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Great gist! This is really helpful to ppl who finished Wes' great book and want to catch up the further improvement on pandas. I cannot believe I am the first one to leave a message here.

However, I did come asking for help. I'm not sure how whether the post request still works. The 3rd cell gave me a trace back.
BadZipfile: File is not a zip file
Or is it a python 2/3 issue? I'm running anaconda=4.0 with python 2.7.

Actually it would be helpful if you can show how should I download the zip file manually.

Thank you again for the great post explaining the recent development.

EDIT: I think I understand the problem now. It is indeed a python 2/3 problem, I think Py2 didn't wait until the request was complete for some reason. I separated the 3rd cell and got it to run smoothly.


Hi, Tom.

I might be wrong, but in the second cell

with open("flights.csv", 'wb') as f:

should be replaced with

with open("", 'wb') as f:

since that's what you are then unzipping in the following cell.

P.S. Great post series, and I can't wait to see the second edition of Wes's book!

As of pandas 0.18.1:
read_csv will now raise a TypeError if parse_dates is neither a boolean, list, or dictionary

rebost commented Sep 18, 2016 edited

@andportnoy, replace
df = pd.read_csv(fp, parse_dates="FL_DATE").rename(columns=str.lower)
df = pd.read_csv(fp, parse_dates=["FL_DATE"]).rename(columns=str.lower)

@TomAugspurger, thanks for this great resource

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