do event handlers always have a return type of void?Jul 24 2010 2:15PM
1842-1How can I align all elements to the left in JPanel?Jul 23 2010 7:11AM
2328-1how to send a post request with a web browserJul 22 2010 9:26AM
629-1how to loop through httprequest post variables in pythonJul 21 2010 8:11PM
2444-1Cast to int vs floorJul 21 2010 2:39PM
3124-1Cygwin make error : *** target pattern contains no `%’Jul 16 2010 11:31PM
935-1Need for Hibernate in the legacy worldJul 16 2010 11:14PM
1222-1How do I suppress “unused in wild import” warning in pydev?Jul 16 2010 3:36AM
961-2Using LINQ to find item in a List but get “Value cannot be null. Parameter name: source”Jul 14 2010 8:14AM
620-4RegExp to strip HTML commentsJul 13 2010 9:26AM
117251-2Why doesn’t JavaScript have a last method?Jul 13 2010 7:41AM
2134-1How to start a foreach loop at a specific index in PHPJul 12 2010 4:00PM
15747-1Rename a file in C#Jul 10 2010 11:08AM
157262-1Rename a file in C#Jul 10 2010 11:08AM
511257-1How to list all files of a directory in PythonJul 9 2010 6:13PM
4959-1Renaming files in a folder to sequential numbersJul 9 2010 10:18AM
2145-2C warning Missing sentinel in function callJul 9 2010 7:22AM
585-1>!= PHP operator, how to write not equal to or greater than?Jul 8 2010 4:05PM
2026-2Will ConfigurationManager.AppSettings[“blah”] throw an exception if “blah” doesn’t exist?Jul 6 2010 2:46PM
720-1php json_encode returning nullJul 5 2010 4:04PM
433-1How to Append same text in every cell in MS ExcelJul 5 2010 1:20PM
2024-1Do  = and |= short-circuit in Java?Jun 30 2010 6:26PM
2122-1How to set image on QPushButton?Jun 30 2010 5:39AM
2827-2What are the definitions for LPARAM and WPARAM?Jun 30 2010 5:30AM
3565-1How to open the options menu programmatically?Jun 28 2010 2:57PM
2323-1Stop User from using “Print Scrn” / “Printscreen” key of the Keyboard for any Web PageJun 28 2010 1:08PM
34103-1close fancy box from function from within open ‘fancybox’Jun 25 2010 2:21PM
1323-2How do I do multiple lines of Ruby in html.erb fileJun 23 2010 8:44AM
1431-1Function declaration: K R vs ANSIJun 22 2010 10:04AM
1426-1Do Perl loop labels count as a GOTO?Jun 21 2010 2:07PM
421-1Special simple random number generatorJun 17 2010 2:52PM
1924-1java protected method accessibilityJun 17 2010 5:59AM
1932-1SQLAlchemy DetachedInstanceError with regular attribute (not a relation)Jun 14 2010 7:14PM
4727-1One-way flight trip problemJun 7 2010 6:17PM
1522-1How to work with “FIFO” in C# .NET?Jun 3 2010 1:20PM
12621-1Difference between jQuery `click`, `bind`, `live`, `delegate`, `trigger` and `on` functions (with an example)?Jun 2 2010 4:17AM
126145-1Difference between jQuery `click`, `bind`, `live`, `delegate`, `trigger` and `on` functions (with an example)?Jun 2 2010 4:09AM
2871-1How to check a string against null in java?May 27 2010 2:21PM
64128-1How to check if a stored procedure exists before creating itMay 21 2010 9:23PM
1526-1How do MySQL views work?May 20 2010 10:22PM
69170-1Get checkbox value in jQueryMay 14 2010 1:10PM
2022-1Who are Alice and Bob?May 10 2010 6:09PM
822-1An unhandled exception of type ‘System.StackOverflowException’ occurred in mscorlib.dllMay 6 2010 6:41PM
5785-1Detailed 500 error message, ASP + IIS 7.5May 4 2010 1:43PM
1323-3How and what benefit can I take by including Sizzle.js along with jquery1.4.2?May 4 2010 7:32AM
3775-1Increment a database field by 1May 4 2010 4:41AM
1358-1converting numbers in to words C#Apr 28 2010 2:34PM
1050-1Why do I get this unexpected result using atoi() in C?Apr 28 2010 12:52PM
1238-1anonymous type and multiple propertiesApr 28 2010 8:52AM
321483-1How to generate random int number?Apr 24 2010 11:19PM
3935-1C#: Abstract classes need to implement interfaces?Apr 24 2010 4:17PM
165-1Loading a dll from a dll?Apr 21 2010 7:40PM*
1459-2Enforce unique upload file names using django?Apr 20 2010 6:00PM
1835-1How can I read a function’s signature?Apr 20 2010 5:29PM
4255-1Git: copy all files in a directory from another branchApr 19 2010 4:04PM
1124-1LINQ vs Lambda vs Anonymous Methods vs DelegatesApr 16 2010 10:56AM
1641-1Get all parameters from JSP pageApr 7 2010 7:26PM
