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Last active Jul 26, 2021
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using Revise, Javis
function ground(args...)
astar(args...; do_action=:stroke) = star(O, 50, 5, 0.5, 0, do_action)
abox(args...; do_action=:stroke) = rect(-50,-50, 100, 100, do_action)
acirc(args...; color = "red", do_action=:stroke) = circle(Point(0, 0), 50, do_action)
video = Video(500, 500)
back = Background(1:50, ground)
star_obj = Object(1:50, abox)
act!(star_obj, Action(10:20, morph_to(acirc)))
act!(star_obj, Action(30:40, anim_translate(Point(100, -100))))
act!(star_obj, Action(50:60, morph_to(astar)))
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