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A rough template for nation based articles in WorldAnvil
An example of this template in use:
Remember that everything entered should be a focus on the nation itself as a whole, with sumamries and links to separate articles provided for anything else including subdivisions (Concept similar to the game 'Microscope'). I try to aim for 1 paragraph summaries for each individual item with a 'Main article: XYZ' link to an article focusing on that item.
Excerpt manually added here (Since it's not otherwise displayed on the article page itself)
Any important notes or warnings
Quote from some important figure relating to the article.
Summarizing section giving an introduction to the nation. Should define what the nation is, where it is, and its place in the world/galactic theatre
Nation's flag or emblem
National Language
Ancestry (What races or ethnicities did this nation originally descend from?)
Races (What races or ethnicities currently make up this nation? Population percentages can be used here)
Government (What type of government?)
Economy (What type of economical system?)
Bordering Nations
- Leadership - President? Dictator? Directorate? Summarize the leadership structure, then summarize each relevant leader
- Departments/Branches - I.e., Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branches in the U.S.. Summarize structure. Summarize each relevant department/branch
-- Possibly include summaries of inportant subdivisions. Summarize each in 1 paragraph, provide link to separate article.
- Territory - Summarize territory structure, including capital and any important regions under the nation's control.
- Miltary, if applicable and not already included above. Same concept as top-level branches.
Describe what goals the nation has, its mission statements, current long-term projects.
- Obstacles - What stands in the nations way of accomplishing what was described above?
[h2]Natural Resources[/h2]
- Any special strategic or economical resources the nation has access to natively, i.e. gold mines
- Technological level
- Any specific technologies the nation has developed or manufactures domestically
NOTE: All of the below should be in chronological order.
- Founding
- Any events that could be considered nationally important - Reformations, revolutions, wars, alliances, important discoveries, disasters, etc
- Dissolution (If applicable)
Details about the races and ethnicities listed in the sidebar - Population, cultural distribution, maybe a chart showing percentages of each ethnic group. This should be more of a summary describing how these ethnic groups adapt to and/or shape the nation. Perhaps include a sumamrized section specific to each ethnic group's relation with the nation.
- Health and Medical - What is healthcare like? How healthy are the people of the nation? What polciies does the nation have regarding health?
- Law Enforcement - Same as above, but regarding law enforcement
- Political Freedoms - Same as above, but regarding citizen's political freedom
- Education - Same as above, but regarding public/private education
- Economy - Additional section describing the nation's economy. How does the currency work? How do citizens trade/barter/exchange goods and services? How is trade with foreign entities handled?
- Foreign Relations - Additional section describing history and relations with other nations and powers
-- Include separate sections for each foreign power. Possibly a better option than the current implementation of relations because they can be edited, and whats described can be different between the two nation articles.
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