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thalamus / ArchLinuxARM-M1
Last active July 16, 2024 18:15
How to boot Arch Linux ARM in QEMU (patched for M1)
* This document is provided to the public domain under the
* terms of the Creative Commons CC0 public domain license
How to boot Arch Linux ARM in QEMU (patched for M1)
QEMU - patched for M1 processors - patches:
phortuin /
Last active July 15, 2024 08:53
Set up a GPG key for signing Git commits on MacOS (M1)

Based on this blogpost.

To sign Git commits, you need a gpg key. GPG stands for GNU Privacy Guard and is the de facto implementation of the OpenPGP message format. PGP stands for ‘Pretty Good Privacy’ and is a standard to sign and encrypt messages.

Setting up

Install with Homebrew:

$ brew install gpg
mihaitodor / Makefile
Created September 18, 2016 21:02
GTest sample Makefile
# A sample Makefile for building Google Test and using it in user
# tests. Please tweak it to suit your environment and project. You
# may want to move it to your project's root directory.
# make [all] - makes everything.
# make TARGET - makes the given target.
# make clean - removes all files generated by make.