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Last active Jun 30, 2022
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import os
from PIL import Image
import getpass
import glob
import_file = os.path.join('C:/Users',getpass.getuser(),'入力ファイル名')
export_file = os.path.join('C:/Users',getpass.getuser(),'入力ファイル名')
RESIZE_X = 1280
RESIZE_Y = 720
isASPECT = True
def resize(image):
resize_x = RESIZE_X
resize_y = RESIZE_X / image.width * image.height if isASPECT == True else RESIZE_Y
return image.resize((int(resize_x),int(resize_y)))
files = glob.glob(os.path.join(import_file,'*.png'))
for file in files:
img =
img = resize(img)
basename = os.path.basename(file)
#指定のフォルダに画像を保存 , basename))
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