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Tharine/2013.06.16 (-admins) Secret

Created Aug 31, 2013
What would you like to do?
[09:52] <JohnAdams|afk> lol
[10:17] <cmchappell> Good evening.
[10:17] <cmchappell> How did the staff meeting go?
[10:19] <JohnAdams|afk> Not too bad
[10:19] <JohnAdams|afk> A few rabble rousers, but not too bad
[10:19] <cmchappell> Rabble rousers?
[10:20] <JohnAdams|afk> people spamming mumble chat while we were trying to get questions from people
[10:21] <cmchappell> Dang.
[10:23] <JohnAdams|afk> Yea :/
[10:26] <Barlimore> Sorry about that John.
[10:26] <JohnAdams|afk> hmm?
[10:26] <Barlimore> "[01:50] <@JohnAdams|afk> people spamming mumble chat while we were trying to get questions from people" ;-)
[10:27] <JohnAdams|afk> Oh
[10:27] <JohnAdams|afk> Yea, not your fault
[10:27] <Barlimore> You raised an interesting point John, twice during the meeting. Although you made the point in two different ways.
[10:27] <JohnAdams|afk> hmm?
[10:27] <Barlimore> The short of it: "Why have people waited to this very meeting to raise concerns? We've been here almost every day."
[10:28] <JohnAdams|afk> heh
[10:28] <Barlimore> I recall you at one point referred to your AMA on this note.
[10:28] <JohnAdams|afk> I didn;'t realize that message was there, but yea
[10:30] <JohnAdams|afk> I mean, the meeting is a good time to have a large concentration of staff at your disposal
[10:30] <cmchappell> Concerns about what?
[10:30] <jcll> cmchappell, Mosly people from your server lol
[10:31] <Barlimore> Yes Cmchappell. A lot of questions couldn't be answered.
[10:31] <cmchappell> :[
[10:32] <Barlimore> I guess people didn't want to know as only two new topics sprung up since the meeting and one subreddit thread. Magnyus had an interesting suggestion to host server-specific meetings where one server won't dominate a staff meeting.
[10:32] <JohnAdams|afk> I try not to be anti S players
[10:32] <JohnAdams|afk> but yea, most of the rabble rousers were from S :/
[10:32] <JohnAdams|afk> Although that one guy I have no idea who he was, and one of them was from P
[10:32] <cmchappell> Which guy?
[10:33] <Barlimore> C was very well behaved. ^^ (too busy roleplaying prisoners / jail wardens when I logged back in)
[10:33] <JohnAdams|afk> lol
[10:33] <JohnAdams|afk> I heard about that
[10:34] <JohnAdams|afk> >_>
[10:36] <buzzie71> JohnAdams|afk, that new MCPCJ post...
[10:37] <buzzie71> I feel it treads a little too far
[10:37] <jcll> buzzie71, what one?
[10:37] <buzzie71>
[10:37] <JohnAdams|afk> :/
[10:38] <JohnAdams|afk> I dunno
[10:38] <JohnAdams|afk> This is funny: "upverros'd"
[10:38] <JohnAdams|afk> It's supposed to be silly
[10:38] <buzzie71> I'm in contact with someone who doesn't find it particularly amusing
[10:38] <JohnAdams|afk> May I ask who that is?
[10:38] <buzzie71> PM-ing
[10:38] <JohnAdams|afk> OK, thanks
[10:38] <jcll> inb4 barney
[10:39] <JohnAdams|afk> No
[10:39] <JohnAdams|afk> But I'l leave it to the other admins of the subreddit - Deaygo and jcll or even Skuld/Lude to rule on it
[10:39] <jcll> JohnAdams|afk, I think it is fine
[10:41] <buzzie71> I know I'm not a mod on MCPCJ but I would probably still ask for its removal :/
[10:41] <JohnAdams|afk> I dunno, we use that to make fun of stuff all the time
[10:41] <buzzie71> either that or I am emotionally compromised and can't think straight anymore ><
[10:41] <Tharine> It strikes me as very passive aggressive and dismissive of concerns of the players. It's not quite 'ceiling totemo is watching you xray'.
[10:41] <JohnAdams|afk> It's not like I'm mentioning anyone in particualr
[10:41] <JohnAdams|afk> For example
[10:41] <jcll> buzzie71, It is a circle jerk subreddit. It is for just that kind of post lol
[10:41] <buzzie71> I need to agree with Tharine on that one, for this post
[10:42] <JohnAdams|afk> I hard no complains from barney about the new theme
[10:42] <JohnAdams|afk> Hell, he embraced it
[10:42] <jcll> JohnAdams|afk, I think he rather likes it :D
[10:42] <Tharine> Circlejerk shouldn't be at the expense of other players' like that.
