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A guide to creating an adventurer's guild for Dungeon World.

Adventurer's Guild Creation for Dungeon World

The following is a guide for generating an organization of like-minded explorers, questers, do-gooders, and adventurers that your player characters can join. This is primarily for use in Dungeon World, in groups where a rotating cast of players will play for short mini-adventures that the guild has taken on.

Goals When Creating the Guild

When creating the guild these are my goals for the final result:

  • It should have a history that can be built on
  • The players and their characters should feel pride in the guild
  • The guild should offer tangible benefits to the characters
  • The guild should be set up in such a way as to bring in many quests to the players

Step: Learn About the Guild's Past

Ask the group or individual players as many questions below as you want. Skip those that don't interest you, and leave blanks to be filled in later. Some followup questions and loaded suggestions are provided with each major question.

Why was the guild formed?

Was it created by the kingdom to combat a specific threat? Are its roots shrouded in mystery? Did a great hero found it to preserve their legacy?

What are some of the guild's greatest feats?

Who or what did they defeat? What about that victory is most impressive?

Who are some of the guild's most famous members?

What were their deeds? Did they wield famous weapons?

What are some of the guild's most powerful artifacts?

The sword of their first captain? The holy bones of their first martyr? A chalice used in secret rituals?

Step: Learn About the Guild's Present

What does the guild seek to accomplish?

Build its honor? Save the people? Turn a profit? Serve the empire? Gather knowledge?

What is the leadership structure of the guild?

Is there a single leader or a circle of leaders? Are they elected?

Who can join the guild?

How restrictive is it? Is there a task you must first complete? Do you have to be sponsored by an existing member?

How does the guild find and pick missions?

Are they adventurers for hire? Are they petitioned by the public? Do they receive orders from nobility? Do the guild's seers receive visions of quests?

Step: Learn How the Characters Relate to the Guild

What work is the guild involved in that resonates with you personally?

Do they fight a foe that wronged your family? Do they do charitable work in your home city?

What honors or titles of the guild do you strive towards?

What is required to achieve them? Why are those titles so respected?

How did the guild help you get out of a dire situation?

How badly would you have fared without their help? What, if anything, did you pledge to do in thanks?

Which existing member do you have a personal connection with?

Did you know them before joining the guild?

What do you enjoy most about being a member?

Does the guild satisfy your thirst for knowledge? Fame? Purpose? Power?

What member of the guild is a personal hero of yours?

What did they accomplish? Are they living or dead?

Step: Name Your Guild

You can use this online generator I made or use the tables below.

Name Format

Pick a format or roll on the list below.

d6 Format Example
1 Members of [the] Noun Knights of the Shield
2 Noun's Members Storm's Acolytes
3 Adjective Members Crimson Warriors
4 Organization of [the] Noun Order of the Faith
5 Noun's Organization Purity's Legion
6 Adjective Organization Heroic Watch

Fill in the Blanks

Fill in the blanks with suggestions from the table. Use what you've learned about the guild to create a name that describes the guild.

Add Adjectives (Optional)

This is completely optional, but you may add adjectives before the members or organization to give it some more flair. So the Knights of the Shield become the Holy Knights of the Shield or the Knights of the Golden Shield.

Add a The (Optional)

Use your guild name in a sentence and see if it sounds better with a The in front of it.

Random Tables

The online generator offers many more options, but you may use traditional dice on the table below to build your guild name.

d Members Noun Adjective Organization
1 Knights Faith Holy Church
2 Heroes Myth Legendary Legion
3 Champions Virtue Broken Company
4 Preachers Mercy Hidden Choir
5 Children Honor Iron Guild
6 Brothers Word Stalwart Brotherhood
7 Sisters Secrecy Warring Sisterhood
8 Adventurers Noose Bloody Watch

Tweak the Guild

Once you have a name for your guild, you may want to tweak some of the previous facts you established about the guild. If your guild name is the Swords of the Gods, then maybe instead of striving to have the guild name him Hector the Great, the title would now be Hector the Greatsword. If your guild is The Veiled Congregation, then perhaps its guild halls are harder to find than previously established.

Populate the Guild

Each player will create an NPC member of the guild, then they will all be introduced. Each player will then need to make at least one Bond with an NPC that they did not create.

Creating Your NPC Guild Member

Choose Skills

Decide whether you guild member will have one high level skill, or two lower level skills.

If you choose one high level, roll b[3d6]+1 and assign that score to one of the skills below.

If you choose two medium level skills, roll b[2d6] and b[2d4] and assigns those two scores to two skills below.

  1. Adept
  2. Burglar
  3. Minstrel
  4. Priest
  5. Protector
  6. Tracker
  7. Warrior

Choose an Instinct

This is a large part, but not all of, what drives this guild member. It's something that you can count on them to do if they are left to their own devices.

  1. Protect the legacy of the guild
  2. Grow the guild's power
  3. Thwart the guild's enemies
  4. Increase the guild's knowledge
  5. Ensure the safety of the guild's members
  6. Recruit new worthy initiates

Roll for Loyalty

When you order a guild member to do something dangerous, immoral, or completely insane, you will need to roll+loyalty. The guild member's loyalty is 1d4+1.

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