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6.61 Adrenaline
- 6.61 Adrenaline -
A software that transforms your PS Vita into a two-in-one device
- About this release -
I have decided to release Adrenaline earlier than planned since I'm going to have exams soon and
therefore won't have time to do anything for the scene. I will take a break until February
and will return back to add the remaining features for Adrenaline. Wait, what is remaining?
This release of Adrenaline does not have all features that I have been talking about.
The reason therefore is that I want to have a stable v1 release first before adding more things.
These features are not included yet:
- 64MB RAM
- PS1 games support
- Ability to use ur0 as Memory Stick File System
- Savestates
Remember, those are only some small features, everything else is now available as I have promised!
So yeah, you have read correctly: I'm going to take a break and won't do anything for the PS Vita
until FEBRUARY. Of course if there are major bugs in this release, I'm going to fix them.
I hope that you understand and respect my decision. If not...then I don't understand YOU ;)
- What is Adrenaline? -
Adrenaline is a software that modifies the official PSP Emulator using taiHEN CFW framework
to make it run a PSP 6.61 custom firmware. Thanks to the power of taiHEN, Adrenaline can
inject custom code into the IPL which allows unsigned code to run at boottime.
- What does Adrenaline currently support? -
Adrenaline has got most of the features that a real PSP with CFW has got:
- Homebrews
- Plugins
- VshMenu, Recovery menu
- And more ;)
- What are the differences between Adrenaline and TN-V? -
- Ability to take screenshots using PS + START
- Ability to use the PS button as HOME button
- Ability to use a custom graphics filter
- No file system limitation by using a custom msfs.
- How to install Adrenaline -
* Install any PSP game/demo onto your PS Vita (compatiblity for PS1 games as bubble will be added in the future).
* Shutdown your PS Vita and visit
* Launch molecularShell, press START and set 'Enable unsafe homebrews' to 'On'.
* Reboot your PS Vita and then install VitaShell from molecularShell (
* In VitaShell open FTP by pressing SELECT and copy the 'adrenaline' folder from the archive and paste it at 'ux0:pspemu/'.
* Download the 6.61 EBOOT.PBP (for 1000/2000/3000) from the Sony server (google it)
and paste it at 'ux0:pspemu/adrenaline/661.PBP'.
* Copy 'ux0:tai/config.txt' to your PC and add the following lines:
Example of config.txt:
# You must reboot for changes to take place.
# main is a special titleid for SceShell
# this is for modifying the version string
Note that you replace TITLEID by the titleid of your PSP game (the name of the folder where EBOOT.PBP is).
* Reboot your device and revisit the page I have mentioned above.
* Launch the game for which you have added the plugin's line to config.txt.
* Follow the instructions on screen.
* Enjoy
- How to use the Adrenaline Menu -
Hold the PS button until the 'Quick menu' appears and choose 'Settings'.
This button will not open the official PSP settings menu as usually, but it will open
the Adrenaline Menu instead (the official Settings menu will be accessible within Adrenaline Menu)
As I have mentioned, the PS button will be used as HOME button, thus pressing it will not let you go back to the
livearea. The only way you can exit the PSP Emulator is by clicking the 'Exit PspEmu Application' option.
You can switch tabs using L/R triggers, UP/DOWN to move, X/LEFT/RIGHT to change options and START/O to close the menu.
- About custom graphics filtering -
Right now, you have got four different options you can choose:
- Official: If this is selected, the official filtering will be used (the one choosed in the official settings).
- Bilinear GPU: The filter being applied by GPU does look a bit smoother than the official bilinear filtering.
- Sharp bilinear: This filter is an improved bilinear filter where scanlines are added to give it a sharper look.
- LCD3x: This filter has got vertical and horizontal scanlines and will make the screen a bit darker.
- About right analog stick in games -
The right analog patch for GTA LCS/GTA VCS will be downloaded from here:
Don't think that any other games will now have right analog stick patch too ;)
- Donation -
If you wish to donate me some money, I'd really appreciate. But just don't write thanks for PSP piracy xD
- Download with 661.PBP and C1-2858-3 crash on MINIS FIX -
xy2iii commented Nov 17, 2016

get cucked vita scene




Thanks man, I appreciate your work for the scene. You are one of the most recognized devs in this scene, I wish you good luck on your exams and we can't wait for your return in February.

akirose commented Nov 18, 2016

Great! :) Thanks!!

