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Created September 19, 2023 05:21
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Solution to level 1 in Untrusted:
* cellBlockA.js *
* Good morning, Dr. Eval.
* It wasn't easy, but I've managed to get your computer down
* to you. This system might be unfamiliar, but the underlying
* code is still JavaScript. Just like we predicted.
* Now, let's get what we came here for and then get you out of
* here. Easy peasy.
* I've given you as much access to their code as I could, but
* it's not perfect. The red background indicates lines that
* are off-limits from editing.
* The code currently places blocks in a rectangle surrounding
* you. All you need to do is make a gap. You don't even need
* to do anything extra. In fact, you should be doing less.
function startLevel(map) {
map.displayChapter('Chapter 1\nBreakout');
map.placePlayer(7, 5);
for (var y = 3; y <= map.getHeight() - 10; y++) {
map.placeObject(5, y, 'block');
map.placeObject(map.getWidth() - 5, y, 'block');
map.placeObject(15, 12, 'computer');
map.placeObject(map.getWidth()-7, map.getHeight()-5, 'exit');
function onExit(map) {
if (!map.getPlayer().hasItem('computer')) {
map.writeStatus("Don't forget to pick up the computer!");
return false;
} else {
return true;
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