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Soulflare3 / 20180809_0640_52621.crash
Created Aug 9, 2018
Staxel Foxcore Greenhouse mod Crashlogs
View 20180809_0640_52621.crash
瀉换ㅬ捬㙥ᦁ愻獳浥汢㵹瑓硡汥䌮楬湥㭴牰瑯捯汯敖獲潩㵮牰瑯捯汯㈭㄰〶〳㬹慧敭敖獲潩㵮慓汰湩⁧⸱⸳㌳⠠㠱㠰㠰⥡眻湩潤獷畂汩㵤楍牣獯景⁴楗摮睯⁳呎㘠㌮㤮〶⸰㬰獯潌慣敬ㄽ㌰3禁䤻獮慴汬摥䴠摯⁳楬瑳场牯獫潨⁰䑉㨠ㄠ㔴㔳㘶ㄸ⸴䴠摯丠浡㩥䘠硯䌠牯⁥㉖ㄭ‮潗歲桳灯䤠⁄›㐱㌵㤵〳〵‮潍⁤慎敭›片敥桮畯敳䘠硯潃敲‮湉瑳污敬⁤䱄獌䜺敲湥潨獵䵥摯䘭硯潃敲洮摯‮楎扭獵潆⹸潆䍸牯⹥㉖ㄮ洮摯‮潍⁤楄敲瑣牯敩㩳潆⁸潃敲嘠ⴲ⸱䜠敲湥潨獵⁥潆䍸牯⹥ 匐獹整⹭硅散瑰潩㽮汐祡牥攠瑮瑩⁹㐶ㄲ㔱栠獡戠敥潦捲扩祬爠浥癯摥映潲桴⁥敳癲牥Ю畮汬卑獹整⹭硅散瑰潩㩮倠慬敹⁲湥楴祴㘠㈴ㄱ‵慨⁳敢湥映牯楣汢⁹敲潭敶⁤牦浯琠敨猠牥敶⹲蘀‭†瑡匠獹整⹭湅楶潲浮湥⹴敇却慴正牔捡⡥硅散瑰潩ⱥ䈠潯敬湡渠敥䙤汩䥥普⥯਍†愠⁴祓瑳浥䔮癮物湯敭瑮朮瑥卟慴正牔捡⡥ഩ †瑡䰠杯牃瑩捩污硅散瑰潩彮慐捴ㅨ匨牴湩⁧敭獳条ⱥ䔠捸灥楴湯攠ഩ †瑡匠慴數⹬汃敩瑮䌮楬湥䵴楡䱮潯⹰潐汬潍敤䐨癥捩䍥湯整瑸挠湯整瑸
湩挠尺杨卜慴數屬瑓硡汥䍜楬湥屴汃敩瑮慍湩潌灯挮㩳楬敮㈠㤵਍†愠⁴瑓硡汥䌮楬湥⹴瑓硡汥慇敭售摰瑡⡥慇敭楔敭朠浡呥浩⥥椠㩣桜屧瑓硡汥卜慴數屬汃敩瑮卜慴數䝬浡⹥獣氺湩⁥㐲ഹ †瑡䴠捩潲潳瑦堮慮䘮慲敭潷歲䜮浡⹥楔正⤨椠㩣桜屧瑓硡汥䙜䅎獜捲䝜浡⹥獣氺湩⁥㌵സ †瑡䴠捩潲潳瑦堮慮䘮慲敭潷歲匮䱄弲乆偁慬晴牯⹭畒䱮潯⡰慇敭朠浡⥥椠㩣桜屧瑓硡汥䙜䅎獜捲䙜䅎汐瑡潦浲卜䱄弲乆偁慬晴牯⹭獣氺湩⁥㈶ശ †瑡䴠捩潲潳瑦堮慮䘮慲敭潷歲䜮浡⹥畒⡮
湩挠尺杨卜慴數屬瑓硡汥䍜楬湥屴牐杯慲⹭獣氺湩⁥㘹Y 䌵剔⭌ⱃ呃䱒䈫䕒䭁漠⁲畳灰敲獳琠敨愠灰楬慣楴湯琠硥瑩䤨普㩯圠睯㐶㨠䐠瑥捥整⁤潗㙷‴潭敤›慆獬健湉潦›灃⁵›牐捯獥潳乲浡卥牴湩㩧䤠瑮汥刨
View 2018-04-28_17-55-33.txt
[16:19:19] [VoiceServer Listen Thread/INFO] [Mekanism]: VoiceServer: Accepted new connection.
[16:19:19] [Thread-37/INFO] [Mekanism]: VoiceServer: Traced IP in 1 attempts.
Apr 28, 2018 4:19:57 PM io.netty.util.ResourceLeakDetector reportUntracedLeak
SEVERE: LEAK: ByteBuf.release() was not called before it's garbage-collected. Enable advanced leak reporting to find out where the leak occurred. To enable advanced leak reporting, specify the JVM option '-Dio.netty.leakDetection.level=advanced' or call ResourceLeakDetector.setLevel() See for more information.
[16:22:09] [Server thread/INFO]: [Drive137: Given [Lever] * 1 to Drive137]
Soulflare3 / time.bat
Last active May 26, 2018
Quick & dirty time fix (no checks) for when Windows Update or booting into Linux causes my clock to mess up
View time.bat
sc config W32Time start=auto
sc start W32Time
sleep 5
w32tm /resync
Soulflare3 /
Created Jan 14, 2018 — forked from lyoshenka/
Keep this in mind when coding