2028-1Easiest way to retrieve cross-browser XmlHttpRequestMar 31 2010 11:50PM
3237-1How to export data with Oracle SQL Developer?Mar 31 2010 8:06PM
521-1How to check if all values in array are identical?Mar 31 2010 3:59PM
1422-1What’s the prefix for binary in PHP?Mar 24 2010 11:32AM
6047-4How do I convert an object to an array?Mar 19 2010 12:23PM
60162-3How do I convert an object to an array?Mar 19 2010 11:54AM
337-5How does [self.tableView reloadData] know what data to reload?Mar 14 2010 5:23PM
2642-2Reverse each individual word of “Hello World” string with JavaMar 14 2010 1:03PM
2687-1Reverse each individual word of “Hello World” string with JavaMar 14 2010 7:43AM
1541-1Use of exit() functionMar 11 2010 1:29PM
1421-3Why was Cassandra written in Java?Feb 26 2010 1:32PM
1434-3Why was Cassandra written in Java?Feb 26 2010 1:31PM
1466-1Why was Cassandra written in Java?Feb 26 2010 1:29PM
6533-1What is the non-jQuery equivalent of ‘$(document).ready()’?Feb 21 2010 6:01AM
1432-1Convert month string to integer in javaFeb 15 2010 9:28PM
124-2Is there any good reason to continue writing VBA + Access Forms applications?Feb 12 2010 6:23PM
2337-1Django: “TypeError: [] is not JSON serializable” Why?Feb 11 2010 10:05AM
1420-2C# float infinite loopFeb 8 2010 8:22PM
87126-1Why is textarea filled with mysterious white spaces?Feb 4 2010 8:37PM
2035-1How to create a new datebase(named xx.db) using python and sqlite3Feb 3 2010 3:16AM
1927-1What is /bin/trueFeb 1 2010 8:24AM
1421-1C# - Import reg file to the registry without user confirmation boxJan 31 2010 11:18AM
3633-1How to return XML in 29 2010 4:37PM
3525-1How does one create an enthusiastic development team?Jan 28 2010 9:33PM
721-2what is the meaning of ‘==’ C?Jan 28 2010 1:16PM
923-1What does << mean in java?Jan 25 2010 10:04AM
3054-1Params IEnumerable<T> c#Jan 24 2010 9:06PM
3721-1How do I set the size of an HTML text box?Jan 24 2010 1:34AM
620-3How to obfuscate Java code quickly?Jan 23 2010 6:28PM
4068-1How to synchronize a static variable among threads running different instances of a class in java?Jan 22 2010 8:50PM
1128-1C pointer arithmeticJan 22 2010 1:37PM
3451-1Unzipping filesJan 19 2010 9:38PM
80184-1what happens when you type in a URL in browserJan 19 2010 10:01AM
3227-1Is there a good tutorial for implementing an augmented reality iPhone application?Jan 18 2010 7:11AM
625-1What is best couple for developing small and fast GUI application with some graphical editor features - C++ and (VB or Win32)?Jan 16 2010 12:38AM
6430-1How to check if a stored procedure exists before creating itJan 15 2010 2:22PM
321-1while (var != var)Jan 15 2010 12:29PM
925-1C++ method only visible when object cast to base class?Jan 14 2010 10:45PM
926-1Getting around same origin policy in javascript without server side scriptsJan 14 2010 8:09PM
1825-2Top techniques to avoid ‘data scraping’ from a website databaseJan 14 2010 7:06PM
1836-2Top techniques to avoid ‘data scraping’ from a website databaseJan 14 2010 7:06PM
33177-1Display numbers from 1 to 100 without loops or conditionsJan 11 2010 7:14PM
33119-1Display numbers from 1 to 100 without loops or conditionsJan 11 2010 7:10PM
1626-1C# and arrays of anonymous objectsJan 9 2010 9:31PM
1622-1C# and arrays of anonymous objectsJan 9 2010 9:27PM
78247-1Reading ePub formatJan 9 2010 6:28PM
2420-1How to find pythagorean triplets in an array faster than O(N^2)?Jan 9 2010 8:05AM
5756-2how to remove css property using javascript?Jan 8 2010 2:01PM
121-1How to set set a border for an HTML div tagJan 7 2010 1:18PM
108117-2What is memoization and how can I use it in Python?Jan 1 2010 3:05PM
43446-1How do I grep recursively?Jan 1 2010 5:14AM
1424-4Display progress bar while doing some work in C#?Dec 30 2009 2:31AM
920-1How does this class implement the “__iter__” method without implementing “next”?Dec 25 2009 2:47AM
856-3Is it true that I can’t use curly braces in Python?Dec 20 2009 4:07PM
8138-2Is it true that I can’t use curly braces in Python?Dec 20 2009 4:04PM
932-1How to crawl billions of pages?Dec 20 2009 10:06AM
