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RT #131881 JSON::Tiny tests output bad text on latest build
RT #131879 Memory “leak”
RT #131857 Aliased named parameters broke in a recent MoarVM commit
    + 2017.06 is now in the past [ee4c3d32]
    + Remove trailing whitespace [ee6e5df4]
    + Make perl6-debug take --nqp-lib option [1ab21744]
    + [unicode-grant] Have unicmp operator use new arguments for nqp::unicmp_s [2ee5fd41]
    + Restore sinking semantics of `for`. [6b634a36]
    + Extract Encoding::Decoder role. [6959211f]
    + Add Encoding and Encoding::Encoder roles. [39efcd9f]
    + Add an Encoding::Registry class. [203737f6]
    + Run S32-encoding/registry.t. [4e6fa798]
    + Move Rakudo::Internals::VMBackedDecoder. [2c80d5e6]
    + Add Encoding::Builtin; register built-ins. [da1b37a7]
    + Register utf8-c8 encoding. [798ce1fb]
    + Use Encoding::Registry to obtain a decoder. [c4e9a870]
    + Use typed exception for illegal new. [e62ab72c]
    + Add encoding support to new encoder API. [274e7c04]
    + Run S32-encoding/encoder.t. [8974dd25]
    + Use Encoding::Encoder in synchronous handles. [f267928f]
    + Use Encoding::Encoder in async I/O handles. [4f9aafaf]
    + Allow empty replacement char in default encoder. [58769585]
    + Encode into blob8 by default, not just Blob. [642d24f1]
    + Switch `Str.encode` to use the Encoding objects. [03765c36]
    + Initialize $*COLLATION only when needed [e36d7eda]
    + Initialize $*SCHEDULER only when needed [888a1b2a]
    + Revert "Initialize $*SCHEDULER only when needed" [608fd580]
    + Remove superfluous nqp::p6box_s [0f77dd7c]
    + Merge pull request #1105 from b2gills/patch-5 [b342370b]
    + Take a str, not Str:D, in encode-chars. [0d053ab9]
    + %!meta<files> is a hash, not a list of pairs [a70362c8]
    + Merge pull request #1106 from rakudo/curfs-resources-lookup [d20534c6]
    + Also run the more thorough set difference tests [3a9d8e79]
    + Make R::I::LastValue not pull when count is zero [4079f7b5]
    + Temporary fix for RT #131626 [a13bad95]
    + Only need to check for Baggy, as Mixy does Baggy [ec96e96e]
    + Introducing R:Q.BAGGY-CLONE [1f5bed4b]
    + Fix issue with Baggy (-) Setty [f3b2d952]
    + Make Setty (-) Setty stop when result is empty Set [36ca2fb4]
    + add the option --libdir to rakudo Configuration [0d7ea0a0]
    + Update [8cc64696]
    + Update [6723006f]
    + Update [4c8b1523]
    + Update [37b14836]
    + Update [d56573a7]
    + Update [de02bc3d]
    + Make sure we run the extensive (+) tests [9a6384f6]
    + Normalize R:Q.ADD-MIX-TO-MIX interface [9bd75f14]
    + Abstract Setty::BAGGIFY logic into R:Q.SET-BAGGIFY [5fb6d679]
    + Make Setty.(Bag|Mix)(|Hash) use R:Q.SET-BAGGIFY [36bf08fc]
    + Remove comment about implementing :p quoter [7ec136f8]
    + Add test to ensure we don't bust native inlines. [c32d7bb8]
    + Add R:Q.ADD-SET-TO-MIX [ce208877]
    + Make all push-all methods have IterationEnd in signature [5975005c]
    + Add R:Q.ADD-(MAP|OBJECTHASH)-TO-(BAG|MIX) [b59aad15]
    + Merge all -OBJECTHASH- logic into -MAP- logic [864fa729]
    + Introducing R:Q.COERCE-MAP-TO-(SET|BAG|MIX) [5e342588]
    + Tweaks in R:Q.COERCE-MAP-TO-(BAG|MIX) [f34af72f]
