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constructor(filePath: string) {
let config;
if (fs.existsSync(filePath)) { // Look for the specified file first
config = dotenv.parse(fs.readFileSync(filePath));
} else { // Fallback to checking if they are defined in the process.env already
config = [
// etc...
].reduce((acc, val) => (acc[val] = process.env[val], acc), {});
this.envConfig = this.validateInput(config);
// Check if the incoming object conforms to rules. Omission of
// required() variables will not let the app function correctly
// and will throw an error
private validateInput(envConfig: EnvConfig): EnvConfig {
const envVarsSchema: Joi.ObjectSchema = Joi.object({
TYPEORM_USERNAME: Joi.string().required(),
TYPEORM_PASSWORD: Joi.string().required(),
// etc...
const { error, value: validatedEnvConfig } = Joi.validate(
if (error) {
throw new Error(`Config validation error: ${error.message}`);
return validatedEnvConfig;
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