721-1Can longitude and latitude change?Dec 16 2009 4:50PM
1523-3$date + 1 year?Dec 15 2009 9:09AM
1425-1Best ecommerce cmsDec 14 2009 1:27PM
44725-1How to style a <select> dropdown with CSS only without JavaScript?Dec 13 2009 3:43AM
3137-1How can I obfuscate my Perl script to make it difficult to reverse engineer?Dec 11 2009 7:29PM
5836-1How to select records from last 24 hours using SQL?Dec 11 2009 2:54PM
220-1Why does this linux shell command halt the system?Dec 10 2009 8:06AM
521-1Game Development   Artificial Intelligence With PHPDec 8 2009 11:02AM
2525-1What’s the point of having pointers in Go?Dec 7 2009 11:05PM
40154-1How to change string into QString?Nov 29 2009 12:07AM
737-2Number of days in any monthNov 27 2009 11:32PM
729-2Number of days in any monthNov 27 2009 11:29PM
1951-1How to print 1 to 100 without any looping using C#Nov 27 2009 6:11PM
524-1Which Linux software do you recommend for C++ programming?Nov 26 2009 12:17AM
1035-2What is Delegate and Delegate MethodsNov 24 2009 8:55PM
1320-1replacing Matlab with pythonNov 21 2009 6:55PM
55149-1How can we store into an NSDictionary? What is the difference between NSDictionary and NSMutableDictionary?Nov 19 2009 1:40AM
5529-1How can we store into an NSDictionary? What is the difference between NSDictionary and NSMutableDictionary?Nov 19 2009 1:39AM
13722-2Is there an IDE for Go?Nov 15 2009 10:27AM
52129-1Remove excess whitespace from within a stringNov 9 2009 8:05PM
521-2How can I concatenate two arrays in C?Nov 8 2009 11:47AM
920-1Can you explain the following C/C++ statement?Nov 6 2009 12:55PM
1624-1what is difference between Superscaling and pipelining?Nov 1 2009 7:42AM
12554-3Does Python have an ordered set?Oct 31 2009 10:17AM
621-1Regular expressions in stored proceduresOct 30 2009 2:13PM
230-1Problem getting generic extension method to work correctlyOct 29 2009 8:24PM
223-1Does .Net have any built in constants for common numbers like million, billion etc?Oct 29 2009 3:22PM
840-4How can I store and retrieve images from a MySQL database using PHP?Oct 28 2009 4:22PM
820-1What is Alef Hamza?Oct 27 2009 2:14PM
4030-1How to write Rest in PHPOct 27 2009 3:52AM
23755-1How to append text to an existing file in JavaOct 26 2009 2:48PM
237229-2How to append text to an existing file in JavaOct 26 2009 2:47PM
531-1What’s the most elegant way to bubble-sort in C#?Oct 20 2009 3:07PM
1421-1Where are constant variables stored in C?Oct 16 2009 6:51AM
348-3My application crashes with a FileNotFoundException, and I don’t understand whyOct 14 2009 12:20AM*
22107-1Is delete[] equal to delete?Oct 12 2009 8:41AM
328-2What does 128-bit OS mean to a software developer?Oct 10 2009 8:02AM
339-1I’m being attacked - what can I do?Oct 7 2009 9:11AM
827-1Why we need Properties in C#Oct 6 2009 4:08AM
3288-1What are “Groovy” and “Grails” and what kinds of applications are built using them?Oct 4 2009 11:18PM
1427-1Getting the screen resolution using PHPOct 1 2009 3:08PM
1745-1How can I calculate/find the week-number of a given date?Sep 30 2009 11:43AM
747-1How can I convert ticks to a date format?Sep 28 2009 8:46PM
1028-1How do you save an integer to NSUserDefaults?Sep 26 2009 8:27PM
532-1How can I slice an ArrayList out of an ArrayList in Java?Sep 26 2009 12:34PM
1823-1How can I create a binary file in Perl?Sep 23 2009 6:12AM
328-3Singleton Pattern in .Net is not possible?Sep 22 2009 3:51PM*
2855-1Solution for JSLint errorsSep 20 2009 10:49AM
294305-1How do I use NSTimer?Sep 19 2009 5:58PM
294545-1How do I use NSTimer?Sep 19 2009 5:58PM
1852-2How to understand complicated function declarations?Sep 19 2009 4:28PM
64128-2How do you add NERDTree to your vimrc?Sep 19 2009 2:24PM
328-1double free problemSep 17 2009 2:30PM
143152-1How do I replace a character at a particular index in JavaScript?Sep 16 2009 5:29AM
14331-1How do I replace a character at a particular index in JavaScript?Sep 16 2009 5:28AM
527-1What happens when I compile?Sep 14 2009 1:12AM
1128-1J2ME VS Android VS iPhone VS Symbian VS Windows CESep 12 2009 6:32AM
1124-2linux shell script: split string, put them in an array then loop through themSep 10 2009 7:02PM