    + Add some internal documentation [d5bf5b0c]
    + Make Proc cope with zero-length buffers. [7b175bd4]
    + Include default %SUB-MAIN-OPTS arguments in it; AlexDaniel++ [e2517f80]
    + No need to check MAIN-ALLOW-NAMED-ANYWHERE [2d07e8a7]
    + Remove unnecessary tests for lack of parameters [779e6bb0]
    + Split up into separate files [ee54dda3]
    + Track renaming of S03-operators/ [66279466]
    + Add list of operators implemented [cb80390f]
    + Follow renaming of S03-operators/set* test files [1b56064b]
    + Make sure we run the (.) tests [75e87d1f]
    + Fix outstanding (.) issues [c56f0af9]
    + Revert to Setty semantics for (<=) [724cbca7]
    + Revert to Setty semantics for (<) [d4436e18]
    + Remove dead code path from optimizer. [c25fc85c]
    + Remove an unused `import`. [a7b2304e]
    + Oops, seems I forgot a dot, dogbert17++ [9ba5eaef]
    + Don't use .<<$key>> where .{$key} is intended [31eefb0d]
    + Straighten up &SEQUENCE a bit [001135ca]
    + Add more planned release dates [99236d40]
    + Move cautionary note [ff4039ca]
    + Remove "developmental" from releases list heading [b3c14c6d]
    + Indent heredocs in [15a93387]
    + Merge pull request #1108 from LLFourn/export-constant-regex [488abd8c]
    + Remove superfluous istrue and add return type [ebaac64d]
    + Update [278e2918]
    + Move Baggy.eqv logic to Baggy.ACCEPTS [842bb31c]
    + Hide QuantHash.raw_keys as R:Q.RAW-KEYS [e8e68955]
    + Hide Baggy.raw_keys_values as R:Q.BAGGY-RAW-KEYS-VALUES [c3e3ffaa]
    + fix $*EXECUTABLE dying when rakudo run via valgrind [edadbe6f]
    + Obscurize QuantHash.raw_hash to QuantHash.RAW-HASH [59b81252]
    + Introducing R:Q:Quanty-kv role [125bc437]
    + Use R:Q:Quanty-kv where possible [381a073e]
    + Remove push-all from R:Q:Quanty-kv [b0c8e187]
    + Merge pull request #1109 from MasterDuke17/only_create_Exception_messages_when_gisting [60b9acef]
    + begin_time_lexical_fixup for constants [15debeec]
    + No need to coerce SetHashes to Sets [b4b6b940]
    + Fix copy-pasto [c57590fd]
    + Log changes up to 662794668b3788ccc4d2b0f364b4ed2639aa8cef [f1fa5ac5]
    + Remove Zoffix from  2017-07-15 release [5b0a7f51]
    + Revert "Remove Zoffix from  2017-07-15 release" [c9ee86f4]
    + Log all commits to date [fcf8de15]
    + List AlexDaniel as release manager for 2017.08 release [373b4ea4]
    + Fix typo; timotimo++ [cb430863]
    + Introduce R:Q.MIX-IS-PROPER-SUBSET [45aef274]
    + Use R:Q.MIX-IS-PROPER-SUBSET where possible [008be99e]
    + IO::Handle.say(Str:D) instead of Str [58900e7b]
    + Shorten R:Q.MIX-IS-SUBSET a bit [2eeb000c]
    + Add ll debuger and zef to ignore [0e30ae13]
    + Test .refine_slang accepts an action class [fe1a06cc]
    + Remove misleading comment [8cdeb219]
    + De-abstract R:Q.SET-IS-SUBSET [fae4aca0]
    + Any (<=) Any should always be True, not False [0cf34871]
    + Make and Nil.QuantHash consistent [f42e53cb]
    + Don't compare yourself, duh! [50741587]
    + Need two additional similar candidates [1ce8071e]
    + Test to cover RT #131740. [8aa1b0bc]
    + Remove Map (<) Map candidate for now [103869be]
    + Add a number of (^) candidates we need [68e1baa3]
    + Fix typo in object hash handling of (^) [72733bcb]
