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How to speed up you your Divi gallery if you are using only the first thumbnail. See the related post here:
// Add this to your Divi child theme' functions.php file
// Remember to add the my_divi_fast_gallery class to all the galleries you want to optimize
add_filter('do_shortcode_tag', 'fast_gallery_tip', 105, 2);
function fast_gallery_tip($output, $tag){
if('et_pb_gallery' === $tag && strpos($output, 'my_divi_fast_gallery') !== false){
$pattern = '/<img[^>]*>/';
$index = 0;
return preg_replace_callback($pattern, function($matches) use (&$index) {
return $index++ === 0 ? $matches[0] : sprintf('<img src="%s/square.jpg"/>', get_stylesheet_directory_uri());
}, $output);
return $output;
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