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Last active Sep 9, 2016

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import requests
import re
data = []
regions = []
r = requests.get('')
r.encoding = 'cp1251'
lines = r.text.splitlines()
for line in lines:
region ='<option value="(.*?)"(?: selected )?>(.*?)</option>', line)
if region:
for id_,name in regions:
print name
r = requests.get('' % id_)
r.encoding = 'cp1251'
lines = r.text.splitlines()
for line in lines:
years_match ='var currYear = \[(.*?)\];', line)
if years_match:
years = map(lambda x: x.replace("'", ''), years_match.groups()[0].split(','))
for line in lines:
age_match ='stat([a-z]+)(\d\d?\d?)=\[(.*?)\];', line)
if age_match:
sex, age, count_by_year = age_match.groups()
counts_by_year = count_by_year.replace('"', '').split(',')[1:]
for i, count in enumerate(counts_by_year):
data.append((id_, name.strip(), sex, age, years[i], count))
with open('age_stats.csv', 'w') as f:
f.write((','.join([u'КОАТУУ регіону',u'регіон',u'стать',u'вік',u'рік',u'кількість']) + '\n').encode('utf-8'))
for line in data:
f.write((','.join(line) + '\n').encode('utf-8'))

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iakoff commented Sep 9, 2016

И че ? работает скрипт ?

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