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When correctly charged, ionized, and compressed, deadly packets of Argent Energy can be released in a controlled manner at a velocity and potential energy quota far exceeding conventional weapons. The weaponization of Argent Energy led to the development and mass production of the Plasma Rifle, but the UAC realized they were capable of much more.

The BFG-9000 is the culmination of those efforts. Only one prototype of the final weapon exists, and it is housed deep within the ARC in the BFG Division. This weapon delivers streams of supercharged Argent Energy to multiple targets, and is to some extent self-guiding. The streams will seek any cache of Argent it can find - usually demons (or human test subjects that have had Argent beacons surgically implanted). When the streams find their target, they released all of their stored energy in a fraction of second, delivering an electrical shock that instantly boils the blood and fatty tissue of the recipient. Spontaneous explosion of the subject often follows.


The theoretical design for the BFG-9000 was first put forward by the R&D department in the Advanced Research Complex, and the concept was later given its own funding program. The BFG Division was formed to develop a working design. Several prototype weapons have since been made. The prototypes never went into full production due to numerous testing accidents and the deadly radiation spikes produced. Previous versions of the weapon had slightly different energy patterns to the current generation. Some released solitary Argent spheres that unleash a deadly wave upon impact, others formed an Argent laser that cuts through anything in its path. The current prototype, the BFG-9000, creates Argent streams that seek out targets and boils them alive.



Witness the BFG-9000. What greater triumph for the glory of the Ascension could there be than an entirely new type of weapon, born not only of traditional UAC technology, but by your faith and dedication to the cause? This is what we strive for - an understanding beyond traditional science, unrestrained by the repressive thinking of dimensionally bound contemplation. Only through our use of SEFT can the power of such a mighty weapon be realized. Such a weapon requires not only science, but BELIEF.

While access to the BFG-9000 is strictly limited to Tier 3 advocates, you are encouraged to envision the day you might get to see the magnificence of its design, and if you are luckier still, experience the invigorating touch of its majestic form of Argent Energy.

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