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List of NetSuite Transaction Status Names and Codes
Bill:Open <===> VendBill:A
Bill:Paid In Full <===> VendBill:B
Bill Payment:Voided <===> VendPymt:V
Bill Payment:Online Bill Pay Pending Accounting Approval <===> VendPymt:Z
Cash Sale:Unapproved Payment <===> CashSale:A
Cash Sale:Not Deposited <===> CashSale:B
Cash Sale:Deposited <===> CashSale:C
Check:Voided <===> Check:V
Check:Online Bill Pay Pending Accounting Approval <===> Check:Z
Commission:Pending Payment <===> Commissn:A
Commission:Overpaid <===> Commissn:O
Commission:Pending Accounting Approval <===> Commissn:P
Commission:Rejected by Accounting <===> Commissn:R
Commission:Paid in Full <===> Commissn:X
Credit Memo:Open <===> CustCred:A
Credit Memo:Fully Applied <===> CustCred:B
Customer Deposit:Not Deposited <===> CustDep:A
Customer Deposit:Deposited <===> CustDep:B
Customer Deposit:Fully Applied <===> CustDep:C
Customer Refund:Voided <===> CustRfnd:V
Expense Report:In Progress <===> ExpRept:A
Expense Report:Pending Supervisor Approval <===> ExpRept:B
Expense Report:Pending Accounting Approval <===> ExpRept:C
Expense Report:Rejected by Supervisor <===> ExpRept:D
Expense Report:Rejected by Accounting <===> ExpRept:E
Expense Report:Approved by Accounting <===> ExpRept:F
Expense Report:Approved (Overridden) by Accounting <===> ExpRept:G
Expense Report:Rejected (Overridden) by Accounting <===> ExpRept:H
Expense Report:Paid In Full <===> ExpRept:I
Invoice:Open <===> CustInvc:A
Invoice:Paid In Full <===> CustInvc:B
Item Fulfillment:Picked <===> ItemShip:A
Item Fulfillment:Packed <===> ItemShip:B
Item Fulfillment:Shipped <===> ItemShip:C
Journal:Pending Approval <===> Journal:A
Journal:Approved for Posting <===> Journal:B
Opportunity:In Progress <===> Opprtnty:A
Opportunity:Issued Estimate <===> Opprtnty:B
Opportunity:Closed – Won <===> Opprtnty:C
Opportunity:Closed – Lost <===> Opprtnty:D
Paycheck:Undefined <===> Paycheck:A
Paycheck:Pending Tax Calculation <===> Paycheck:C
Paycheck:Pending Commitment <===> Paycheck:D
Paycheck:Committed <===> Paycheck:F
Paycheck:Preview <===> Paycheck:P
Paycheck:Reversed <===> Paycheck:R
Payment:Unapproved Payment <===> CustPymt:A
Payment:Not Deposited <===> CustPymt:B
Payment:Deposited <===> CustPymt:C
Payroll Liability Check:Voided <===> LiabPymt:V
Purchase Order:Pending Supervisor Approval <===> PurchOrd:A
Purchase Order:Pending Receipt <===> PurchOrd:B
Purchase Order:Rejected by Supervisor <===> PurchOrd:C
Purchase Order:Partially Received <===> PurchOrd:D
Purchase Order:Pending Billing/Partially Received <===> PurchOrd:E
Purchase Order:Pending Bill <===> PurchOrd:F
Purchase Order:Fully Billed <===> PurchOrd:G
Purchase Order:Closed <===> PurchOrd:H
Quote:Open <===> Estimate:A
Quote:Processed <===> Estimate:B
Quote:Closed <===> Estimate:C
Quote:Voided <===> Estimate:V
Quote:Expired <===> Estimate:X
Return Authorization:Pending Approval <===> RtnAuth:A
Return Authorization:Pending Receipt <===> RtnAuth:B
Return Authorization:Cancelled <===> RtnAuth:C
Return Authorization:Partially Received <===> RtnAuth:D
Return Authorization:Pending Refund/Partially Received <===> RtnAuth:E
Return Authorization:Pending Refund <===> RtnAuth:F
Return Authorization:Refunded <===> RtnAuth:G
Return Authorization:Closed <===> RtnAuth:H
Sales Order:Pending Approval <===> SalesOrd:A
Sales Order:Pending Fulfillment <===> SalesOrd:B
Sales Order:Cancelled <===> SalesOrd:C
Sales Order:Partially Fulfilled <===> SalesOrd:D
Sales Order:Pending Billing/Partially Fulfilled <===> SalesOrd:E
Sales Order:Pending Billing <===> SalesOrd:F
Sales Order:Billed <===> SalesOrd:G
Sales Order:Closed <===> SalesOrd:H
Sales Tax Payment:Voided <===> TaxPymt:V
Sales Tax Payment:Online Bill Pay Pending Accounting Approval <===> TaxPymt:Z
Statement Charge:Open <===> CustChrg:A
Statement Charge:Paid In Full <===> CustChrg:B
Tax Liability Cheque:Voided <===> TaxLiab:V
Tegata Payable:Endorsed <===> TegPybl:E
Tegata Payable:Issued <===> TegPybl:I
Tegata Payable:Paid <===> TegPybl:P
Tegata Receivables:Collected <===> TegRcvbl:C
Tegata Receivables:Discounted <===> TegRcvbl:D
Tegata Receivables:Endorsed <===> TegRcvbl:E
Tegata Receivables:Holding <===> TegRcvbl:H
Transfer Order:Pending Approval <===> TrnfrOrd:A
Transfer Order:Pending Fulfillment <===> TrnfrOrd:B
Transfer Order:Rejected <===> TrnfrOrd:C
Transfer Order:Partially Fulfilled <===> TrnfrOrd:D
Transfer Order:Pending Receipt/Partially Fulfilled <===> TrnfrOrd:E
Transfer Order:Pending Receipt <===> TrnfrOrd:F
Transfer Order:Received <===> TrnfrOrd:G
Transfer Order:Closed <===> TrnfrOrd:H
Vendor Return Authorization:Pending Approval <===> VendAuth:A
Vendor Return Authorization:Pending Return <===> VendAuth:B
Vendor Return Authorization:Cancelled <===> VendAuth:C
Vendor Return Authorization:Partially Returned <===> VendAuth:D
Vendor Return Authorization:Pending Credit/Partially Returned <===> VendAuth:E
Vendor Return Authorization:Pending Credit <===> VendAuth:F
Vendor Return Authorization:Credited <===> VendAuth:G
Vendor Return Authorization:Closed <===> VendAuth:H
Work Order:Pending Build <===> WorkOrd:B
Work Order:Cancelled <===> WorkOrd:C
Work Order:Partially Built <===> WorkOrd:D
Work Order:Built <===> WorkOrd:G
Work Order:Closed <===> WorkOrd:H
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