    + Make sure we run thorough (^) tests [533eacfd]
    + Merge pull request #1113 from rakudo/rt130883 [b1c412aa]
    + Merge pull request #1112 from rakudo/rt130919 [5196e0cd]
    + Introducing R:Q.MIX-CLONE-ALL-POSITIVE [3f6bffdb]
    + Run new S16-io/readchars.t. [3075f012]
    + Add new file to [0603cd91]
    + Bump NQP [8bd72165]
    + Mark slow nfc tests as slow [b3f679bb]
    + Revert "Mark slow nfc tests as slow" [d3ebc609]
    + Add S15-nfg/concat-stable.t to [e9f891b8]
    + Merge pull request #1114 from dogbert17/add-new-spectest-file [f0f8bdb3]
    + Remove S03-operators/set.t [3aa31aa5]
    + Make sure we run the relocated (<+) and (>+) tests [51cc2c88]
    + This is the end, my friend. [a432ac33]
    + Merge pull request #1115 from rakudo/io-handle-path-coerce [23ad2c38]
    + Bump NQP [83502cca]
    + Add all changes to changelog [c5d74d86]
    + Generate release announcement for 2017.07 [bb4f7a17]
    + [release] bump NQP revision [03d93b77]
    + [release] bump VERSION to 2017.07 [ee915857]
    + Restore deleted test files [58d93b46]
    + 2017.07 is now in the past [d37be249]
    + Set debug_names of DefiniteHOW types [b22d189e]
    + Set debug_names of CoercionHOW types [c040f1a6]
    + Fix with 0 allomorph [45cd1a97]
    + Remove superfluous .IO [6c76ed0a]
    + Simplify infix:<(+)>(**@p) candidate [d82db18f]
    + Don't close standard handles in DESTROY [0e578c4f]
    + Streamline infix:<(+)>(**@p) candidate [d7fcb314]
    + Simplify infix:<(.)>(**@p) candidate [a0775e5e]
    + Ensure Scalar fetch can never return a NULL. [2f5a6cd9]
    + Remove "evil hack" comment 🙈🙉🙊 [91be8bc1]
    + Fix typo in comment [8e960522]
    + Create iterator early, let it serve as check for emptiness [710fa800]
    + Make sure Setty at least have a R:I:IterationSet type object [2dd5963c]
    + Make R:I:Mappy roles also take IterationSets [ab08bd04]
    + Make Setty.values use R:I.Mappy-values directly [250ae102]
    + Make R:I:Mappy* roles use a more abstract name for lowlevel hash [b7953d0d]
    + Retire R:Q:Quanty in favour of R:I:Mappy [d9055e80]
    + Introducing R:Q.RAW-VALUES-MAP [923c32e6]
    + Various Setty stringification improvements [5b6cd406]
    + Various Baggy/Mixy stringification improvements [21b9a720]
    + rm -f any already existing .moarvm files during install [02667bd8]
    + Bump NQP to get the --ll-exception fix, nine++ [559c9255]
    + Bump to get latest MoarVM. [b81597bd]
    + Test native callbacks on different threads. [1d941643]
    + Bump MoarVM/NQP for concat improvements and fixes [1f7fa683]
    + Improve TODO test handling inside TODOed subtests [5b77a8aa]
    + Fix Exception error message: add one space. [3f99d1d0]
    + Merge pull request #1119 from jsimonet/nom [b8036aff]
    + Introducing [f49c49bb]
    + Streamline Mixy.roll [d3f260c9]
    + Oops, unbreak Mixy.roll() [e2ca1ffa]
    + Streamline Baggy.roll [e548b743]
    + Treat :ver<...> like a version instead of a string [247fc649]
    + Bump MoarVM/NQP for MSVC and concat fixes [3028466c]
    + Add nfc-concat-x.t tests to [ce0b7b31]
    + Make Test::proclaim 6.5x faster [d46f8371]
    + Remove nfc-concat-x.t and add nfc-concat.t [d151d8ad]
    + Merge pull request #1107 from gerd/nom [e4d65ac9]
