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AWS Lambda function of Deployment of static website to s3
import boto3
import zipfile
from botocore.client import Config
import io
import mimetypes
def lambda_handler(event, context):
sns = boto3.client('sns')
location = {
"bucketName": '',
"objectKey": ''
job = event.get("CodePipeline.job")
if job:
for artifact in job["data"]["inputArtifacts"]:
if artifact["name"] == "BuildArtifact":
location = artifact["location"]["s3Location"]
print("Building portfolio from " + str(location))
s3 = boto3.resource('s3', config=Config(signature_version='s3v4'))
portfolio_bucket = s3.Bucket('')
bucket = s3.Bucket(location["bucketName"])
zip_obj = bucket.Object(location["objectKey"])
buffer = io.BytesIO(zip_obj.get()["Body"].read())
with zipfile.ZipFile(buffer) as myzip:
for nm in myzip.namelist():
obj =
portfolio_bucket.upload_fileobj(obj, nm,
ExtraArgs={'ContentType': mimetypes.guess_type(nm)[0]}
sns.publish(TopicArn="arn:aws:sns:...", Message="Portfolio deployed")
if job:
codepipeline = boto3.client('codepipeline')
sns.publish(TopicArn="arn:aws:sns:...", Message="FAILURE: The Portfolio was not deployed")
return 'Done'
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