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What would you like to do?
Partners get their own Graphical Interface while using the Golf4Holland System – which means both in frontend and in backend it needs to have the look and feel of the partner. But without any change in layouts of pages.
What must partners be able to do?
• They can invoice their customers
o Collect the money on their own bank account and pay Golf4Holland a fee pp
o G4H collects the money on a separate account and pays Golf4Holland and the partners a fee pp
• They can:
o Add/edit/cancel members (but not delete)
o Set their own terms & conditions with their members
o Send emails/letters with their look and feel, and contact information – no layout changes
o Receive emails from members on their specified email address
• They must:
o Agree to Terms & Conditions with Golf4Holland; these will be agreed on per partner and the partner will need to login and at first login confirm to agree to those T&C
• Their Members:
o Will cancel with the partner or with Golf4Holland
o If the member cancels with the partner and this is confirmed by the partner, the member automatically receives an email from Golf4Holland offering the possibility to become a direct Golf4Holland member
• Partners may publish:
o Events; they can add/edit/delete events
 for their members only – no Golf4Holland approval required
 for all or specific groups of members of Golf4Holland – but Golf4Holland needs to approve the event before it is published
• Partners will have their own admin pages, only relating to their members
• The bonus questions:
o Can we also have a separate exchange for a partner – if this partner is another virtual club with its own exchange codes?
o Is it possible to change the Look and Feel of an app for every partner?
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