3960-1How can I make a multipart/form-data POST request using Java?Sep 4 2009 12:43PM
333793-1How do I create a basic UIButton programmatically?Sep 4 2009 11:51AM
33324-1How do I create a basic UIButton programmatically?Sep 4 2009 11:48AM
2771-1C++ Vector of Pointers to ObjectsSep 1 2009 8:24AM
4927-3Convert a positive number to negative in C#Aug 28 2009 8:59PM
3984-1Difference between NSArray and NSMutableArrayAug 28 2009 5:51AM
1022-2Facebook wall’s database structureAug 20 2009 11:03PM
8894-1Way to get number of digits in an int?Aug 20 2009 3:04PM
5969-1How to debug Javascript with IE 8Aug 20 2009 1:41PM
2326-2Counting null and non-null values in a single queryAug 13 2009 1:06PM
921-1string to integer in xsltAug 13 2009 6:01AM
12451-1How to get the filename without the extension from a path in Python?Aug 4 2009 4:44PM
1727-2Examples of Hash-Collisions?Aug 3 2009 7:52PM
1844-1We have to use C “for performance reasons”Aug 3 2009 6:04PM
727-1How might I remove duplicate lines from a file?Jul 31 2009 10:46PM
824-1When should I use the syntax “(function() {…})();”?Jul 31 2009 1:17PM
1226-1Hide a C# program from the task manager?Jul 31 2009 12:40PM
3946-1Difference between .dll and .exe?Jul 31 2009 6:09AM
4836-1smart way to shorten long strings with javascriptJul 29 2009 12:38PM
924-2Common programming mistakes for ColdFusion programmer to avoid?Jul 27 2009 11:17PM
559-4How do you build a web based email client using PHP?Jul 27 2009 9:27PM*
2421-1Writing Exceptions to the Windows Log FileJul 26 2009 9:02AM
5934-2Controlling mouse with PythonJul 25 2009 7:57AM
59114-2Controlling mouse with PythonJul 25 2009 7:57AM
1824-1CouchDB: map-reduce in ErlangJul 23 2009 9:26PM
624-1require_once () or die() not workingJul 22 2009 8:01AM
649-1How can I translate a shell script to Perl?Jul 20 2009 3:50PM
3547-1‘System.OutOfMemoryException’ was thrown when there is still plenty of memory freeJul 20 2009 1:58PM
1727-1Spring / Hibernate / JUnit - No Hibernate Session bound to ThreadJul 18 2009 12:07PM
87119-1Selecting data from two different servers in SQL ServerJul 17 2009 3:38PM
2644-1How to quit a C++ program?Jul 12 2009 5:40PM
5255-2Multiple Firefox Versions on Same PCJul 10 2009 8:56PM
2923-3What is a stack overflow?Jul 10 2009 3:19PM
1122-2What does this little bit of x86 doing with cr3?Jul 7 2009 3:37AM
3029-1How do I divide in the Linux console?Jul 6 2009 5:12PM
7562-1Are nested span tags OK in XHTML?Jul 3 2009 7:38AM
1040-1Translating Perl to PythonJul 1 2009 3:25AM
185209-5What is lexical scope?Jun 26 2009 5:26AM
2121-2How do get clean URLs like Stackoverflow?Jun 23 2009 9:11PM
1840-1Why doesn’t form nested in p validate as XHTMLJun 20 2009 5:18PM
4567-1Clear the cache in JavaScriptJun 18 2009 9:05AM
20952-1How do I move the turtle in LOGO?Jun 16 2009 8:43PM
6656-2Why is jQuery so widely adopted versus other Javascript frameworks?Jun 13 2009 6:09AM
3158-2How to use wikipedia api if it exists?Jun 8 2009 12:07PM
6831-1Disable browser’s back buttonJun 7 2009 5:19AM
59118-1UIButton title alignment and multiline supportJun 5 2009 9:36AM
1325-1What is Functional Decomposition?Jun 3 2009 11:51PM
9725-1How do I find the stack trace in Visual Studio?Jun 3 2009 2:47PM
4632-1File Upload to HTTP server in iphone programmingJun 2 2009 5:35AM
4660-2File Upload to HTTP server in iphone programmingJun 2 2009 12:44AM
229422-1Eclipse problem - doesn’t highlight references anymoreMay 28 2009 7:42AM
1823-1What is faster (x < 0) or (x == -1)?May 26 2009 7:29PM
1523-1How to turn hexadecimal into decimal using brain?May 26 2009 12:08PM
1341-4Getting title of UIButton in event handlerMay 24 2009 10:01PM
3120-1Does Git publicly expose my e-mail address?May 22 2009 12:29PM
522-1What is the best way to make a simple cross platform GUI in C++?May 22 2009 10:30AM
2734-1How expensive are exceptions in C#?May 21 2009 3:03AM
1126-1Getting to an application architect levelMay 19 2009 5:12PM
3380-1Parse String to Date with Different Format in JavaMay 19 2009 12:31PM
5464-1How to ignore deprecation warnings in PythonMay 18 2009 7:01PM
125-1Will 30 GOTO 10 always go to 10?May 14 2009 9:35PM
