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Created Sep 17, 2019
What would you like to do?
The year is 2020. Everything is Chrome.
You wake up. Your alarm clock is powered by Electron.
You commute to work. Your car's dashboard is Electron.
Once you're at your day job, you launch Slack (Electron), open Microsoft Edge (Chrome), and launch VS Code (Electron).
Once you are done with work, you push your changes via the GitHub client (Electron), clock out online (JavaScript), and drive home.
When you get home, you turn on your TiVo (Hydra, which is partially made in JavaScript iirc), launch the Netflix app (JavaScript), and chill.
You get a notification from Twitter, which is a Progressive Web Application, so you browse for a bit.
After you watch a documentary on Web development, you play some Minecraft with friends. You launch Discord on your phone (React Native) and Minecraft Classic (JavaScript) on your PC via Brave (Chrome).
You also get a notification from Facebook Messenger, which is Electron.
Sick and tired of all the JavaScript in your life, you head to your room, turn off the lights with your Amazon Alexa, listen to some news from an Alexa skill and then it hits you:
We didn't even count all the times NodeJS was involved.
Before passing out, you curse out JavaScript.
You can't run from JavaScript.
Everything uses Chrome.
Native apps are now Electron and React Native.
and JavaScript, via NodeJS, powers a vast majority of your life.
Praise JS: You don't have a choice!
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