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// fetch the Firmata board depending on the configuration
$board = include(__DIR__.'/bootstrap.php');
// Carica Chip is used
use Carica\Chip as Chip;
// and http from Carica Io
use Carica\Io\Network\Http as Http;
function () use ($board) {
// Create the led object
$led = new Chip\Led($board->pins[13]);
// Create a new route for the http server
$route = new Http\Route();
// Define html file delivery for /
new Http\Route\File(__DIR__.'/index.html')
// define a route for the led switch requests
function (Http\Request $request, array $parameters) use ($led) {
// check the state parameter
$ledOn = ($parameters['state'] == 'on');
// switch the led
if ($ledOn) {
} else {
// create an response
$response = $request->createResponse(
new Http\Response\Content\String(
$ledOn ? 'ON' : 'OFF',
'text/plain; charset=utf-8'
return $response;
// create the http server
$server = new Carica\Io\Network\Http\Server($route);
// listen on port 8080
// start the event loop
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