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$ sudo phpbrew install php-7.2.1 +default +dbs +mb +iconv +apxs2=/usr/bin/apxs2
*WARNING* You're runing phpbrew as root/sudo. Unless you're going to install
system-wide phpbrew or this might cause problems.
===> phpbrew will now build 7.2.1
===> Loading and resolving variants...
Downloading via curl extension
Redirecting to
[==================================================================] 14.29/14.29MB 100%
===> Extracting /home/ubuntu/.phpbrew/distfiles/php-7.2.1.tar.bz2 to /home/ubuntu/.phpbrew/build/tmp.1517140904/php-7.2.1
===> Moving /home/ubuntu/.phpbrew/build/tmp.1517140904/php-7.2.1 to /home/ubuntu/.phpbrew/build/php-7.2.1
===> Checking patches...
Checking patch for replace apache php module name with custom version name
28 changes patched.
===> Configuring 7.2.1...
Use tail command to see what's going on:
$ tail -F /home/ubuntu/.phpbrew/build/php-7.2.1/build.log
===> Checking patches...
Checking patch for php5.3.29 multi-sapi patch.
Checking patch for php5.3.x on 64bit machine when intl is enabled.
Checking patch for openssl dso linking patch
===> Building...
Build finished: 8.7 minutes.
---> Creating php-fpm.conf
---> Creating php.ini
---> Copying /home/ubuntu/.phpbrew/build/php-7.2.1/php.ini-development
---> Found date.timezone is not set, patching...
---> Found date.timezone, patching config timezone with UTC
Initializing pear config...
config-set succeeded
config-set succeeded
config-set succeeded
Enabling pear auto-discover...
config-set succeeded
Congratulations! Now you have PHP with 7.2.1 as php-7.2.1
* We found that you enabled 'mysql' variant, you might need to setup your
'pdo_mysql.default_socket' or 'mysqli.default_socket' in your php.ini file.
* To configure your installed PHP further, you can edit the config file at
You haven't setup your .bashrc file to load phpbrew shell script yet!
Please run 'phpbrew init' to see the steps!
To use the newly built PHP, try the line(s) below:
$ phpbrew use php-7.2.1
Or you can use switch command to switch your default php to php-7.2.1:
$ phpbrew switch php-7.2.1
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