2330-1How can I get a process handle by its name in C++?May 14 2009 7:26PM
2222-1Where can I find a syntax highlighting library for Java?May 14 2009 5:39PM
266174-1How to make a new List in JavaMay 13 2009 3:18PM
26624-1How to make a new List in JavaMay 13 2009 3:17PM
1437-1Mixing Qt with STL and Boost - are there any bridges to make it easy?May 13 2009 8:41AM
9441-2Runtime vs Compile timeMay 10 2009 9:30PM
2744-1How do I untar a subdirectory into the current directory?May 10 2009 4:19PM
2527-1Writing a __init__ function to be used in django modelMay 9 2009 5:10PM
13105-1I don’t like this… Is this cheating the language?May 7 2009 8:52PM
7286-1Converting int to char in javaMay 7 2009 10:05AM
2852-2C++ for Game Programming - Love or Distrust?May 6 2009 1:59PM
1323-1Getting today’s date in java - I’ve tried the regular waysMay 6 2009 1:26PM
3131-1How to: C# source with syntax highlighting on PowerPoint slidesMay 5 2009 3:18PM
1327-1How to create a thread?May 1 2009 1:05PM
3434-1How does “while(*s++ = *t++)” work?May 1 2009 4:11AM
1427-1Optimal tab size for code readabilityMay 1 2009 2:08AM
523-2Counting down in for-loopsApr 30 2009 12:20AM
1243-1Is Python faster and lighter than C++?Apr 29 2009 10:10AM
1520-1Should I reject C++ because it’s becoming a juggernaut?Apr 19 2009 12:14PM
18545-2Try/Except in Python: How to properly ignore Exceptions?Apr 9 2009 9:48PM
1236-1Linq OrderBy against specific valuesApr 8 2009 2:55AM
16628-1How to write this in jQuery “window.parent.document.getElementById(‘parentPrice’).innerHTML”?Apr 7 2009 6:09PM
166310-1How to write this in jQuery “window.parent.document.getElementById(‘parentPrice’).innerHTML”?Apr 7 2009 5:47PM
1730-1How to pass multiple parameters in a querystringApr 7 2009 7:49AM
1120-1How to Move files to the recycle binApr 6 2009 11:27AM
5132-1Open source CoverFlow library for iPhoneApr 6 2009 3:32AM
3841-1How to remove files starting with double hyphen?Apr 1 2009 7:10PM
1927-1Iphone SDk : Issue with ampersand in the URL stringApr 1 2009 3:28PM
92111-1How do I execute a string containing Python code in Python?Mar 31 2009 4:15PM
1422-3Disable Source tab in Google CodeMar 29 2009 2:06PM
1852-1Examples of usage of Generics in .Net (C#/VB.NET)Mar 28 2009 10:19AM
5450-1How To Use A Link To Call Javascript?Mar 27 2009 1:38AM
107148-1How to get the last value of ArraylistMar 26 2009 10:42PM
107107-1How to get the last value of ArraylistMar 26 2009 10:41PM
827-1What does the 9th commandment mean?Mar 25 2009 5:54PM
5137-2Quick Sort Vs Merge SortMar 25 2009 7:32AM
5152-2Quick Sort Vs Merge SortMar 25 2009 7:32AM
12474-1How to get the filename without the extension from a path in Python?Mar 24 2009 4:49PM
2124-1Can I develop iPhone applications using C#.NET on Vista?Mar 24 2009 6:33AM
1632-1get directory from full pathMar 22 2009 10:59AM
95148-1How to show popup message like in stackoverflowMar 18 2009 5:13PM
1626-1Entries in /proc/meminfoMar 18 2009 5:10PM
689-2D3 vs TDD best practicesMar 17 2009 9:41PM*
10842-1Why artificially limit your code to C?Mar 16 2009 9:55AM
1127-1Regex to strip comments and multi-line comments and empty linesMar 13 2009 3:05PM
6575-3How do I read and parse an XML file in C#?Mar 13 2009 11:47AM
52170-2How can I show line numbers in Eclipse?Mar 13 2009 5:09AM
521789-1How can I show line numbers in Eclipse?Mar 12 2009 11:38PM
1129-5Different ways of writing the “if” statementMar 12 2009 3:32PM
3725-2Difference between frontend, backend, and middleware in web developmentMar 11 2009 11:11PM
2136-1Java; String replace (using regular expressions)?Mar 10 2009 8:51PM
2130-1Java; String replace (using regular expressions)?Mar 10 2009 8:50PM
3956-2Linux: Which process is causing “device busy” when doing umount?Mar 8 2009 7:46PM
821-1What influences the speed of code?Mar 6 2009 8:34PM
2320-1Is there a command line that I can the full path to current directory?Mar 4 2009 11:55AM
1920-1Python string prints as [u’String’]Mar 1 2009 11:22AM
1328-2Why does software have EULA?Feb 28 2009 7:05PM
222-2Do people actually still use cin and cout?Feb 27 2009 12:44PM
