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how it was compiled
git clone
git submodule update --init --recursive
mkdir build32
cd build32
cmake .. -DDynamoRIO_DIR=C:\Users\blackleitus\Desktop\DynamoRIO-Windows-7.1.0-1\cmake -DINTELPT=1
cmake --build . --config Release
# crash at the moment of run this commmand
class AutoComplete() :3
def __init__() :5
def complete() :8
def complete() :20
from capstone import *
shellcode = "\x00\x48\x8B\x01\xC3\xC3\xC3\xC3"
shellcode += "\x01\x48\x8B\x01\xC3\xC3\xC3\xC3"
shellcode += "\x02\x48\x8B\x01\xC3\xC3\xC3\xC3"
shellcode += "\x03\x48\x8B\x01\xC3\xC3\xC3\xC3"
shellcode += "\x04\x48\x8B\x01\xC3\xC3\xC3\xC3"
shellcode += "\x05\x48\x8B\x01\xC3\xC3\xC3\xC3"
shellcode += "\x06\x48\x8B\x01\xC3\xC3\xC3\xC3"
shellcode += "\x07\x48\x8B\x01\xC3\xC3\xC3\xC3"
View ie
0:005> r
eax=00000000 ebx=008adff0 ecx=008f00a7 edx=00000000 esi=02d8bb70 edi=00000000
eip=7157b68f esp=02d8bb44 ebp=02d8bb5c iopl=0 nv up ei pl zr na pe nc
cs=0023 ss=002b ds=002b es=002b fs=0053 gs=002b efl=00010246
7157b68f 8b5070 mov edx,dword ptr [eax+70h] ds:002b:00000070=????????
0:005> u mshtml!CElement::Doc
7157b68d 8b01 mov eax,dword ptr [ecx]
View awe
Heap Overflow Case Study: CVE-2015-3104 Proof of Concept
Heap Overflow Case Study: A Deeper Look at the Bug
Heap Overflow Case Study: Allocation Control.
Heap Overflow Case Study: Gaining Read/Write Access to the Memory Space
Heap Overflow Case Study: Defeating ASLR
Heap Overflow Case Study: Gaining code execution
Heap Overflow Case Study: Stack Pivoting
Heap Overflow Case Study: Defeating DEP
Executing Shellcode and Restoring the execution flow
Sandbox Escape
View gist:7a969e8854730d90f0c91929e41dc87f
Table of Contents
0. Testing Environment
0.1 Testing Environment
1. Software Vulnerability Review
View memory map
0141E388 41414141 AAAA `<----------- ESP starts here`
0141E38C 41414141 AAAA
0141E390 41414141 AAAA
0141E394 41414141 AAAA
0141E398 41414141 AAAA
0141E39C 41414141 AAAA
0141E3A0 41414141 AAAA
0141E3A4 41414141 AAAA
0141E3A8 41414141 AAAA
View info.ps1
View RegSvr32.sct
<?XML version="1.0"?>
classid="{F0001111-0000-0000-0000-0000FEEDACDC}" >
<!-- regsvr32 /s /u /i: scrobj.dll -->
<!-- .sct files when downloaded, are executed from a path like this -->
<!-- Please Note, file extenstion does not matter -->
<!-- Though, the name and extension are arbitary.. -->
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