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Created May 15, 2020 04:25
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Dungeon World Agenda


Here is the agenda for tonight's character creation session.

Intro to Dungeon World

  • Fiction first
  • Fiction triggers moves
  • We roll 2d6 + a set
    • 10+ = great
    • 7-9 = okay
    • 6- = mark XP and uh-oh

Establishing Tone

  • Just get everyone on the same page

Making Characters

We'll be filling out character info in the second sheet here:

You will:

  • Pick your class
  • Pick a background
  • Pick a drive
  • Pick your stats
  • Pick your gear
  • Name your character
  • Pick your look


Everyone should try joining this game on and rolling dice: This is what we'll use to roll dice where everyone can see.

Character Introductions

Everyone introduces their characters to everyone.

Character Bonds

These are pre-existing bits of backstory between the characters.

Form Parties

We'll decide who plays with who. Likely based on the bonds.

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