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Created November 6, 2021 11:56
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  GH#4593 raku 2021.10 recompiles Grammar every time it is invoked on a new string. 
  GH#4583 Blin 2021.10, round 2
  GH#4314 Suggestions on release announcements
    + Make enums and Bool throw on .new [42738187]
    + Remove tai-offset-nanos from CORE::.keys [a8c579b6]
    + Update changelog + announcement [ea0f8067]
    + Revert "[release] Bump NQP revision to 2021.10" [6faaf389]
    + Revert "[release] Bump VERSION to 2021.10" [4a4481f4]
    + [release] Bump NQP revision to 2021.10 [d623d332]
    + [release] Bump VERSION to 2021.10 [b7d5acec]
    + Merge pull request #4585 from rakudo/release-2021.10 [6dc3a470]
    + Prevent auto-viv of Scalar in multi-related attrs [f9aa1d65]
    + Prepare ClassHOW for megamorphic dispatches [1fbeb4c6]
    + Add megamorphic handler for raku-meth-call [e4b0ddf9]
    + Megamorphic fallback for raku-rv-decont dispatcher [5de7faf4]
    + Megamorphic handler for raku-find-meth [0d84699c]
    + Switch to tryfindmethod for performance [441e103f]
    + Don't guard Mu-typed params in multi-dispatch [9ad99eb9]
    + Remove leftover commented code [091005f3]
    + Ensure ValueObjAt is composed [2df1d01a]
    + Publish a type check cache for role groups [3229ef12]
    + Lift $!do reading out of `for` loop body [560ff8c6]
    + Add is-wrapped method to Routine (#4579) [99bc766e]
    + Merge pull request #4584 from rakudo/no-tai-offset-nanos [736ffd22]
    + Fix unnecessary boxing by routines with native return types [6bd955e6]
    + Merge pull request #4589 from rakudo/fix-native-result-dispatch [a3c68bdf]
    + Merge pull request #4580 from vrurg/disable-enum-instantiation [d37b1118]
    + Fix X::Assignment::RO message when assignment to Nil is attempted [15ed1566]
    + Bump NQP to get all of the MoarVM fixes [f2e77293]
    + Use distribution specific comp unit ids in CURFS [7ab396a0]
    + Prepare extops for a MoarVM internals change [3127861c]
    + Merge pull request #4597 from rakudo/fix-unneeded-reprecompilation [165a883d]
    + Make X::Assignment::RO $!value required [1ea47322]
    + Reduce visibility of Str internal classes [380c7758]
    + Merge pull request #4594 from vrurg/immutable-nil-error [4fece613]
    + Fix typos [0412a81f]
    + Make .subst upto 1.9x as fast [0dae67a6]
    + Make .match faster by simplifying proto [2204c7cb]
    + Make .subst-mutate faster by simplifying proto [d619e026]
    + Remove redundant multi method list [8fd65670]
    + Merge pull request #4600 from dumarchie/master [6278c4f7]
    + Only simplify protos on the MoarVM backend [c50bc998]
    + Clarify let and temp operators [1fec0ef2]
    + Make sure return value of Str.match is threadsafe [1d0a903a]
    + Replace some empty TWEAKs by "is built"s [82a9ca4f]
    + Fix gisting Buf parameterized with an unsized type [62c04646]
    + Merge pull request #4605 from MasterDuke17/fix_trying_to_gist_a_buf_parameterized_with_unsized_type [58f53663]
    + Use better default for nativesize in Buf/Blob gist [e99e2742]
    + Merge pull request #4607 from MasterDuke17/use_better_default_for_nativesize_in_buf_gist [580b3ba7]
    + Use named constants for megamorphic thresholds [85df0ba1]
    + Merge pull request #4591 from rakudo/megamorphic-handlers [665adc06]
    + Bump NQP to get the latest MoarVM fixes [a8329f6f]
    + Merge pull request #4602 from vrurg/rakudo_1433 [8986875e]
    + Introducing RAKUDO_PRECOMPILATION_PROGRESS [d88d1cc0]
    + Add a missing MVMROOT in extops [ab02205e]
    + Remove Exception class that was needed for a PR [6e5c17f1]
    + Make StrDistance.ACCEPS also a multi [3ef09a72]
    + Make sure IO::Path.slurp returns failures [ce0d31fb]
    + Bump Rakudo to get the latest MoarVM fixes [b258de0b]
    + Make sure ParallelSequence is included in shas [e98e17da]
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