[10:42] <JohnAdams|afk> Really?
[10:42] <jcll> Rubs his ego
[10:42] <JohnAdams|afk> Give me a moment to pull examples
[10:42] <JohnAdams|afk> of this
[10:42] <JohnAdams|afk> It's been like this for years
[10:42] <JohnAdams|afk> YEARS
[10:43] <Barlimore> I can see the concerns of this post from the perspective of the very type of person who conducts themselves in this way. It seems to be a way of showing that John was blowing off steam in an ironic way as we know John would listen to concerns.
[10:43] <Deaygo> Who made the "is literally barneygale" change on circlejerk?
[10:43] * jcll hides from Deaygo
[10:43] <JohnAdams|afk> Thanks Barlimore. That's more or less it
[10:43] <JohnAdams|afk> I do hear their concerns
[10:43] <Tharine> Precedent doesn't make everything alright, though.
[10:43] <jcll> Sorry Deaygo. People seem to be enjoying it :3
[10:43] <Barlimore> But there is a line where some people might not understand the irony.
[10:43] <JohnAdams|afk>
[10:44] <JohnAdams|afk> That makes fun of pve players
[10:44] <buzzie71> well no one was really upset by that as far as I knew
[10:44] <Tharine> That makes light fun of the pve war stuff, it doesn't make fun of players' concerns that aren't being met.
[10:44] <buzzie71> precisely
[10:44] <JohnAdams|afk> "Aren't being met"
[10:44] <JohnAdams|afk> How so?
[10:44] <JohnAdams|afk> Can hey expect immedate retunrs?
[10:44] <JohnAdams|afk> No
[10:44] <JohnAdams|afk> But I heard their converns
[10:45] <jcll> I think whoever has issues with that ciclejerk post needs to unbunch there panties
[10:45] <JohnAdams|afk> I am goign to address them
[10:45] <JohnAdams|afk> Just not RIGHT NOW
[10:45] <Tharine> "They didn't answer any of my questions!"
[10:45] <JohnAdams|afk> Yea
[10:45] <Tharine> The immediacy doesn't seem to be a point you're making.
[10:45] <JohnAdams|afk> We didn;t
[10:45] <JohnAdams|afk> What about
[10:45] <JohnAdams|afk>
[10:46] <Tharine> You're also clearly making fun of an incident that happened on creative only the other day, one that several people took great trust issues with.
[10:46] <JohnAdams|afk> or
[10:46] <JohnAdams|afk>
[10:46] <buzzie71> I don't think donvito was particularly upset by that thread; he knew it was a joke
[10:46] <Deaygo> time do my test in mymethlab!
[10:46] <JohnAdams|afk> or
[10:46] <JohnAdams|afk>
[10:46] <JohnAdams|afk> ??
[10:46] <buzzie71> I don't know the context and can't answer to that one
[10:46] <Deaygo> or... not.
[10:47] <JohnAdams|afk> or
[10:47] <JohnAdams|afk>
[10:47] <JohnAdams|afk>
[10:47] <Deaygo> he set it for noon, not midnight...
[10:47] <JohnAdams|afk> it's to make fun of
[10:47] <JohnAdams|afk> issues that area
[10:47] <JohnAdams|afk> *are real
[10:47] <JohnAdams|afk> But need to made fun of
[10:47] <JohnAdams|afk> Becuase in the end
[10:47] <JohnAdams|afk> It's A fucking game
[10:47] <Tharine> JohnAdams|afk: Those are all entirely silly, and still not making fun of /player concerns/.
[10:47] <Barlimore> It's been a rather long few days. As important as people's concerns are, including on this post, maybe we could take some time to collect our thoughts and respond with more hindsight?
[10:47] <JohnAdams|afk> Yes they are
[10:47] <JohnAdams|afk> The mod cap was a very alrge concern
[10:47] <JohnAdams|afk> *large concern
[10:48] <Tharine> But it's 'lol upvote for ocelots' not 'rabble rabble my concerns aren't being met'-type hatred
[10:48] <JohnAdams|afk> Wel
[10:48] <jcll> Tharine, You seem to be taking a circlejerk post a little too seriously.
[10:48] <JohnAdams|afk>
[10:48] <JohnAdams|afk> That
[10:48] <JohnAdams|afk> That was mking fun iof
[10:49] <JohnAdams|afk> *of a SAdmin
[10:49] <JohnAdams|afk> Who told them to stop spammign chat
[10:49] <JohnAdams|afk> with meaos and bullshit
[10:49] <JohnAdams|afk> I let that post slide
[10:49] <Tharine> You speak as though I am the kind of person who was fine with that post being made.
