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Cmder aliases
;= @echo off
;= rem Call DOSKEY and use this file as the macrofile
;= %SystemRoot%\system32\doskey /listsize=1000 /macrofile=%0%
;= rem In batch mode, jump to the end of the file
;= goto:eof
;= Add aliases below here
e.=explorer .
gl=git log --oneline --all --graph --decorate $*
ls=ls --show-control-chars -F --color $*
history=cat "%CMDER_ROOT%\config\.history"
unalias=alias /d $1
vi=vim $*
cmderr=cd /d "%CMDER_ROOT%"
add_alias = code %CMDER_ROOT%\config\user_aliases.cmd
dcu=docker-compose up -d
dcd=docker-compose down
dim=docker images
dps=docker ps
dpsa=docker ps -a
drmc=docker rm $(docker ps --all -q -f status=exited)
drmid=docker rmi $( docker images -q -f dangling=true)
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