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Last active Dec 23, 2015
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configuration to add command to open a url in a background tab on vimperator vimperatorでバックグラウンドタブでurlを開くコマンドを追加
javascript <<EOM
commands.add(["backgroundtabopen", "bt[open]", "btabnew"],
"Open one or more URLs in a new background tab",
function (args) {
let index = tabs.getTab();
let special = args.bang;
args = args.string;
if (options.get("activate").has("all", "tabopen"))
special = !special;
let where = special ? liberator.NEW_TAB : liberator.NEW_BACKGROUND_TAB;
if (args), { where: where });
else"", { where: where });
}, {
bang: true,
completer: function (context) completion.url(context),
literal: 0,
privateData: true
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