[10:49] <JohnAdams|afk> because I kenw the SAdmin was overreacting
[10:49] <JohnAdams|afk> I'm saying
[10:49] <JohnAdams|afk> That the players involved
[10:49] <buzzie71> I think the main concern here is the fact that a player's concerns are being parodied (and thus implied to be trivial)
[10:49] <JohnAdams|afk> with concernss about my psot
[10:49] <JohnAdams|afk> need to calm the fuck down
[10:49] <buzzie71> it's rather insulting if the concern is genuine
[10:49] <JohnAdams|afk> stop taking things so seriosuly
[10:50] <JohnAdams|afk> They need to know
[10:50] <JohnAdams|afk> that I do care
[10:50] <JohnAdams|afk> That if I didn;t care
[10:50] <JohnAdams|afk> I'd say nothing
[10:50] <Tharine> That's a bit inconsiderate to dismiss this as 'circlejerk' and therefore alright, and that we're the ones being too serious.
[10:50] <JohnAdams|afk> And IGNORE THEM
[10:50] <JohnAdams|afk> Why
[10:50] <JohnAdams|afk> Why do I have to be serious all the time
[10:50] <JohnAdams|afk> I;m human
[10:50] <JohnAdams|afk> I can't joke?
[10:50] <Tharine> Because you're taking player's honest concerns and turning them into a parody.
[10:50] <JohnAdams|afk> Hmmmm?
[10:51] <Deaygo> JohnAdams|afk: hey, calm down a bit...
[10:51] <JohnAdams|afk> I;'m an not removing the post
[10:51] <Deaygo> I know you are stressed out.
[10:51] <JohnAdams|afk> But the other admins of the subreddit can do as they will
[10:51] <jcll> Deaygo, JohnAdams|afk I am fine with that post
[10:51] <JohnAdams|afk> And for the record
[10:51] <JohnAdams|afk> FUCK nooble
[10:51] <Barlimore> I think the best course of action on this is: Sleep -> New day.
[10:51] <JohnAdams|afk> and the whole lot
[10:51] <cmchappell> :[
[10:51] <buzzie71> >:(
[10:51] <JohnAdams|afk> For ruining my night
[10:51] <cmchappell> What's wrong with N00ble? :[
[10:51] <Deaygo> JohnAdams|afk: oi
[10:51] <jcll> Good JohnAdams|afk
[10:51] <Tharine> Wow, JA.
[10:52] <cmchappell> What did I miss?
[10:52] <JohnAdams|afk> I am sorry
[10:52] <JohnAdams|afk> I lost my step dad last night
[10:52] <Deaygo> JohnAdams|afk: It's been a rought week for you
[10:52] <JohnAdams|afk> I wanted to have a bit of fun
[10:52] <JohnAdams|afk> No noooooooooooooooooo
[10:52] <JohnAdams|afk> But*
[10:52] <JohnAdams|afk> Fine
[10:52] <JohnAdams|afk> Take away my fun
[10:52] <Deaygo> ...
[10:52] <JohnAdams|afk> Not that I care
[10:52] <JohnAdams|afk> And I swear to god
[10:52] <JohnAdams|afk> If they find out what I said here
[10:53] <JohnAdams|afk> I will raise sober hell
[10:53] <buzzie71> they won't
[10:53] <jcll> buzzie71, Can cant be too sure
[10:53] <JohnAdams|afk> I'm just going to excuse myself from all the things
[10:53] <cmchappell> :[
[10:53] <JohnAdams|afk> No one
[10:53] <Deaygo> jcll: wtf man.
[10:54] <JohnAdams|afk> No one else had a poblem with that post
[10:54] <JohnAdams|afk> Just one player
[10:54] <JohnAdams|afk> whines
[10:54] <JohnAdams|afk> and this
[10:54] <JohnAdams|afk> this happens
[10:54] <JohnAdams|afk> Why
[10:54] <jcll> Deaygo, I have her back.
[10:54] <Tharine> Stop treating this channel as though it's a private forum to bash on our players, that's completely unacceptable and not what this channel is for at all.
[10:54] <JohnAdams|afk> Does one player
[10:54] <JohnAdams|afk> ruin my fun
[10:54] <JohnAdams|afk> >
[10:54] <Deaygo> JohnAdams|afk: two admins have an issue that with post from what I am reading.
[10:54] <JohnAdams|afk> OK
[10:54] <Deaygo> I'm not trying to be a dick here either.
