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Vincent De Snerck SpoBo

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View atom-package-sync.cson
prettyName: "Atom Ternjs"
homepage: "https:\\\\packages\\atom-ternjs"
prettyName: "Autocomplete Json"
homepage: "https:\\\\packages\\autocomplete-json"
prettyName: "Autocomplete Modules"
homepage: "https:\\\\packages\\autocomplete-modules"
View dabblet.css
body {
padding: 40px;
.module {
height: 50px;
width: 33%;
margin-right: 0;
margin-bottom: 20px;
background: yellow;
View RVM -> Rails 3.0 beta
mbp:code spobo$ rvm implode
Are you SURE you wish for rvm to implode? This will remove /Users/spobo/.rvm ? (type 'yes' or 'no')
Hai! Removing /Users/spobo/.rvm
-bash: /Users/spobo/.rvm/scripts/log: No such file or directory
mbp:code spobo$ mkdir -p ~/.rvm/src/ && cd ~/.rvm/src && rm -rf ./rvm/ && git clone git:// && cd rvm && ./install
View weird bundle issue ...
# the problem is with the rails command inside a rails project.
# Even if I do rails -v inside a rails project I get the gemspec mess.
mbp:billable_v1 spobo$ bundle pack
Copying .gem files into vendor/cache
* text-hyphen-1.0.0.gem
* abstract-1.0.0.gem
* text-format-1.0.0.gem
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