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Extension of to provide easy access to ZeroMQ message queues
<?php defined('BASEPATH') or exit('No direct script access allowed');
* CodeIgniter Rest MQ Controller
* Extends REST_Controller to provide easy access to 0MQ.
* @package CodeIgniter
* @subpackage Libraries
* @category Libraries
* @author Morten Johansen
* @license MIT
* @link
* @version 0.9.0
abstract class REST_MQ_Controller extends REST_Controller
protected $zmq_queue_type;
protected $zmq_queue_addr;
protected $zmq_context;
protected $zmq_socket;
protected function getZMQContext() {
if(!$this->zmq_context) $this->zmq_context = new ZMQContext();
return $this->zmq_context;
protected function getZMQSocket() {
if(!$this->zmq_socket) {
$ctx = $this->getZMQContext();
$this->zmq_socket = $ctx->getSocket($this->zmq_queue_type);
return $this->zmq_socket;
protected function sendZMQ($topic, $message) {
$queue = $this->getZMQSocket();
return $queue->sendmulti(array($topic, $message));
protected function sendZMQProgress($progress) {
if($requestid = $this->get('requestid')) {
$this->sendZMQ('progress_'.$requestid, $progress);
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