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Shame of Lisp in Web

Shame of Lisp in Web

It is Clack.

It says: "I am the Revenge of Lisp in Web".

But, it DOES NOT support Hot Deployment. If you modified your function in REPL, it won't take effect, you have to save your code to a file, and use a Perl module to do the Hot Depleyment thing.

What's the meaning of Lisp if I can't do things in the REPL? Save it to file?!? Use a Perl module to reload server?

And, Clack is so complicated that you have to learn about the Environment / Component / Middleware etc......

And, there is a UN-FINISHED Tutorial since Apr 6, 2011:

Now, I switch back to Hunchentoot.

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VitoVan commented Jul 16, 2016

I just tried ningle, which is also built on top of clack.
Previously, we run

(setf (ningle:route *app* "/")
      "Welcome to ningle!")

then we run below:

(setf (ningle:route *app* "/")
      "Welcome to ningle! Changed function")

This will take effect, I think this is kind of Hot Deployment.

My shame.

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