Keizel commented Nov 18, 2016

Thanks for your great work!


Thank you for this awesome release


hey, can we have the pboot for the adrenaline icon and such? If not thats fine i'll just make my own for personal use, but it would be gr8. thnx!


have error 550 when creating pspemu directory


Send you some cash pal. Thanks for the hard work.

fennectech commented Nov 18, 2016 edited

Anyone with file creation and uploading issues and the app VitaShell doesnt work for you try using the old henkaku to put your files onto the vita ive found that to work

J0SH1X commented Nov 18, 2016 edited

fuuuu killed my psvita system :/

dont mind reset via recovery then reset via setiings with format storage did it

MIuIddy commented Nov 18, 2016 edited

Official: If this is selected, the official filtering will be used (the one choosed in the official settings).

This doesn't seem to work as intended. When I select this and turn off bilinear filtering in the official setting I still get bilinear filtering.
I'd prefer no filtering.


Anyone know how to get a psp game or psp mini from the pan store without being on the latest version?

fennectech commented Nov 18, 2016 edited

use henkaku xD already has PSN spoofing


what error are you getting?


I'm not getting any errors but isos aren't showing up at all in the emu. I have them in ux0:pspemu/GAME.



abudera commented Nov 19, 2016

Same here, i've installed many signed eboot (games) and when i launched one of them, error 80010087 came.
How to fix it please? (I've tried to change umd emulation but nothing better hapened)


Amazing work, this is great!!


Does not load psp game eboots still. Only official game eboots with lisence dat installed officially from inside psvita os via psstore or game cart load. Also homebrew eboots load but frequently freeze or do not have most features working. Snes emu freezes loaeng roms. xplora cannot load official eboots at all. in the xmb, the camera does not work but does hang for a long time. can you add adrenalin support for older 5.00-m33 firmware to be installed? 5.00-m33 is still one of if not the most stable and functional psp firmware. updates did add some gaame support bt lost a ton of plug support and customizations. They also lost a lot of app support. great entry level adrenalin build! sent from taihenkaku 3.60!

Pronwan commented Nov 19, 2016

There seems to be a slightly different way, some games access the memory stick. For example: Even with the second adrenaline fix, the game Tony Hawks Project 8 gets stuck in reading / writing on the memory stick for the first time. It starts, shows intro etc. and then It freezes at the auto-saving screen, then the error C1-2858-3 pops up and the whole PSP-emulator crashes and I'm back in vita home screen after a minute or so.
Tried various releases, ISO, CSO, EU, US etc. Seems to be a specific problem regarding this particular game, since all the other games I tried work flawlessly.

But since I am assuming, there might be more games causing this error whil accessing the memory-stick, I thought it might be worth investigating. There'S some shrinked CSO versions of tony hawk project 8, 195 MB in size, so maybe some more people can try it out aswell.

Good luck on your exams,



Hello, very nice mod you made yesterday congratulations for the creator, but why not create an offline mode installer "what needs to be done every time you turn off the console" or that make compatible with the old boot because not alway you can find a free wifi point if you are not home and you can not always keep all the time the psvita in pause mode


So, I followed the instructions per the readme. Installed the Beta version of Henkaku. Installed Viteshell and edited the config.txt. but when I run End of Serenity (my donor game 30 MB) I get an "Error reading 661.PBP (0x00000000)"

Any idea on a fix? I'm running the Beta R7 and have Unsafe Home brews turned on.

lourinaldi commented Nov 19, 2016 edited

@MARCO123MART there is an offline installer, see

FWIW World of Pool is definitely problematic as an installer. Locoroco Midnight Carnival demo on OLED Vita, fine. Pool Hall Pro on a PSTV, intermittent error C1-2858-3. Used adrenaline_fix2. Also, the PSTV doesn't index .cso files under /ux0:/pspemu/ISO whereas the Vita does. But .iso files index normally.


Yeah, it has lots of issues with poolhallpro being the base game

whitezombie2000 commented Nov 19, 2016 edited


Lunar Eternal Blue Harmony freezes during the game introduction using the Bilinear (GPU) filter. I am using a PlayStation TV. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to reach this point. If you die during this your characters will be revived so just select AI in battle to speed through it. After you beat the second boss during the intro the game freezes when you are using the Bilinear (GPU) filter. Dyne will go up to Luna to rescue her and then Mel will speak. A blank text box comes up on screen and you can't proceed. I tested both Inferno and the M33 Driver using all filter settings. It will go past the freezing point if you start with the Original, Sharp bilinear, or LCD3x filter. I have played through this ISO on my original PSP 2000 and PSP go with no issues which is my own backup I made. I also tested another ISO from an emulation website and it does the same thing so it's not a problem with the ISO. I have to open the Adrenaline menu and close the application to exit or shut down the device. My concern is that this filter could cause issues with other games.


