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@SuperV1234 SuperV1234/example_lua_ecs.cpp Secret
Created Jan 13, 2016

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// Original code
Entity* createGhostEntity()
Entity* e = new Entity;
// create a graphics component
GraphicsComponent* gc = new GraphicsComponent;
e->addComponent(std::type_index(typeid(GraphicsComponent)), gc);
// create an NpcComponent
NpcComponent* npcc = new NpcComponent;
npcc->setPhrase("I'M A SCARY GHOST!!!");
e->addComponent(std::type_index(typeid(NpcComponent)), npcc);
return e;
// ---
// Code I would write:
class context
auto create_entity()
// allocate and construct an entity
template<typename T, typename... Ts>
auto create_component(Ts&&... xs)
// allocate and construct a component
// by perfect-forwarding `xs...`
auto create_ghost_entity(context& ctx)
auto e(ctx.create_entity());
auto gc(ctx.create_component<graphics_component>("ghost.png");
auto npcc(ctx.create_component<npc_component>("I'M A SCARY GHOST!!!");
return e;
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