[10:54] <JohnAdams|afk> Consider it gone
[10:55] <JohnAdams|afk> I will keep my opinions bottled up
[10:55] <JohnAdams|afk> Because appretly some players
[10:55] <JohnAdams|afk> are too sensitive
[10:55] <JohnAdams|afk> to take a fucking joke
[10:55] <JohnAdams|afk> I am DONE
[10:55] <JohnAdams|afk> DONE with catering to thsoew
[10:55] <JohnAdams|afk> and harass me
[10:55] <JohnAdams|afk> constantly
[10:55] <JohnAdams|afk> With their shit
[10:55] <JohnAdams|afk> DONE
[10:55] <Deaygo> JohnAdams|afk: you should calm down a litle.
[10:56] <jcll>
[10:56] <JohnAdams|afk> Yes
[10:56] <JohnAdams|afk> sI am sorry
[10:56] <JohnAdams|afk> I'll sto
[10:56] <JohnAdams|afk> The post is gone
[10:56] <JohnAdams|afk> and stuff and things
[10:56] <JohnAdams|afk> I am sory
[10:56] <JohnAdams|afk> for telling at you all
[10:56] <JohnAdams|afk> <3 Admins
[10:57] <buzzie71> I'm sorry if I appear to be impeding your fun JA, but I felt that it would be a show of good faith if the post were removed :/
[10:57] <JohnAdams|afk> *yelling
[10:57] <JohnAdams|afk> It is gone
[10:57] <JohnAdams|afk> Liek 5 mins ago
[10:57] <buzzie71> I know
[10:58] <buzzie71> ...and I appreciate it
[10:59] <JohnAdams|afk> I just really hate that you all ganged up on me
[10:59] <JohnAdams|afk> I am making fun of concerns, sure, but I'm not dismissing them
[10:59] <Deaygo> JohnAdams|afk: I wasn't ganging up on you...
[10:59] <JohnAdams|afk> I know
[10:59] <JohnAdams|afk> But why is it that one player can ruin my fun
[10:59] <Deaygo> I know you are going through a rough time...
[10:59] <JohnAdams|afk> How does that balance?
[11:00] <JohnAdams|afk> How is that fair to me
[11:00] <jcll> Thing is john does have a point. We do appease a small vocal group of our servers at the expence of others.
[11:00] <JohnAdams|afk> I know you're friends with that player Tharine
[11:00] <JohnAdams|afk> And I get that you're concerned with making sure players feel understood/treated fairly
[11:01] <JohnAdams|afk> But it's not a personal attack
[11:01] <JohnAdams|afk> If that post had been made by anone
[11:01] <JohnAdams|afk> *anyone beside me
[11:01] <Tharine> Had that post been made about anyone else by anyone else, I would still have said the same.
[11:01] <JohnAdams|afk> Oh really
[11:01] <JohnAdams|afk> Why?
[11:01] <Tharine> Absolutely
[11:01] <JohnAdams|afk> Why?
[11:01] <Tharine> Because you're making a parody post at the expense of genuine concerns that have been made by some of our players
[11:02] <JohnAdams|afk> "Some of our players"
[11:02] <jcll> Some = less then 1% of our community
[11:02] <JohnAdams|afk> Like other groups haven't been made fun of in the past
[11:02] <Tharine> I'm not going to have this conversation with you if you can't accept that it matters none to me /who/ you are making this post about.
[11:02] <JohnAdams|afk> Hello toastthemost
[11:02] <JohnAdams|afk> I have a hard time beleiving
[11:03] <JohnAdams|afk> that you, the most vocal
[11:03] <jcll> To me it looksl like we cowtow to that group of 5 much more then we need to.
[11:03] <JohnAdams|afk> Of all the people here
[11:03] <JohnAdams|afk> "happen" to be friends with that one player
[11:03] <JohnAdams|afk> one player/goup of players
[11:03] <JohnAdams|afk> Let's be honest
[11:03] <jcll> And this is the the only time I have heard of your favoritism to that group
[11:03] <Tharine> Then you are too caught up in your own personal prejudice to approach this situation.
[11:03] <JohnAdams|afk> How so
[11:03] <jcll> *not the only time
[11:04] <JohnAdams|afk> If any other goupr
[11:04] <Tharine> Because you are making clear assumptions that you believe I am being biased.
[11:04] <JohnAdams|afk> had made those complaints
[11:04] <JohnAdams|afk> I'd have made fun of them just the same
[11:04] <Tharine> Absolutely.
[11:04] <Tharine> I would have taken the exact same issue.
[11:04] <buzzie71> jcll, I think I know what you are talking about, and if I guess correctly one of my earlier reports was from one of those you are thinking of
[11:04] <JohnAdams|afk> And I would have acknoledged your concern
[11:05] <Tharine> I'm not expressing favourtism if i'm the only one standing up for issues that revolve around a particular group.
