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VDenis / exowrapper.kt
Created Aug 7, 2021 — forked from davidalbers/exowrapper.kt
Android: play /raw resource with Exoplayer
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val player = ExoPlayerFactory.newSimpleInstance(context, DefaultTrackSelector())
val rawDataSource = RawResourceDataSource(context)
// open the /raw resource file
// create a media source with the raw DataSource
val mediaSource = ExtractorMediaSource.Factory(DataSource.Factory { rawDataSource })
View Download 'data' from Android without roooting
//download data.ab (encrypted) and DONOT GIVE ANY PASSWORD when prompted
adb backup -f ~/data.ab -noapk
//decrypt and extract the data.ab [this worked most of the time except for few instances ]
//this will output all the contents of app into 'apps' directory
dd if=data.ab bs=1 skip=24 | python -c "import zlib,sys;sys.stdout.write(zlib.decompress(" | tar -xvf -
VDenis / .gitignore
Created Nov 20, 2015 — forked from kmorcinek/.gitignore
Example .gitignore file I use for C# projects
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# Download this file using PowerShell v3 under Windows with the following comand
# Invoke-WebRequest -OutFile .gitignore
# User-specific files
# Build results