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"syntax": "less",
"extends": "stylelint-config-standard",
"rules": {
# Use soft tabs (2 spaces) for indentation
"indentation": 2,
# Prefer dashes over camelCasing in class names.
# Underscores and PascalCasing are okay if you are using BEM
# "selector-class-pattern": "^(_)?[a-z]+-[a-z0-9-]+((_{2}|-{2})?[a-z0-9-]+)?(-{2}[a-z0-9-]+)?[a-z0-9]$",
# Do not use ID selectors
"selector-no-id": true,
# When using multiple selectors in a rule declaration, give each selector its own line.
"selector-list-comma-newline-before": "never-multi-line",
"selector-list-comma-newline-after": "always",
"selector-list-comma-space-before": "never",
"selector-list-comma-space-after": "always-single-line",
# Put a space before the opening brace { in rule declarations
"block-opening-brace-space-before": "always",
# In properties, put a space after, but not before, the : character.
"declaration-colon-space-before": "never",
"declaration-colon-space-after": "always-single-line",
# Put closing braces } of rule declarations on a new line
"block-closing-brace-newline-before": "always",
"block-closing-brace-newline-after": "always",
# Put blank lines between rule declarations
# ?
# Prefer line comments (// in Sass-land) to block comments.
# ?
# Prefer comments on their own line. Avoid end-of-line comments.
"comment-empty-line-before": "always",
# Use 0 instead of none to specify that a style has no border.
# ?
# Order your regular CSS and @include declarations logicall
# ?
# Do not nest selectors more than three levels deep!
# "selector-max-compound-selectors": 3,
# Some custom adds
"number-leading-zero": "never",
"declaration-empty-line-before": "never",
"at-rule-empty-line-before": ["always", {
"except": [
"property-no-unknown": true
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