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Wine-quality decision-tree using Accord.Net from F#
Install-Package FSharp.Data
Install-Package Accord
Install-Package Accord.MachineLearning
Install-Package Accord.Math
Install-Package Accord.Statistics
#I @"./packages"
#r @"FSharp.Data.2.3.3/lib/net40/FSharp.Data.dll"
#r @"Accord.3.7.0/lib/net45/Accord.dll"
#r @"Accord.MachineLearning.3.7.0/lib/net45/Accord.MachineLearning.dll"
#r @"Accord.Math.3.7.0/lib/net45/Accord.Math.Core.dll"
#r @"Accord.Math.3.7.0/lib/net45/Accord.Math.dll"
#r @"Accord.Statistics.3.7.0/lib/net45/Accord.Statistics.dll"
module DecisionTree
open System
open FSharp.Data
open Accord.MachineLearning.DecisionTrees.Learning
type Wines = CsvProvider<"",";",InferRows=2000>
let inputs, output =
|> (fun row ->
row.``Citric acid``;
row.``Fixed acidity``;
row.``Free sulfur dioxide``;
row.``Residual sugar``;
row.``Total sulfur dioxide``;
row.``Volatile acidity``
|] |> Convert.ToDouble), row.Quality)
|> Seq.toArray
|> Array.unzip
let learner =
/// There are multiple algorithms available.
new Accord.MachineLearning.DecisionTrees.Learning.C45Learning()
let source = new System.Threading.CancellationTokenSource()
/// Teach the model in background thread. This may take some time.
let modelTask =
System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Run(fun () ->
learner.Learn(inputs, output)
, source.Token) |> Async.AwaitTask
// When running background, you could cancel the task:
// For now, let's just run as non-async:
let model = modelTask |> Async.RunSynchronously
// Test with current items. There is no point of course:
// You should split your sample data to two sets, and use the other to train
// the model, and the other to test the accuracy of predictions.
let predicted = model.Decide(inputs)
// Actual vs expected, 10 first ones:
// [1..10] |> List.iter (fun i -> printfn "Actual %d vs %d" output.[i] predicted.[i])
// The classification error
let err = Accord.Math.Optimization.Losses.ZeroOneLoss(output).Loss(predicted)
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