    + Revert "Make Test::proclaim 6.5x faster" [875b0843]
    + Make Baggy.roll(N) about 1.5x faster [752a3265]
    + Baggy no longer uses HLL hash internally [fb7ecb60]
    + Make List.roll(*) about 1.5x faster [b147217e]
    + Make R:I:ReifiedArray take the descriptor seperately [0970ba33]
    + Make List.join handle nulls better [9b5cce0a]
    + Revert "Make R:I:ReifiedArray take the descriptor seperately" [64064187]
    + Introducing R:I.ReifiedListWithDefault [356dc404]
    + Handle slipping Arrays with default values [12d7d5b4]
    + Streamline .unique(:as) candidate a bit [a636fa8f]
    + Make .unique(:with) about 4x faster [47d9bd9b]
    + Make .unique(:with(&[===])) about 20% faster [26789cc7]
    + Obscure the Slip-With-Default class [2fb8c725]
    + Add Buf subbuf-rw method [d7af4aeb]
    + Merge pull request #1111 from LLFourn/constant-lexical-fixup [dc4ed746]
    + Make .unique(:as,:with) about 12x faster [acf9f90d]
    + Introducing R:I.UniqueRepeatedWith [d9056207]
    + Use new R:I.UniqueRepeatedWith [c3851aee]
    + Introducing R:I.UniqueRepeatedAsWith [a3a3d1a9]
    + Use new R:I.UniqueRepeatedAsWith [32ce4afd]
    + Merge pull request #1122 from dwarring/subbuf-rw [5a58498c]
    + Fix quotes for windows [90a0f2e0]
    + Test install target works on appveyor [9c0d40ab]
    + Revert "Revert "Make R:I:ReifiedArray take the descriptor seperately"" [1d06770b]
    + Revert "begin_time_lexical_fixup for constants" [50d38a1f]
    + Fix all issues with nulls in slipped Arrays [ccaa0665]
    + Retire R:I.ReifiedListWithDefault [e0d108bf]
    + Make .pairup about 1.5x faster [8f73d77b]
    + Simplify the .Seq coercer, because we can [5d89cef9]
    + Follow MoarVM frame changes. [4561c269]
    + Add myself to CREDITS [59e55646]
    + Merge pull request #1123 from cono/nom [99375e4a]
    + Improve error for [ ] called with a type object [1a74a8c3]
    + Merge branch 'moar-frame-extras' into nom [48ce47e6]
    + Bump to get latest MoarVM. [9658dd98]
    + Bump to get MoarVM with GC bug fix. [c1e41f9f]
    + Fix spelling of descriptor [9b31d1f5]
    + Merge pull request #1124 from bduggan/nom [f083cfc6]
    + Improve info on bare "dd" [6d3ba60c]
    + Suggest user may be using invalid arguments [365a1d08]
    + Improve error message when port is not passed [998535ed]
    + Make .unique|repeated|squish return containers if applicable [51e59eeb]
    + Bump NQP for new nqp::codes op, string cmp fixes [0564891e]
    + Have .codes use nqp::codes op. 350% faster for short strings [3c6277c7]
    + Bump NQP to get nqp::codes op actually added [e051dd2d]
    + R:I.from-indexes is only lazy if both sources are [4db23064]
    + Bump NQP to get bumped MoarVM, with nqp::codes actually working [4eff4919]
    + Must use return-rw in a pull-one with is raw [0c19f549]
    + Make @a[Range] about 3x faster [a256c26d]
    + space after import modulename shall not explode the compiler [3e078d4d]
    + Make Attribute is default() functional [a7d2ad1d]
    + Use proper check for Scalarness of attribute [148ba7f2]
    + Use "is default" for IO::Handle atttributes [c63c57e9]
    + Remove now superfluous assignment [08f705b9]
    + Remove superfluous assigments [d0419a0f]
