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Update/Correction for the Changelog of the python25 AUR package (
2016-11-26 Yen Chi Hsuan <yan12125 -at- gmail -dot- com>
* 2.6.9-10 :
add patch to skip socket test when 'localhost' cannot be resolved
2016-07-23 Christopher Arndt <aur -at- chrisarndt -dot- de>
* 2.6.9-9 :
add patch for expat 2.2 compatibility
2016-05-26 Christopher Arndt <aur -at- chrisarndt -dot- de>
* 2.6.9-8 :
add 'gcc5' as a make dependency to keep compiling this package with
GCC 5.3 instead of the now default GCC 6.1, which breaks many things.
2016-03-06 Christopher Arndt <aur -at- chrisarndt -dot- de>
* 2.6.9-7 :
add patch to remove SSLv3 support in _ssl module (removed in OpenSSL)
2015-02-01 Christopher Arndt <aur -at- chrisarndt -dot- de>
* 2.6.9-6 :
add patch for mhlib test failure (issue #7759)
2014-09-04 Christopher Arndt <aur -at- chrisarndt -dot- de>
* 2.6.9-5 :
add arm architecture
disable failing test 'test_float' for arm (no fix known)
include 'Python 2.6' in pkgdesc for better visibility in AUR search
Add warning and abort build in 'check' function when run as root, since
this triggers several test failures
2014-06-21 Christopher Arndt <aur -at- chrisarndt -dot- de>
* 2.6.9-4 :
add patch for test_distutils for
source package and .AURINFO are now generated with mkaurball
fix version number variable substitution in provides
2014-04-25 Christopher Arndt <aur -at- chrisarndt -dot- de>
* 2.6.9-3 :
re-enable 'make test' in check function
add patch for whichdb module to recognize files creatd by gdbm >= 1.9
add patch for segfault in test_pyexpat with system expat
add patch for failure in test_sqlite with sqlite >= 3.8.4
add prepare function for applying patches
2014-04-18 Christopher Arndt <aur -at- chrisarndt -dot- de>
* 2.6.9-2 :
no pattern substitution in variables in source URL for correct
display in AUR
fix .AURINFO to include pkgrel in package version
.AURINFO is now generated automatically and not included in sources
2014-04-16 Christopher Arndt <aur -at- chrisarndt -dot- de>
* 2.6.9-1 :
update to upstream version 2.6.9
change checksums to sha256
use shell variables for Python base version everywhere
include patch for building against readline >= 6.3
include patch for building against tk <= 8.6
modules not included: _bsddb bsddb185 dl imageop sunaudiodev
fix pynche and modulator launchers to use right Python version
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