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Alexa Skill for Rocket.Chat Google Summer of Code Project 2019 Submission

Project : Alexa Skill for Rocket.Chat

Student : Ashish Jha

Mentors : Gabriel Engel, Sing Li

The aim of my project is to bring access of Rocket.Chat into the world of 100 million+ Alexa enabled devices & create innovative, high valued user experiences to the Alexa ecosystem - powered by open source Rocket.Chat.

Repository URLs

Pre GSoC Term

Primary Goal: Add Account Linking & Localization

GSoC Term - 1

Primary Goal: Add Notifications Microservice

GSoC Term - 2

Primary Goal: Add Dynamic Entities & Advanced Dialog Management

GSoC Term - 3

Primary Goal: Add Audio Message & Dictation Mode

Post GSoC Term

Primary Goal: Getting the Alexa Skill Live on the Skill Store

The project has been all about pushing Alexa's capabilities to the limits and then hacking solutions to go beyond that! 🚀

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