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@VMAXSDK VMAXSDK/Inmobi pro.xml Secret
Last active Jan 11, 2018

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-keepattributes SourceFile,LineNumberTable
-keep class com.inmobi.** { *; }
-dontwarn com.inmobi.**
-keep public class**
-dontwarn com.squareup.picasso.**
-keep class{
public *;
-keep class$Info{
public *;
# skip the Picasso library classes
-keep class com.squareup.picasso.** {*;}
-dontwarn com.squareup.picasso.**
-dontwarn com.squareup.okhttp.**
# skip Moat classes
-keep class com.moat.** {*;}
-dontwarn com.moat.**
# skip AVID classes
-keep class com.integralads.avid.library.* {*;}
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