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idTech Layout Register Plugin
import lx
import lxifc
import PySide
from PySide import QtGui
import doom.main
class idTechExporter(lxifc.CustomView):
def customview_Init(self, pane):
if pane == None:
return False
custPane = lx.object.CustomPane(pane)
if custPane.test() == False:
return False
# get the parent object
parent = custPane.GetParent()
# convert to PySide QWidget
parentWidget = lx.getQWidget(parent)
# Check that it succeeds
if parentWidget != None:
layout = PySide.QtGui.QVBoxLayout()
self.form = doom.main.idTech()
return True
return False
lx.bless(idTechExporter, "idTech Exporter")
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