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Created May 6, 2013 01:45
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just for fun
  1. What old-school NES game tells the story of Ryu Hiyabusa's quest for vengeance? Only pure guess, but Ninja Gaiden?
  2. Name the crazy clown who's the major villain of Final Fantasy VI. Kefka
  3. Who voices Nigel Thornberry in Nickelodeon's "The Wild Thornberrys"? Tim Curry
  4. What contemporary cartoon's tagline is, "It's anything but."? I'd have to assume the Regular Show but I've never seen it.
  5. What band did the songs "Hot-Blooded" and "Cold as Ice"? Foreigner, unless I've develped Double Vision
  6. Name the Pokémon whose special ability is to put other Pokémon to sleep, and is noted for its singing ability. Jigglypuff
  7. What anime features a master detective known as "L"? Dethu Notu!
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