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Takeoverkyle / Blacklisted_MusicTitles
Last active Mar 19, 2019
Blacklist for DynoBOT | When downloading turn the files into notepad text files | Blacklisted name stuff soonTM | Website: | Invite:
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anal, beaner, butt-pirate, buttpirate, butt pirate, chode, clit, cock, cuck, cum , cunt, dike, dyke, douche, feget, fag, fudgepacker, fudge packer, gooch, jigaboo, jungle bunny, junglebunny, kike, kooch, kyke, mcfag, nigg, niga, paki, pollock, poon, porch monkey, porchmonkey, queef, queer, rape, rimjob, rim job, ruski, slut, spic, spick, wetback, wet back, hitler, autist, cuck, douche, memes, dank, keemstar. memestar, dramaalert, gaywards, trapbar, isis, sex offender, nazi, distorted, dat boi, tank, harambe, idubbz, spooky scary, chum drum, swamp, shrek, vape nation, porn, pirate, mr krabs, vocaloid, frozen parody, fuck my ass, i'm a hoe, im a hoe, f*ck my a$$, sjw, social justice warrior, 4chan, 9gag, buzzfeed, smash mouth, spiderman & frozen, frozen elsa and spiderman, spiderman and frozen, frozen elsa & spiderman, pussy, smelly poop fart, toy monster, webs & tiaras, allahu akbar, akbar, allahu, taliban, terriorist
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