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A feature request for Spotify. Turns out lots of folks want this:

If you use Spotify without cellular data, all you'll ever see for album art is a gray circle with a white musical note inside it.


I'm pretty familiar with spotify. Been a paid subscriber for a long time and visited Sweden, staying in the Jarl Birger hotel right under you guys. :)

Still, I never noticed how much I missed album art until one day I accidentally left cellular data on and chewed through a half gig of data.

I love album art. It's beautiful, connects me to the band, and I always want to see it.

Feature Request:

  • Cache album art for offline use along with the songs.

The size of these jpgs compared to the music files is so small that storage shouldn't really be a concern. The only cost I can see is the Dev time it'll take to implement. You could probably skip cache invalidation for album art, at least in a first iteration, so maybe it's straight-forward to implement.

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