[11:05] <buzzie71> but the players parodied in that MCPCJ post did nothing wrong
[11:05] <JohnAdams|afk> But until I hear from more people, I'd have dismissed it
[11:05] <buzzie71> or at least in my eyes, compared to that post I reported
[11:05] <jcll> buzzie71, I have been hearing people talk about the bias to that group from Tharine for a while now.
[11:05] <JohnAdams|afk> While I trust you opinion
[11:05] <JohnAdams|afk> It is but one
[11:05] <Tharine> Then that is completely inappropriate of you, JA. And I am incredibly disappointed that you would take such a stance on things.
[11:05] <JohnAdams|afk> Well, the post is removed anyway
[11:05] <JohnAdams|afk> You and I have never seemed to get along in some things
[11:06] <JohnAdams|afk> Which is a pity
[11:06] <Tharine> Not everyone shares the same opinions, that is unfortunate. But at any incident where someone does anything like this, I will stand up for the person who is not in the wrong.
[11:06] <JohnAdams|afk> Am I in the wrong?
[11:06] <JohnAdams|afk> Why assume I am in the wrong first
[11:06] <JohnAdams|afk> And attack me>
[11:06] <JohnAdams|afk> Did you read the post
[11:07] <JohnAdams|afk> Or bother asing me why I made it
[11:07] <JohnAdams|afk> Or the sentiment behidn it?
[11:07] <JohnAdams|afk> Nope
[11:07] <JohnAdams|afk> Just jumped right down my thoat
[11:07] <JohnAdams|afk> :/
[11:07] <Tharine> Your response to that situation is incredibly inappropriate. I am not attacking you at all, and that is unreasonable to declare that bringing my concerns forth are an attack.
[11:07] <JohnAdams|afk> It's an attack on me persoanlly when it's muy method of stress releif that is under attack
[11:08] <JohnAdams|afk> But you'd have known that if you bothered to ask
[11:08] <Barlimore> I'm glad that we do not all get along all of the time. We can call each other out on our crap. The post in question has different interpretations for different people, including John.
[11:08] <JohnAdams|afk> Before asking for me to remove it
[11:08] <Tharine> Your method of stress relief should not involve actions that are taken at the expense of others'
[11:08] <jcll> Tharine, Who was she harming?
[11:09] <JohnAdams|afk> At the expense of nebulious players
[11:09] <Tharine> Players won't bring their concerns forth any more if they feel they will simply result in a circlejerk post mocking what they've done.
[11:09] <JohnAdams|afk> There was nothign personal in there
[11:09] <JohnAdams|afk> named no names
[11:09] <buzzie71> no, but the word choice made it obvious
[11:09] <JohnAdams|afk> It was just one about the meeting
[11:09] <Tharine> You referred to the creative incident; your implication of what group you were referring to there is clear.
[11:09] <buzzie71> same reason why I called out that player for a personal attack on the forums
[11:09] <JohnAdams|afk> I'd never post about one particular person
[11:09] <JohnAdams|afk> Hell, I MADE UP some of that post
[11:09] <JohnAdams|afk> >_>
[11:10] <JohnAdams|afk> Waht crarive incident?
[11:10] <jcll> Tharine, You may be reading into it a little much lol
[11:10] <buzzie71> names weren't mentioned but I find it hard to believe that he would use that particular word choice if he weren't trying to imply one particular name
[11:10] <Tharine> It discomforts me that you feel it is somehow more appropriate when it is about a group of people rather than one in particlar.
[11:10] <buzzie71> same logic here
[11:10] <Tharine> particular*
[11:10] <JohnAdams|afk> FUCK I can't remember what I posted because I removed it :(
[11:10] <jcll> Well I expect this log to get to barney and those S players rather quickly
[11:10] <JohnAdams|afk> Oh please
[11:11] <JohnAdams|afk> We've made fun of groups of players in the past
[11:11] <JohnAdams|afk> When they need to be made fun of
[11:11] <Barlimore> Jcll, regarding who was being harmed I think in this case, potentially the image of the Head Admins given the timing of the post after the meeting, unfortunately. Given that the handful of us alone all seem to view this post in different lights, who knows how everyone else would have viewed it.
[11:11] <JohnAdams|afk> Well
[11:11] <JohnAdams|afk> Clearly I'm not helpful here
[11:12] <JohnAdams|afk> Excuse me for having a bit of fun
[11:13] <Barlimore> I'm in the uncomfortable position of discussing this, knowing how tired some of you must be, how much you've been doing today and beyond. I was hoping that today could be more focused on something a little lighter.
