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An Experiment working on Enforced Symmetricality with JohnSundell's Wrap+Unbox
// A definition for the kind of model objects this library can work on
import Foundation
public protocol CollieModel: Unboxable, WrapCustomizable, Hashable, CustomStringConvertible {
/// Configure the mapping between client and server property names. keys are client names and values are JSON names eg: "authorId: "author_id"
static var propertyMapping: [String: String]? { get }
extension CollieModel {
/// Default property mapping is nil (I'd do an optional get-only var protocol requirement but the language doesn't allow it)
static var propertyMapping: [String:String]? { return nil }
This is the default implementation of value equality for models.
If you have a faster way to do value comparison for your model type feel free to override it.
- parameter otherModel: Another homogenous model to compare to
- returns: true if every property is the same between both models
func sameValueAs<T: CollieModel>(otherModel: T) -> Bool {
do {
let a: Collie.JSON = try Wrap(self)
let b: Collie.JSON = try Wrap(otherModel)
let same = NSDictionary(dictionary: a).isEqualToDictionary(b)
if !same { Collie.trace("!sameValueAs() \n\(a) \n\(b)") }
return same
} catch {
print("sameValueAs error: \(error)")
return false
Check to see if this object is symmetrical--you can turn it into JSON and back, and all the values match
- returns: true if all the values match
func isSymmetrical() -> Bool {
guard let json = self.toJSON() else { return false }
guard let other = Self(json: json, skipSymmetryValidation: true) else { return false }
let isSymmetrical = self.sameValueAs(other)
Collie.trace("[\(json["id"] ?? "")].isSymmetrical()? \(isSymmetrical)")
return isSymmetrical
func toJSON() -> Collie.JSON? {
do {
let json: Collie.JSON = try Wrap(self)
return json
} catch {
print("toJSON() error: \(error)")
return nil
init?(json: Collie.JSON, skipSymmetryValidation: Bool = false) {
do {
self = try Unbox(json)
if !skipSymmetryValidation { self.isSymmetrical() }
} catch {
print("init?(json:) error: \(error)")
return nil
static func getKey(key: String) -> String { return Self.propertyMapping?[key] ?? key }
func keyForWrappingPropertyNamed(propertyName: String) -> String? {
return Self.getKey(propertyName)
// An Example model
class GooglePlace: CollieModel {
let id: String
let name: String
let rating: Double
let thumbnailUrl: String
static let propertyMapping: [String : String]? = [
"id": "place_id",
"thumbnailUrl": "icon",
required init(unboxer: Unboxer) {
id = unboxer.unbox( GooglePlace.getKey("id") )
name = unboxer.unbox( GooglePlace.getKey("name") )
rating = unboxer.unbox( GooglePlace.getKey("rating") )
thumbnailUrl = unboxer.unbox( GooglePlace.getKey("thumbnailUrl") )

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SimplGy commented May 17, 2016

Revision 4 now has symmetry enforced for simple property renaming cases. I'd still like to slim down that required init boilerplate though.

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