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setting up Godot on Fedora Linux

Godot 3.0.2 (Mono Version)

Get the latest Mono

Godot requires Mono 5.4.x but the Fedora repo is still stuck on an older version. Install the latest directly from the Mono Project (currently 5.10.x).

rpm --import ""
su -c 'curl | tee /etc/yum.repos.d/mono-centos7-stable.repo'
sudo dnf update
sudo dnf install mono-devel

Get the latest version of Godot and extract it to /opt:

sudo mkdir /opt/godot-3.0.2/
sudo mv Godot_v3.0.2-stable_mono_x11_64/* /opt/godot-3.0.2/

download a decent png icon (256px square) and save it as /opt/godot-3.0.2-mono/godot.png

Create a launcher:

Create a desktop shortcut vim ~/.local/share/applications/godot.desktop with the following content

[Desktop Entry]
GenericName=Game Engine
Comment=Cross-platform game engine to create 2D and 3D games
Categories=Development; Games;

Download Export Templates

If you've installed the Mono version then you may find that it's not possible to download the export templates using the gui. You may need to manually download them and install them from the file directly.

They will get installed to ~/.local/share/godot/templates/3.0.2.stable but you will need them in ~/.local/share/godot/templates/3.0.2.stable.mono/

You could rename the directory, I decided to create a new directory and copy over the Linux template

mkdir ~/.local/share/godot/templates/3.0.2.stable.mono/
cp ~/.local/share/godot/templates/3.0.2.stable/linux_x11_64_* ~/.local/share/godot/templates/3.0.2.stable.mono/
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