[11:13] <JohnAdams|afk> Ditto
[11:13] <JohnAdams|afk> Hanse the post
[11:13] <JohnAdams|afk> Maybe not an excuse
[11:14] <JohnAdams|afk> But my fucking step dad died last night and knowing that if I didn;t show to the staff meeting it'd not gone as well as it did
[11:14] <JohnAdams|afk> I spent the better part fo 5 hours doing the dam thing
[11:14] <JohnAdams|afk> I shoudl have just ficked off
[11:14] <Barlimore> Not to say that we can't continue this at another time, but I don't feel in the best mind-frame for this, I can't imagine how the rest of you are.
[11:14] <JohnAdams|afk> Let you lot to it
[11:15] <JohnAdams|afk> And afterwards, just to blow off steam, had a bit of fun
[11:15] <JohnAdams|afk> Sorry if the players can't handle a bit of circlejerk
[11:15] <JohnAdams|afk> They ought to knwo nothing in there is serious
[11:16] <JohnAdams|afk> I am sorry if they don't get that
[11:17] <JohnAdams|afk> Meanwhile, I'm re-reading it
[11:17] <JohnAdams|afk> I don't get the bit about the C incident?
[11:18] <JohnAdams|afk> I do mention "I know a mod who hates me and my fiends" but that could mean anythung
[11:18] <JohnAdams|afk> *thing
[11:18] <JohnAdams|afk> I never said a word about C
[11:18] <JohnAdams|afk> Hell, that could be about at least 3 mods I know of atm
[11:18] <JohnAdams|afk> ?_?
[11:19] <Tharine> " They have no legitimate reason to tp to me! Ever! Abuse! Admins don't care!"
[11:19] <Tharine> Those in the know are not naive about what you're referring to.
[11:19] <JohnAdams|afk> Well
[11:19] <JohnAdams|afk> Those hwo know know
[11:19] <JohnAdams|afk> Those who don't don't
[11:20] <JohnAdams|afk> But again, that's not the only incident of mods being accused of tp'ing to players for no reason
[11:20] <JohnAdams|afk> *apprent reason
[11:20] <JohnAdams|afk> THey need to be a little less sensitive imo
[11:20] <Tharine> The fact that only a small group of people will know what you're referring to doesn't make it any more alright.
[11:20] <JohnAdams|afk> If a player had made this post
[11:20] <JohnAdams|afk> I'd have let it go
[11:21] <jcll> same here
[11:21] <Barlimore> We could pick apart the entire post and look for the recipe to rice and argue between italics or not. If this hole is going to continue being dug between us all, I'd like to remove the shovels.
[11:21] <Tharine> Your post would make no contextual sense if you switched it to being made by a player.
[11:21] <Barlimore> Analogy aside, can this stop at least for tonight?
[11:23] <JohnAdams|afk> Actually, 90% of the post comes from players' I've heard overt the past few months
[11:23] <JohnAdams|afk> It's written from the POV of a player for god sake
[11:23] <JohnAdams|afk> But Yea, the post is gone
[11:24] <JohnAdams|afk> And I'll not belabor it anymore
[11:24] <JohnAdams|afk> If you all have issue with how I am as a person and as a head amin, then fine
[11:24] <JohnAdams|afk> I can accept that
[11:25] <jcll> Is this the kind of shit we what in our community?
[11:25] <Barlimore> Reasoned debate needs clarity of mind otherwise we're in a shit throwing fest.
[11:25] <jcll> Tharine, ^
[11:25] <JohnAdams|afk> Well WHAT THE FUCK
[11:25] <JohnAdams|afk> seriosuly
[11:26] <JohnAdams|afk> They can get away with circlejerk
[11:26] <JohnAdams|afk> But I can't
[11:26] <JohnAdams|afk> How the fuck does that make sense
[11:26] <Barlimore> Because you're better than that.
[11:26] <Barlimore> And you'll rise above it.
[11:27] <JohnAdams|afk> But sometimes I just wnat to be a regular player :3
[11:27] <jcll> And I am very disapointed in dray. WTF
[11:27] <JohnAdams|afk> And not be a "promoted" anything
[11:27] <JohnAdams|afk> Can I not act like everyone else?
[11:27] * totemo (~totemo@totemo.user.gamesurge) has joined
[11:27] * ChanServ gives channel operator status to totemo
[11:27] <Tharine> jcll: Don't even try to start that. As if it's not awkward enough already listening to other people bash on your peers, you can't expect him to censor what they're saying.
