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@VOID001 VOID001/SIG1.go
Created May 13, 2016

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package main
import (
type ErrNegativeSqrt float64
func (e ErrNegativeSqrt) Error() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("cannot Sqrt negative number %f", e)
func Sqrt(x float64) (float64, error) {
z := float64(100)
if x >= 0 {
count := 0
realSqrt := math.Sqrt(x)
for math.Abs(realSqrt-z) >= 1e-9 {
z = z - (z*z-x)/(2*z)
fmt.Println("Z[", count, "] =", z)
fmt.Println("Used", count, "time(s) to reach sqrt(x)")
return z, nil
return z, ErrNegativeSqrt(x)
func main() {
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