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#!/usr/bin/env gosh
Metallic Ratio Split
1. Research Splited Values by metallic ratio
$ gosh metallic-split.scm 960
2. Generate CSS Format
$ gosh metallic-split.scm -c -b 1 -p 10 960 > style.css
$ gosh metallic-split.scm -r golden -c -b 2 -p 10 960 > golden_ratio.css
-r | --ratio (defalut all) : select metallic ratio (golden | silver | bronze)
-c | --css : stdout to css
-b | --border : border-line stroke weight for css
-p | --padding : padding px for css
(use srfi-1)
(use gauche.parseopt)
;;; Utility
(define (flatten xs) (if (pair? xs) (append-map flatten xs) (list xs)))
(define (key-map proc list)
(let1 affect (lambda (k r) (if (keyword? k)
(cons (proc k (get-keyword k list)) r)
(reverse (fold affect '() list))))
(define string->keyword (compose make-keyword
(cut map char-downcase <>)
(cut regexp-replace #/[\s]/ <> "-")))
;;; Metallic Ratio Class
(define-class <metallic-ratio> ()
((name :init-value "One" :init-keyword :name :accessor name-of)
(num :init-value 0 :init-keyword :num :accessor num-of)))
(define-method value-of ((ratio <metallic-ratio>))
(let* ((num (num-of ratio))
(root (+ (expt num 2) 4)))
(/ (+ num (sqrt root))
(define-method expr-of ((ratio <metallic-ratio>))
(let* ((num (num-of ratio))
(root (+ (expt num 2) 4)))
(if (integer? (sqrt root))
(let1 num (+ num (sqrt root))
(if (even? num)
(format "~a" (/ num 2))
(format "~a / 2" num)))
(if (and (even? num) (even? (/ root 4)))
(format "~a + √~a" (/ num 2) (/ root 4))
(format "(~a + √~a) / 2" num root)))))
;; Splited Value Class
(define-class <splited-by-rate> ()
((rate :init-value 0 :init-keyword :rate :accessor rate-of)
(origin :init-value 0 :init-keyword :origin :accessor origin-of)))
(define-method parent-value-of ((splited <splited-by-rate>))
(* (origin-of splited) (rate-of splited)))
(define-method larger-value-of ((splited <splited-by-rate>))
(let ((rate (rate-of splited)))
(* (origin-of splited) (/ rate (+ 1 rate)))))
(define-method smaller-value-of ((splited <splited-by-rate>))
(* (origin-of splited) (/ 1 (+ 1 (rate-of splited)))))
(define-method split ((ratio <metallic-ratio>)
(value <number>))
(make <splited-by-rate> :rate (value-of ratio) :origin value))
(define (base-info value)
(map (lambda (l)
(if (pair? l) (format "[ ~a ] ~a" (car l) (cdr l)) l))
`(("Value" . ,value)
(base-info 900)
(define-method info-of-split ((ratio <metallic-ratio>)
(value <number>))
(let1 result (split ratio value)
(map (lambda (l)
(if (pair? l) (format "[ ~a ] ~a" (car l) (cdr l)) l))
`((,(name-of ratio) . ,(expr-of ratio))
("Value " . ,value)
("Rate " . ,(format #f "1 : ~a" (value-of ratio)))
("Smaller " . ,(smaller-value-of result))
("Larger " . ,(larger-value-of result))
("Parent " . ,(parent-value-of result))
(define (make-css attr props)
(letrec ((properties (key-map (cut format "\t~a: ~a;" <> <>) props)))
(list #`",|attr| {" properties "}\n")))
(define-method splited-css ((ratio <metallic-ratio>)
(value <number>)
(border-weight <integer>)
(padding <integer>))
(letrec ((make-attr-name (compose (cut regexp-replace #/-/ <> "_")
(floor-int (compose x->integer floor))
(splited (split ratio value))
(name (make-attr-name (name-of ratio)))
(wrapper (- (floor-int (larger-value-of splited))
(* border-weight 2)))
(larger (- wrapper (* padding 2)))
(smaller (- (floor-int (smaller-value-of splited))
(+ border-weight
(* padding 2)))))
(format " * ~a : ~a" (name-of ratio) (expr-of ratio))
" * =========================================="
" */"
(key-map make-css (list
(make-keyword #`".,|name| .larger")
(list :float "left"
:width #`",|larger|px"
:min-height #`",|larger|px"
:padding #`",|padding|px"
:border-right #`",|border-weight|px solid #ccc")
(make-keyword #`".,|name| .smaller")
(list :float "left"
:width #`",|smaller|px"
:min-height #`",|larger|px"
:padding #`",|padding|px")
(make-keyword #`".,|name| header") `(:height ,#`",|smaller|px")
(make-keyword #`".,|name| article") `(:min-height ,#`",|wrapper|px")
(make-keyword #`".,|name| footer") `(:height ,#`",|smaller|px"))))))
(define *metallic-ratio-list*
(let1 num 0
(map (lambda (name)
(list (string->keyword name)
(make <metallic-ratio>
:name #`",|name| Ratio" :num (inc! num))))
'("Golden" "Silver" "Bronze")))))
(flatten '((1 2) (3 4)))
(define-method base-css ((value <integer>)
(border <integer>)
(padding <integer>))
(let1 border-prop #`",|border|px solid #ccc"
#`" * Base Pixel : ,|value|px"
#`" * Padding : ,|padding|px"
#`" * Border Stroke Weight : ,|border|px"
" * ========================================"
" */"
(key-map make-css (list
:html '(:width "100%" :height "100%")
:body `(:width ,#`",|value|px" :margin "0 auto")
:header `(:padding ,#`",|padding|px" :border ,border-prop)
:article (list :clear "both"
:border-left border-prop
:border-right border-prop)
:footer (list :clear "both"
:padding #`",|padding|px"
:border border-prop))))))
;;; Script
(define (usage)
(format (current-error-port)
"Usage: ~a number value to split [Golden Silver Bronze] rate"
(exit 2))
(define (find-ratio name list)
(let1 key (string->keyword name)
(if (member key list)
(get-keyword key list)
(format (current-error-port) "Unknown Named Ratio : ~a" name)
(exit 2)))))
(define (main args)
(if (null? (cdr args)) (usage)
(let-args (cdr args)
((css "c|css")
(border "b|border=i" 0)
(padding "p|padding=i" 0)
(ratio "r|ratio=s")
(else (opt . _) (print "Unknown option : " opt) (usage))
. restargs)
(if (null? restargs) (usage)
((value (x->integer (car restargs)))
(make-base (if css
(base-css value border padding)
(base-info value)))
(make-form (lambda (_ ratio)
(if css
(splited-css ratio value border padding)
(info-of-split ratio value))))
(ratio-list *metallic-ratio-list*)
(splits (if ratio
(make-form #f (find-ratio ratio ratio-list))
(key-map make-form ratio-list)))
(result `(,make-base ,splits)))
(for-each print (flatten result))
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