[11:27] <JohnAdams|afk> Well
[11:27] <JohnAdams|afk> You;ve asked the same of me
[11:28] <JohnAdams|afk> And my peers
[11:28] <jcll> There we go.
[11:28] <buzzie71> I'm not in the business of regulating opinions made in private
[11:28] <JohnAdams|afk> I hate double standards
[11:28] <Tharine> You've made a subreddit post mocking the concerns of our playerbase. This sounds like a private conversation between a group of people that was linked to you.
[11:28] <JohnAdams|afk> Um
[11:29] <JohnAdams|afk> In a public mumble channel
[11:29] <JohnAdams|afk> That could have been overheard by anyone
[11:29] <JohnAdams|afk> There's no record like my post
[11:29] <JohnAdams|afk> But I'd argue is just as public
[11:30] <JohnAdams|afk> I hate double standards
[11:30] <JohnAdams|afk> Is all I am getting at
[11:30] <JohnAdams|afk> I am also pissed
[11:30] <JohnAdams|afk> that an SAdmin
[11:30] <JohnAdams|afk> LET IT HAPPEN
[11:30] <JohnAdams|afk> Fuck that
[11:31] <Tharine> I very much doubt it was a case of 'letting it happen'. You're expecting someone to step in and say 'no, you're not allowed to have an opinion of another person'.
[11:31] <JohnAdams|afk> Or how about
[11:31] <JohnAdams|afk> Don;t make fun of someone who is working so hard to HELP YOU
[11:31] <JohnAdams|afk> I've done that
[11:31] <JohnAdams|afk> to people in muumlbe
[11:31] <JohnAdams|afk> Several times
[11:32] <Barlimore> Assumptions. Draykhar may have been afk, otherwise occupied or even be awaiting to approach you on this.
[11:32] <JohnAdams|afk> True
[11:32] <Tharine> Had I been in a mumble channel with someone who was bashing on Barlimore, I wouldn't feel comfortable stepping in to tell them to stop.
[11:32] <JohnAdams|afk> But if they'd been making fun of me?
[11:33] <Tharine> This is not an X versus JohnAdams situation, I have told you i'm not going to continue such conversations with you if you cannot accept this.
[11:34] <JohnAdams|afk> Then maybe you ought to have a convo with them about not personal attacking people in a public mumble channe;
[11:34] <JohnAdams|afk> *l
[11:34] <Tharine> Were you in that channel with them, JA?
[11:34] <JohnAdams|afk> Even after the fact, it could be effective
[11:34] <JohnAdams|afk> No, I was at dinner with my Mom
[11:34] <JohnAdams|afk> But this comes from a mod
[11:35] <JohnAdams|afk> I want you to step back
[11:35] <Tharine> People are welcome to have their own personal opinions of other people, and express those in what they understand to be private areas. I have no doubt that I am spoken about in other circles, about any number of my qualities. Perhaps I drink alcohol and someone takes issue with that, they are welcome to have that opinion of me.
[11:36] <JohnAdams|afk> And consider
[11:36] <JohnAdams|afk> " they understand to be private areas"
[11:36] <JohnAdams|afk> It's not
[11:36] <JohnAdams|afk> It's a public mumble channel
[11:36] <JohnAdams|afk> I'd have told them to stop
[11:36] <JohnAdams|afk> Had aI been there
[11:36] <JohnAdams|afk> If they were talking about anyone
[11:36] <JohnAdams|afk> If a mod
[11:36] <JohnAdams|afk> Had come to me with this after the fact
[11:37] <JohnAdams|afk> I would pull those players aside
[11:37] <JohnAdams|afk> And thell them it's not acceptable
[11:37] <JohnAdams|afk> But I won't
[11:37] <JohnAdams|afk> Because I am the object of that attack
[11:37] <JohnAdams|afk> But you
[11:37] <JohnAdams|afk> You as an admin
[11:37] <JohnAdams|afk> Need to realzie
[11:37] <JohnAdams|afk> That it is an attack on a single person
[11:37] <Tharine> Mumble channels are public to enter, you are quite right, but people are welcome to move into channels on their own and assume that they are in a private area. Once someone they are not comfortable in arrives, it becomes public once again.
[11:37] <JohnAdams|afk> In a public mumble channel
[11:38] <JohnAdams|afk> Alright them
[11:38] <JohnAdams|afk> So the next time someone like nolan makes fun of S players
[11:38] <JohnAdams|afk> Shall I not stop them?>
[11:38] <JohnAdams|afk> Because I have been
[11:38] <JohnAdams|afk> Until now
[11:39] <JohnAdams|afk> Not any player in particualr
[11:39] <Tharine> Have other players in that room taken offence to his comment? Then yes, you should encourage them to speak up about their discomfort and work with either person to determine what is an appropriate resolution to the situation. More often that not, people just move out of the channel.