21633-1PHP expects T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM?Feb 26 2009 8:37PM
21658-1PHP expects T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM?Feb 26 2009 8:37PM
1130-1How do I write an XML string to a file?Feb 26 2009 3:07PM
629-3What projects cannot be done in C?Feb 25 2009 5:44PM
2122-1What do you call DHTML these days?Feb 23 2009 9:41PM
1025-1javadoc: @version and @sinceFeb 23 2009 4:55PM
216259-1Is there a conditional ternary operator in VB.NET?Feb 23 2009 3:46AM
821-1Change default SVN diffing toolFeb 20 2009 11:45AM
2829-1Levenshtein distance in T-SQLFeb 18 2009 11:45AM
3523-1Why should my team adopt source control?Feb 18 2009 12:28AM
2141-1What is “string[] args” in Main class for?Feb 16 2009 10:01AM
9050-1OOP vs Functional Programming vs ProceduralFeb 16 2009 7:18AM
3745-1What is the most impressive Lisp application?Feb 12 2009 10:02PM
624-1WPF, Silverlight or XNA: Choosing a platform for game developmentFeb 12 2009 7:39AM
14353-1Iterating over a stringFeb 11 2009 7:24PM
2542-1How do you clear your Visual Studio cache on Windows Vista?Feb 6 2009 3:20PM
920-2(ProjectEuler) Sum CombinationsFeb 6 2009 11:21AM
4870-1Python: List vs Dict for look up tableFeb 4 2009 11:38PM
73065-1How do I compare strings in Java?Feb 4 2009 11:21PM
73020-1How do I compare strings in Java?Feb 4 2009 11:20PM
73029-1How do I compare strings in Java?Feb 4 2009 11:20PM
73024-1How do I compare strings in Java?Feb 4 2009 11:20PM
73020-1How do I compare strings in Java?Feb 4 2009 11:19PM
7301827-1How do I compare strings in Java?Feb 4 2009 11:19PM
1320-1How to print a string without including ‘\n’ in PythonFeb 4 2009 12:55PM
2140-1What does “{x:Static}” mean in XAML?Feb 3 2009 5:02PM
9826-1Are global variables bad?Jan 27 2009 6:42PM
2333-1Creating PowerPoint presentations programmaticallyJan 26 2009 4:41AM
7874-1an htop-like tool to display disk activity in linuxJan 22 2009 1:51PM
531-2What ‘type’ of Language is JavaScript?Jan 21 2009 1:48PM
2528-1Are nested HTML comments possible?Jan 14 2009 12:35PM
78219-1Way to get all alphabetic chars in an array in PHP?Jan 10 2009 11:05PM
19202072-1What is the maximum length of a URL in different browsers?Jan 6 2009 4:22PM
192045-1What is the maximum length of a URL in different browsers?Jan 6 2009 4:20PM
192082-1What is the maximum length of a URL in different browsers?Jan 6 2009 4:18PM
51752-1How to get current time in PythonJan 6 2009 1:55PM
1236-1What are the differences between PHP and Java?Jan 4 2009 8:44PM
36363-1What’s your most controversial programming opinion?Jan 2 2009 1:17PM
2920-1When to use a functional programming language?Dec 29 2008 10:20AM
1121-1Confusing […] List in Python: What is it?Dec 29 2008 3:02AM
822-2Stacktrace information preserving paths of original sourceDec 23 2008 9:27AM
528-1How to append the contents of a list at the end of the other list?Dec 17 2008 1:53PM
11620-1What’s the difference between passing by reference vs. passing by value?Dec 17 2008 2:03AM
4137-1How to change XML AttributeDec 15 2008 8:31AM
1020-1Convert Python to C#Dec 11 2008 12:33AM
1030-3Convert Python to C#Dec 10 2008 11:47PM
12887-2How do I hide an element when printing a web page?Dec 10 2008 7:23AM
1224-1How do you find the users name/Identity in C#Dec 9 2008 5:26AM
2323-2Why was the C# mascot ‘Andy’ retired?Dec 4 2008 6:10AM
3923-1Counting inversions in an arrayDec 3 2008 4:21PM
146-2Parsing XML with REGEX in JavaDec 2 2008 9:05PM
723-1regex matching alpha character followed by 4 alphanumericsDec 2 2008 2:40PM
1772-1Why does everyone go with Subversion?Dec 1 2008 2:17PM
2976-1What is a fair productivity measurement technique for programmers?Nov 27 2008 6:30PM
3638-3One could use a profiler, but why not just halt the program?Nov 25 2008 12:23PM
12934-2Most common C# bitwise operations on enumsNov 25 2008 11:30AM
91179-1Timeout jQuery effectsNov 25 2008 6:34AM
1224-1Checking network status in C#Nov 24 2008 2:43PM
1550-1Unable to call an Objective C method from a C functionNov 20 2008 11:17AM
1146-1What is JSON?Nov 13 2008 1:58PM
12868-2“Hello World” in less than 20 bytesNov 12 2008 6:40PM
