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#After installing holoiso 4 offline iso -- released in Dec '22 -- you may run into the inability to download system updates
#due to repo names out of sync with upstream. (
#First, ensure your current version reads 3.4 in steamdeck GUI system properties.
#switch to desktop mode, load Konsole
#save this script to your home dir ~/
#This script makes some assumptions:
#a. you can get into steamdeck gui and desktop
#b. you did your original install off the holoiso 4 offline iso from Dec '22
#c. you've saved this script to your home dir and made it executable via the cmd: chmod +x ~/
#d. your version reads 3.4 in the steamdeck gui - system properties
#e. you aren't having OTHER pacman, pkg or system issues
#f. you see 404s on downloads if you run a normal pacman -Syu
#g. if you've recently tried other steps to rectify, you may need to clear out your cache with a pacman -Scc
echo "backup and overwrite pacman.conf from holoiso github repo:"
echo ""
sudo cp /etc/pacman.conf /etc/pacman.conf.bak
echo ""
echo "grab the correct pacman.conf from repo and overwrite current..."
echo ""
sudo wget -O /etc/pacman.conf
echo ""
echo ""
echo "run initial update -- yes this will ERROR (might mention pkg ownership conflicts, 404s):"
echo "----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"
echo ""
sudo pacman -Syu
echo ""
echo ""
echo "now brute force it to accept the changes.. hopefully no more errors.."
sudo pacman -Syu --overwrite="*"
echo ""
echo "Done. your original pacman.conf was backed up as /etc/pacman.conf.bak"
echo ""
echo "If all good... reboot.."
echo ""
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