[11:39] <JohnAdams|afk> But just "S players"
[11:39] <JohnAdams|afk> No, they haven't
[11:39] <JohnAdams|afk> No one in the channel had a problem
[11:39] <JohnAdams|afk> But I told them to stop anyway
[11:39] <JohnAdams|afk> Because I hate the idea of having the community split
[11:39] <JohnAdams|afk> Seriously
[11:40] <JohnAdams|afk> If you or them have a problem
[11:40] <JohnAdams|afk> with me as an Admin
[11:40] <JohnAdams|afk> Then we have to have a seriosut conversation
[11:40] <JohnAdams|afk> But the only people
[11:41] <JohnAdams|afk> I ever hear from about how I admin
[11:41] <JohnAdams|afk> Is you and that small group of S players
[11:41] <JohnAdams|afk> So it's ahrd to take it seriosuly
[11:41] <Tharine> I am having a serious conversation with you right now as your conduct about an admin. I am addressing this concern as soon as the situation came to my attention.
[11:41] <JohnAdams|afk> I trust your opinion
[11:41] <JohnAdams|afk> and I am willing to listen to players
[11:41] <JohnAdams|afk> But when I log into P and C people wleocme me and say hi
[11:42] <JohnAdams|afk> I log into S and I get attecked
[11:42] <JohnAdams|afk> *in text
[11:42] <Barlimore> JohnAdams|afk & Tharine, I'll contact you both tomorrow to apologise properly but I will be collecting your apologies too; That we've allowed this discussion which has gone in a complete circle to continue for an hour+.
[11:42] <Tharine> If people have been attacking you, then bring it to someone else's attention and it can be addressed.
[11:42] <Barlimore> I have to go now, I would appreciate if you would both get some sleep too at some stage (I understand this will be much later for you Tharine)
[11:42] <JohnAdams|afk> The most disruptive players during the meeting were that small group of S players, with one P player and one I've never seen before
[11:43] <buzzie71> Barlimore, better add me to that list as well :S
[11:43] <Tharine> JA I would implore you to stop looking at people as 'S' or 'P' players and recognise that they are all individuals that happen to have a shared interest and opinion.
[11:43] <JohnAdams|afk> Read the meeting notes
[11:44] <JohnAdams|afk>
[11:44] <JohnAdams|afk> Read it as an impartial party
[11:44] <JohnAdams|afk> If you can, and juege the spam bull shit people from like nooble pulled during the meeting
[11:44] <JohnAdams|afk> I would have banned her if I'd have been able to spare a moment
[11:44] <JohnAdams|afk> Her and several others
[11:45] <JohnAdams|afk> Not all S players
[11:45] <JohnAdams|afk> by the way
[11:45] <JohnAdams|afk> But I want to show you that they are not innocent
[11:45] <JohnAdams|afk> in all this
[11:45] <Tharine> Again, she is N00ble, an individual. She also happens to be a Survival player, but that should not be any kind of defining point in how you approach her concerns.
[11:45] <JohnAdams|afk> True
[11:46] <JohnAdams|afk> But I do think she and her cohorts such as tornadohorse are circkeljerk'ers who spammed up mumble during the meeting
[11:46] <JohnAdams|afk> And for them to take offence to my post afterwards
[11:46] <JohnAdams|afk> is bull shit
[11:46] <JohnAdams|afk> From my point of view
[11:47] <Tharine> I don't believe either N00ble or Tornado have brought forth any kind of comments about them being offended about this post.
[11:47] * Barlimore has quit (Quit: Page closed)
[11:47] <buzzie71> one did
[11:48] <JohnAdams|afk> Yes, one of those is who complained about my post
[11:48] <jcll> N00ble di
[11:48] <JohnAdams|afk> Sorry buzzie71 :/
[11:48] <buzzie71> and that's how I knew about it
[11:48] <buzzie71> and that's why I came here
[11:48] <Tharine> Regardless, another person's actions do not excuse your own.
[11:48] * muldoonaz blinks
[11:49] <Deaygo> heh... soooo... my prof offered me 60% and not take the test or write it at a later point.
[11:49] <JohnAdams|afk> heh
[11:49] <buzzie71> lolz
[11:50] <Deaygo> Think I'll take my chances on the test... heh. Could use the practice.
[11:50] <JohnAdams|afk> lol
[11:50] <JohnAdams|afk> gg Deaygo
[11:50] <JohnAdams|afk> To not take the easy way out!
[11:51] <Deaygo> I recall getting like an 80 last time I did this test, soooo...
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