Coding Maxims

  • code is debt (and bad code is a unhedged call option)
    • cant have 0-days or bugs if I dont write any code
    • our users dont care about the code
    • every line of code has costs (your time, readability, maintainability, complexity)
      • its like owning a house with lots of rooms. its nice when your friends come over once a month, but you pay rent every day
    • dont add features unless you're sure it is necessary
    • dont optimize prematurely
Soulflare3 / GraphicsConfigurationOverride.xml
Last active Dec 29, 2017
My HUD colors in Elite Dangerous
View GraphicsConfigurationOverride.xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
Dodger Blue / Bisque
Contributed by Garrus (3302-06-06)
Friendlies: Aqua/Cyan
Soulflare3 / zpriotesting.markdown
Last active Sep 30, 2017
Rendered version of this file hosted at as of 2017-09-29
View zpriotesting.markdown

Micah Bennett / November 26, 2012
Now your tweets have pre-shortened URLs, no more failed tweet attempts due to crazy long URLs!
(We also don't re-shorten common shorteners like or is not a URL service that just spits out any shortened URLs, one must first set up twitter integrations using their website, and when tweeting a URL the user has the option of applying Zapier's URL shortening service automatically (enabled by default). A free account can use 1 "zap" (integration) and twitter is available for free.

Soulflare3 / modern.css
Created Aug 30, 2016
Dark Modern Theme conversion for MediaWiki (Not Done)
View modern.css
body {
background: #000000;
color: #fff;
a { color: #3496f7; }
a:visited { color: #8b51ea; }
div#mw_content, div#mw_main, div#siteNotice {
Soulflare3 / fixts.bat
Last active Jun 20, 2016
Quick simple script to get the job done, will probably adjust if other problems arise. Use when Teamspeak won't stop crashing. Adjust paths as needed.
View fixts.bat
@echo off
REM Script to fix Teamspeak if it crashes every time it is launched
REM Caused by file corruption during reboot?
elevate taskkill /im ts3client_win64.exe /f
cd C:\CMD\TeamSpeak 3 Client\config
rm cache -rd
rm logs -rd
rm crashdumps -rd
start "" "C:\CMD\TeamSpeak 3 Client\ts3client_win64.exe"
View BIOInput.ini
Soulflare3 / comcast.js
Created Nov 25, 2015 — forked from Jarred-Sumner/comcast.js
Comcast injects this into webpages to show copyright notices
View comcast.js
// Comcast Cable Communications, LLC Proprietary. Copyright 2014.
// Intended use is to display browser notifications for critical and time sensitive events.
var _ComcastAlert = (function(){
return {
SYS_URL: '/e8f6b078-0f35-11de-85c5-efc5ef23aa1f/aupm/'
, dragObj: {zIndex: 999999}
, browser: null
, comcastCheck: 1
, comcastTimer: null
, xmlhttp: null
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