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Created Apr 27, 2019
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control-repo/manifests/site.pp to select based on pp_role or role fact.
## site.pp ##
# This file (/etc/puppetlabs/puppet/manifests/site.pp) is the main entry point
# used when an agent connects to a master and asks for an updated configuration.
# Global objects like filebuckets and resource defaults should go in this file,
# as should the default node definition. (The default node can be omitted
# if you use the console and don't define any other nodes in site.pp. See
# for more on
# node definitions.)
## Active Configurations ##
# Disable filebucket by default for all File resources:
File { backup => false }
# Node definitions in this file are merged with node data from the console. See
# for more on
# node definitions.
# The default node definition matches any node lacking a more specific node
# definition. If there are no other nodes in this file, classes declared here
# will be included in every node's catalog, *in addition* to any classes
# specified in the console for that node.
node default {
# Detect which role to use
if $trusted['extensions']['pp_role'] {
# Trusted extension (fact) overrides regular fact
$role = $trusted['extensions']['pp_role']
} elsif $facts['role'] {
$role = $facts['role']
} else {
notify { 'role_undefined':
message => 'NOTICE: The fact "role" is not defined! Defaulting to agent_only',
$role = 'agent_only'
# Support specifying "role::blah" or just "blah" for role
if $role =~ /^role::/ {
$role_class = $role
} elsif $role == '' { # Yes, we have seen blank roles (sigh)
notify { 'role_blank':
message => 'WARNING: The fact "role" is blank! Defaulting to agent_only',
$role_class = 'role::agent_only'
} else { # assume it is just the role_name
$role_class = "role::${role}"
# Validate that $role_class exists before including it
if defined($role_class) {
include $role_class
} else {
notify { 'role_not_exist':
message => "WARNING: The fact \"role\" is set to \"${role}\", which does not exist. Defaulting to agent_only.",
include role::agent_only
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