128398-1“Hello World” in less than 20 bytesNov 12 2008 6:37PM
1841-1Puzzle: Find the most common entry in an arrayNov 10 2008 5:13PM
571576-2How can I remove (chomp) a newline in Python?Nov 8 2008 6:31PM
122-2What is this strange C code format?Nov 7 2008 9:35AM
2025-1What symbols are used after base 36Nov 6 2008 11:23PM
933-4Why do people defend the regex syntax?Nov 5 2008 5:04AM
252-6Russian Peasant MultiplicationNov 4 2008 4:36AM
3228-2How to change Visual Studio whitespace settings?Nov 3 2008 1:59AM
524-1What are assertions? and why would you use them?Oct 31 2008 11:34AM
7990-1Why do we need C Unions?Oct 31 2008 4:02AM
78154-1Checking if a variable is not nil and not zero in rubyOct 31 2008 12:36AM
23254-1Hidden features of Windows batch filesOct 29 2008 12:39AM
7823-1What’s the difference between JavaScript and Java?Oct 28 2008 10:16PM
82732-1What is your best programmer joke?Oct 24 2008 3:46PM
3723-1Use of #pragma in c Oct 24 2008 8:03AM
3720-1Use of #pragma in c Oct 24 2008 8:00AM
622-2How would you write a non-recursive algorithm to calculate factorials?Oct 23 2008 8:20PM
224114-3The Zen of PythonOct 23 2008 2:45AM
22420-1The Zen of PythonOct 23 2008 1:52AM
2529-2Overload a C++ function according to the return valueOct 22 2008 3:18PM
112131-5How do you make div elements display inline?Oct 22 2008 6:09AM
112105-4How do you make div elements display inline?Oct 22 2008 6:02AM
2541-1How do I create my own custom group in mediawiki?Oct 21 2008 9:50PM
3233-1What is the C++03 memory model for concurrency?Oct 21 2008 7:20AM
16180-1Can you use a trailing comma in a JSON object?Oct 14 2008 4:19PM
7137-1Where can I learn more about C++0x?Oct 14 2008 7:28AM
3540-1How does Windows actually detect LAN (proxy) settings when using Automatic ConfigurationOct 10 2008 12:31PM
1624-2What’s the best way to document Perl code?Oct 10 2008 11:43AM
1642-3What’s the best way to document Perl code?Oct 10 2008 11:29AM
13533-1In what cases do I use malloc vs new?Oct 8 2008 8:24PM
50881-1jQuery Tips and TricksOct 8 2008 1:11PM
3833-1In a SELECT statement(MS SQL) how do you trim a stringOct 7 2008 5:56PM
3877-1In a SELECT statement(MS SQL) how do you trim a stringOct 7 2008 5:55PM
2224-11How can I convert VB6 code to C#?Oct 7 2008 5:54PM
2125-2What scares you the most about the integrated IDE of most modern Smalltalks?Oct 7 2008 4:30PM
6384-3Why is “null” present in C# and java?Oct 7 2008 11:47AM
200162-1What’s the most egregious pop culture perversion of programming?Oct 6 2008 4:39PM
1848-1What’s the fastest way to divide an integer by 3?Oct 5 2008 1:30AM
2725-1Commandline Jabber clientOct 4 2008 3:30PM
340345-1How do you set a default value for a MySQL Datetime column?Oct 3 2008 8:48PM
220-3Events in C#Oct 2 2008 1:06PM
2723-2Keeping Visual Studio Projects on a Network DriveOct 1 2008 8:57PM
5925-1.NET - How can you split a “caps” delimited string into an array?Sep 30 2008 10:14PM
1451-4C# Potential Interview Question…Too hard?Sep 30 2008 5:37PM
11183-3Why are the built in functions in PHP named so randomly?Sep 29 2008 9:06PM
1620-1How to check for equals? (0 == i) or (i == 0)Sep 29 2008 11:26AM
1667-1How to check for equals? (0 == i) or (i == 0)Sep 29 2008 11:23AM
2121-2What’s the least useful comment you’ve ever seen?Sep 27 2008 11:41AM
2141-3What’s the least useful comment you’ve ever seen?Sep 27 2008 11:39AM
2137-3What’s the least useful comment you’ve ever seen?Sep 27 2008 11:32AM
2153-2What’s the least useful comment you’ve ever seen?Sep 27 2008 11:22AM
21112-1What’s the least useful comment you’ve ever seen?Sep 27 2008 11:15AM
1635-1What is important to keep in mind when designing a database?Sep 26 2008 6:32PM
1621-1What is important to keep in mind when designing a database?Sep 26 2008 6:29PM
2339-1Which Coding convention to follow for PHP?Sep 26 2008 1:18PM
95154-1How much faster is C++ than C#?Sep 26 2008 9:10AM
490268-1Expand a random range from 1–5 to 1–7Sep 26 2008 4:41AM
5974-1Is programming a subset of math?Sep 26 2008 3:14AM
119133-1How to embed a SWF file in a html page?Sep 26 2008 2:03AM
8323-1What’s the key difference between HTML 4 and HTML 5?Sep 25 2008 5:37PM