    + Make sure nl-in changes are passed to decoder [9f5686ec]
    + Use is default in favour of BUILDALL base init [c8c5c712]
    + Use is default instead of BUILDALL based init [40d5b27d]
    + Streamline Duration creation [fb5db592]
    + Add `ACCEPTS` method to Map to compare Maps. [45ca084e]
    + Use is default instead of BUILDALL based init [413b7116]
    + Use is default instead of BUILDALL based init [fbdbe6fb]
    + Revert potentially confusing "is default" changes [a8016278]
    + Merge pull request #1126 from nicqrocks/nom [6e001867]
    + Revert "Revert potentially confusing "is default" changes" [7fdbb49c]
    + Make Map eqv Map about 10% faster [15b2596e]
    + Add missing deconts, spotted by sena_kun++ [59ba9c02]
    + Improve Version smart match with different lengths (#1118) [01dbd874]
    + Remove extra scopes [5f68c775]
    + Revert "Add missing deconts, spotted by sena_kun++" [3c797b05]
    + Revert "Make @a[Range] about 3x faster" [7599e0c3]
    + Tests for RT #131830 [6cc858a0]
    + Merge pull request #1127 from Altai-man/patch-1 [c43ba0d0]
    + Simplify Hash creation for auto-vivification [84d052a0]
    + Remove a 3-year old hack [e86bdfca]
    + Remove kludge for RT131306 [e4802f4a]
    + Merge pull request #1128 from MasterDuke17/remove_kludge_for_RT131306 [d9f51da8]
    + Bump NQP [86cb1363]
    + Make sure to stop socket reader on close. [21359560]
    + Fix missing tap closes in `whenever`. [59f4123e]
    + Avoid a Failure in the `supply` implementation. [5d200f1e]
    + Bump NQP_VERSION [8bed4a67]
    + Fix comment [412c576b]
    + Merge pull request #1129 from dwarring/patch-3 [abf1cfe7]
    + Save 2 method calls per NativeCall call [aca4b941]
    + “Cannnot” → “cannot” [bf7063d1]
    + “Precomping” → “Precompiling” [c3da74d8]
    + Merge pull request #1130 from AlexDaniel/spellcheck [da4a0f50]
    + Speed up NativeCall by replacing the subroutine code in setup [46ef1b5b]
    + Fix for RT #131855 [a91ad2da]
    + Revert "Use "is default" for IO::Handle atttributes" [67455170]
    + Make Junction.Str do the right thing [1761f953]
    + Bring in latest MoarVM invocation opts. [f590863e]
    + Speed up NativeCall subs by compiling specialized subroutine body [cd7dc4ce]
    + Fix Junction ~ Str and Str ~ Junction [5e8d4613]
    + Make RAKUDO_MODULE_DEBUG output reproducible [ec7bc25c]
    + bump nqp and use new peer/socket host/port values in async sockets [76af17a8]
    + Fix missing tap close calls. [c59b9867]
    + Use iteration, not recursion, in supply impl. [ed87f998]
    + Move supply/react impl classes out of sub. [5fcce673]
    + Make Junction ~ Str and Str ~ Junction 1.7x faster [93a5eff7]
    + Make Pair.WHICH return an ObjAt always [4f1322d0]
    + Introducing R:I.TwoValues [20e93d89]
    + Streamline the standard Seq methods on Pair [30584dac]
    + Fix some issues with R:I.OneValue [3ad33469]
    + Add R:I.TwoValues.skip-one [50f0508f]
    + Make Pair.WHICH be consistent in light of .freeze [c229022c]
    + Only actually stringify non-Str in Junction.Str [bd4094e2]
    + Concatting a Junction with an empty string is just .Str [a3c71e7d]
    + Bump Moar/NQP for ignoremark fixes [7b81f0f9]
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