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Solution to level 2 in Untrusted:
* theLongWayOut.js *
* Well, it looks like they're on to us. The path isn't as
* clear as I thought it'd be. But no matter - four clever
* characters should be enough to erase all their tricks.
function startLevel(map) {
map.placePlayer(7, 5);
var maze = new ROT.Map.DividedMaze(map.getWidth(), map.getHeight());
maze.create( function (x, y, mapValue) {
// don't write maze over player
if (map.getPlayer().atLocation(x,y)) {
return 0;
else if (mapValue === 1) { //0 is empty space 1 is wall
map.placeObject(x,y, 'block');
else {
map.placeObject(map.getWidth()-4, map.getHeight()-4, 'block');
map.placeObject(map.getWidth()-6, map.getHeight()-4, 'block');
map.placeObject(map.getWidth()-5, map.getHeight()-5, 'block');
map.placeObject(map.getWidth()-5, map.getHeight()-3, 'block');
map.placeObject(8, 5, 'exit');
map.placeObject(map.getWidth()-5, map.getHeight()-4, 'exit');
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