6398-1How do I prevent the iPhone screen from dimming or turning off while my application is running?Sep 24 2008 6:07AM
5357-4PHP code to convert a MySQL query to CSVSep 24 2008 5:33AM
2623-1What’s a good tool to screen-scrape with Javascript support?Sep 24 2008 3:27AM
5378-1PHP code to convert a MySQL query to CSVSep 24 2008 2:47AM
1321-1I know Perl 5. What are the advantages of learning Perl 6, rather than moving to Python?Sep 24 2008 12:54AM
1238-3How to make my code run on multiple cores?Sep 23 2008 9:06PM
2020-5Any other mainframers here?Sep 23 2008 1:30PM
1141-1C#: Try-catch every line of code without individual try-catch blocksSep 22 2008 9:24PM
1120-1C#: Try-catch every line of code without individual try-catch blocksSep 22 2008 8:04PM
338-1Using Divs to display table-like dataSep 22 2008 3:12AM
1120-1Click through transparency for Visual C# Window Forms?Sep 21 2008 11:54PM
940-1What’s the golden code/comment ratio?Sep 21 2008 6:12PM
1722-2Relative urls for Javascript filesSep 20 2008 6:08PM
2426-3Anyone know of any good Database Diff tools?Sep 19 2008 6:27PM
3234-3What is separation of concerns?Sep 19 2008 1:49AM
4730-2In Perl, how do I create a hash whose keys come from a given array?Sep 18 2008 7:33PM
2331-1How do I convert a date/time to epoch time (aka unix time – seconds since 1970) in Perl?Sep 18 2008 6:49PM
12953-2Most common C# bitwise operations on enumsSep 18 2008 3:50PM
17274-1What are the differences between struct and class in C++?Sep 18 2008 2:18PM
7129-1Resizing an Image without losing any qualitySep 17 2008 9:17PM
1320-3What is the most convincing command in VimSep 17 2008 8:45PM
1325-2What is the most convincing command in VimSep 17 2008 8:33PM
1220-1representing CRLF using Hex in C#Sep 17 2008 8:32PM
13727-1Why require JavaScript rather than supporting a standard browser virtual machine?Sep 17 2008 7:02PM
1927-1What is idiomatic code?Sep 17 2008 3:10PM
1720-1Is there any list of blog engines, written in Django?Sep 17 2008 12:45PM
1655-1Which is faster, python webpages or php webpages?Sep 17 2008 3:44AM
270237-1How to generate a stacktrace when my gcc C++ app crashesSep 16 2008 9:30PM
11477-1Hidden Features of C++?Sep 16 2008 8:41PM
11461-1Hidden Features of C++?Sep 16 2008 8:27PM
11472-2Hidden Features of C++?Sep 16 2008 6:46PM
5030-1What’s the best CDN for image hosting on a high-volume web site?Sep 16 2008 1:51PM
836-2How should I capitalize Perl?Sep 16 2008 1:43PM
525-1What is GNU Screen?Sep 16 2008 9:45AM
1034-1What is an example of “this” assignment in C#?Sep 16 2008 7:09AM
6074-1How do you crash a JVM?Sep 15 2008 6:06PM
8744-1Is there replacement for cat on WindowsSep 13 2008 1:29AM
321-5How do I build a loop in JavaScript?Sep 9 2008 3:05PM
1034-1How do I create a MessageBox in C#?Sep 8 2008 4:08AM
3331-1How do I write a for loop in bashSep 8 2008 3:11AM
522-3Efficiently reverse the order of the words (not characters) in an array of charactersSep 6 2008 12:53PM
3050-1How to wrap a function with variable length arguments?Sep 3 2008 2:30PM
338230-2What non-programming books should programmers read?Sep 1 2008 6:40PM
338135-1What non-programming books should programmers read?Sep 1 2008 6:35PM
107113-2What’s the point of OOP?Aug 23 2008 2:48PM
10727-2What’s the point of OOP?Aug 23 2008 2:45PM
3444-1Why Are People Still Creating RSS Feeds?Aug 21 2008 6:25PM
3174-1What is the most unreadable programming language?Aug 21 2008 4:11AM
3137-1What is the most unreadable programming language?Aug 20 2008 7:44PM
15159-1LINQ-to-SQL vs stored procedures?Aug 18 2008 12:40PM
3222-1Windows-based Text EditorsAug 18 2008 4:20AM
34103-1Why Are People Still Creating RSS Feeds?Aug 15 2008 6:36PM
8248-3How do I implement a Linked List in Java?Aug 13 2008 4:35PM
5422-1Better windows command line shellsAug 8 2008 6:17AM
4153-1Does it still make sense to learn low level WinAPI programming?Aug 8 2008 1:00AM
6689-1How do I retrieve my MySQL username and password?Aug 7 2008 4:02AM
415351-1Storing Images in DB - Yea or Nay?Aug 6 2008 5:40PM
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