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Office Furniture

Table tops (BYO Fixed Legs)

The cheapest way to go is to get a table top and some fixed legs. Pick sitting or standing heigh, and then never change it.

Ikea Table tops Dimensions Price
Ikea Bekant oak veneer 47 1/4x31 1/2 " $80
Ikea Bekant oak veneer 55 1/8x23 5/8 " $90
Ikea Bekant oak veneer 63x31.5" $100
Ikea Gerton beech 61x29.5" $100
Ikea Hilver, bamboo 55 1/8x25 5/8 " $79

Sitting/Standing desks

Adjustable Sitting/Standing desks using a manual crank are cheaper and more reliable than motorized versions. If you get a motorized version, then pay for a good one because many places cut costs on the motors and they stop working (I'm looking at you, Ikea).

Crank Sit/Standing Desk Name Dimensions Price Weight Limit
ErgoMax Crank Desk Frame (44" to 64" W) x ~25D x 44(28" to 45" H) $250 175 lbs
Tranzendesk 55" Crank Standing Desk (Black Frame) 55" W x 23.6" D x (27.5" to 46" H) $299 85 lbs
72” Crank Adjustable Standing Conference Table / Large Standing Desk 72.25" W x 36.125" D x (29.75" to 49.75" H) $399 154 lbs.
SmartDesk 2 Premium 53"L x 29"W x (26.4" - 52" H) $599 300 lbs
Uplift (v1) 42x30” (~182x76cm) 42" W x 30" x (25.3" to 50.9") $649 355 lbs.
Uplift (v1) 48x30” (~182x76cm) 72" W x 30" x (25.3" to 50.9") $699 355 lbs.
Uplift (v1) 72x30” (~182x76cm) 72" W x 30" x (25.3" to 50.9") $859 355 lbs.

Uplift Desk recommendation from Matt Layher's remote office setup


Most drafting chairs are literally 2-4 inches too short (at their highest adjustment) to actually be tall enough for a desk adjusted to standing height for the average-height male. Most drafting stools/chairs go up to like 31 inches, while you really need one to go up to 34 inches if you’re between like ~5'8" to 6'4". The Office Star Deluxe Mesh Back Drafting Chair with 18.5" Diameter Adjustable Footring, Black Fabric Seat is one actually goes up to 34" seat height.

Standing Desk Accessories

I typically stand on a wobble/motion/rocker board, but when I don't, I like to use an $11 folding plastic step stool for one foot. I use it kind of like the foot rail at a pub's bar counter to vary my position. I also have an Anti-Fatigue Standing Comfort Mat, but it's just a random one.

Recommendedation notes:

Joe Kenny (from Khan Academy) recommended:

So much of this is personal preference but Knoll & HAT are both brands I highly recommend. Both brands are on the higher end cost wise. Most folks have been happy with IKEA offerings. We recently installed a few of these autonomous desks and were pleased. A hassle to build, but they function well. Autonomous has sales often, so worth watching. We have Knoll brand chairs at HQ. Great brand, a little pricey.

Steve Swartz (from Alfa Jango) recommended this affordable furniture setup for an entire office:

An Ergonomic Consultant recommended these:

Item Product Info
Laptop Risers NextStand Laptop Riser
Roost Laptop Riser
Lapdesk LapGear Home Laptop Desk
Ergo Keyboards Apple Magic Wireless Keyboard
Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard
Kinesis Freestyle 2
Ergo Mice Anker Verticle Mouse
Logitech M510 Mouse
Seat Cushion Kensington Memory Foam Seat Cushion
Lumbar Supports Kensington Half Back Memory Foam Lumbar Support
Fellowes Discovery Back Support
Foot Rest Fellowes Standard Foot Rest
Task Chair Modway Articulate Mesh Chair
Sadie Big & Tall Chair
Deskmount Sit/Stand Converter Mount It! Sit/Stand Converter

Wireless Headsets

Wired Headsets

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