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Created February 26, 2021 04:50
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An explaination on the Kykinite/Kyanite Situation
Before I begin, I would like to say that I am profusely sorry for this mishap. If theres another error like this in the future, please tell me. I will work hard to correct these errors.
The TLDR of it all is simply as follows:
"Due to complications with the name, Kykinite is now named Kyanite. For now, all world save data from Kykinite will not be compatable with Kyanite."
Now as for the actual thing. Let me explain what happened.
Simply put, while making the mod, I chose the name "Kykinite" for my ore mod. However, I was unaware of the fact that this name was similar to a racial slur. It had stayed this way until I was releasing my 1.2.1 update
At this time, I noticed on Curseforge that a guy had pointed out the similarity, and asked that I change the mod name. However, considering how I had been staying up close to 6 at the time, I made the error of telling him that I would fix it after the update, and continueing the release before going to bed. This was only compounded by the fact that I added in the release notes of this update that I was going to change the name to avoid this.
What I should of done is take down the mod temporarily while I fix this error, which thankfully, an anonymous Curseforge staff member did while I was sleeping. When I woke up, after realizing what had happened, I got onto my modrinth page for the mod and removed all files from there.
I then worked on fixing this error, which leads into the next part of all of this.
Starting with 1.2.2, the mod and any Kyinite items will be renamed to Kyanite. This includes all references in code. Furthermore, any downloads to the mod besides through Github Actions will be going by Kyanite. With all pages getting Kykinite removed from downloads (Unless I learn how to perge GHA as well.) However, this comes at the major cost of alot of people's world data. I will be trying to rectify the issue in 1.2.3 or 1.2.4 with built in datafixers, but for now, you guys will have to use new world data.
Let this be a lesson to everyone to do research before you post something. Even a simple mistake of innocently naming a thing a certain way like I did can lead into quite a few problems.
Again, I am sorry for all that happens because of this, but I am trying to rectify the situation, I hope another situation like this doesnt happen again.
Either way, I am extremely sorry to anyone affected by the slur or affected by the loss of saves. I will try to avoid something like this from happening again.
Of course, I'd hate to just leave on a negative note, and I heard once that 1 thank you is worth 100 sorries. So I must thank the following people:
The Curseforge user who reported this to me - I dont have your name on hand, but thank you for telling me. I wouldnt of been able to fix this without you.
The Curseforge/Overwolf Moderation team - Thank you for for stepping up when I made a wrong decision.
The Modrinth Staff - Thank you for also trying your best to help fix this.
The Users of the mod - You guys helped this mod grow. Hopefully, you guys will stick with me during this.
Hopefully, everyone reading this can understand the situation.
- My sincere apologizies, Siuol
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