I deleted Adrenaline and reinstalled the latest Adreneline which fixes the PSP Mini issue. The game is no longer freezing at this point when using the Biliner (GPU) filter.



could you make it easyer to return to the livearea. holding the PS Button and all that is a pain in the but especailly since it then exits the app instead of "pausing" it like most apps do. i was thinking something like double press PS to quickly return to the livearea?


i found a bug.. it seems ux0:pspemu/PICTURE doesnt work
any idea why? i just want to set a background image

cysin commented Nov 19, 2016

Any plan to open source it so other people can continue to work on it while you're away

danyboy666 commented Nov 20, 2016 edited

Games won't show up using /ux0:/pspemu/ISO on my PSTV.

I'm using fix2.

edit: nvm I formatted my PSTV now everything is working.

ghost commented Nov 20, 2016

@danyboy666 its /ux0:/pspemu/PSP/ISO, and @SilicaAndPina use ux0:/pspemu/PSP/PHOTO and then go into your theme settings on adrenaline and change the wallpaper


Hi, this is my problem: while I'm playing every game .ISO/CSO in Adrenaline (fix2) I got randomly Error C1-2858-3 and the whole adrenaline crashes to VITA's XMB. I used Metal Gear Portable OPS + as base game, I reinstalled TAIhen and rechecked the config.txt in ux0:/tai. I tried to disable plugins too (vita ones and psp ones). No settings were touched during the installation/configuration of adrenaline. PLS HELP!

PS. Actually, I'm playing Last Ranker ENG Patched w/default CPU clock and Inferno UMD drive emulation and the same problem occurs randomly.

danyboy666 commented Nov 21, 2016 edited

@Yamigami That's not working either. I'm starting to think maybe it's the base game i'm using. Petz Saddle Club - Demo.


I got to the bit where you install VitaShell and I can see the pspemu folder, but my pspemu folder is empty?


Having the same issue as @SilicaAndPina where i can't use custom wallpapers.

Its a shame because i'd like to have the same picture that i have on my PSP on my Vita.

whitezombie2000 commented Nov 25, 2016 edited


Lunar still seem to randomly freeze at the screen shot I posted above when using the Bilinear filter.

dolemitehc commented Dec 5, 2016 edited

Thanks for all the work! There's a bug in Tengai Makyou The Apocalypse IV (Daishi no Mokushiroku) where the full motion video doesn't work. You can witness these in the OP sequences before starting the game for easy testing.

If you could please take a look at this it would be much appreciated! I'm part of a group working on the translation for this game.

Thanks again!

PS: TN-V also doesn't display the FMV in the game. However a real PSP running Pro CFW has no problems with the ISO. If that helps.


A very important tip for those using .cso compression with the ciso CLI tool - make sure you compile ciso 32-bit NOT 64-bit. Otherwise Adrenaline will not index your resulting compressed .cso files

jgarne1 commented Dec 28, 2016

mine are in psemu/psp/ISO but nothing shows up. Ive tried many isos but nothing has yet to show up aside from adrenaline which boots mimana (my game i started with) any suggestions?


jgarne1: I think you just need to move the ISO folder to ux0:/pspemu/ISO and you'll be good.

big-wit commented Feb 2, 2017

Not only has the walls of the proverbial fort knox of greed that is the well coded ps vita started to fall, but a sneakingly beautifull psp core has been built upon it! I salute you, mr Flow. First for your accomplisments in the field, secondly for sharing it with the populace. such as myself. salutations from norway.

aeon3 commented Feb 8, 2017


iOS4all commented Feb 15, 2017

When we can see 64 mb support?

nntb commented Feb 25, 2017

looking to see if support for the following
+psp physical buttons not present on the vita via an overlay touch screen (music note button screen button volume + button volume - button )
+aditional button for emulation of UMD drive open close (simulates hardware switch for UMD drive open close useful for link disk games)
+built in iso switcher

this is a small example

i know at least 4 people who are intrested in this but not sure if it would be 100% populer

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